What are you currently watching?


Record of Youth!


What is it about? Is it good?


It’s not on Viki. Park Bo Geum is the male lead.


And Park So Dam is the female lead from Parasite (that won the golden globe award) and she was main girl on ‘‘The princess and 4 Knights’’ I love her acting in dramas and her natural untouched by plastic surgery beauty.

The drama is going way too slow for me, and there’s little to no action in the drama. Like is getting to the point that you wonder if the writer is ‘‘all there’’ bc one story is not even halfway done when another meaningless scene emerges.

I can’t even tell if the scenes are real or not (I can’t explain in detail, for it will spoil the story for those who will be watching it later on). Is a complete turn off, and if a drama by the 8th episode doesn’t ‘‘wake up’’ ‘‘liven up’’ then, I think I’m wasting my time on this one.

His pretty face doesn’t do anything for me if he’s not showing his full potential here. I think I’m moving on to something else like ‘‘AWAY’’ with Hillary Swank it has 10 episodes and so far I’m on the 4th episode already, and I absolutely love it. and recommend it to everyone who likes space movies/dramas. It’s on ntfx…:slight_smile: Wished they had it here on to kick in the variety in dramas.


really?? I saw it on Viki just a few days ago tho idk where it went


I don’t think Viki ever had Record of Youth. It’s a new drama on Netflix.


trying to finish dr cutie


You probably were watching here at Rviki [My Dear Youth] - Coffee Prince documentary about the drama done 13 years ago.


Currently Maiden Holmes. I like it so far I am at Ep 19 ^^


The Forest Of Love: Deep Cut.

It’s basically an extended version of the movie, in 7 episodes. I still had some questions after watching the movie, but with the series everything becomes clear.
Still some sick scenes of course, so beware.


Has anyone watched on ntfx ENOLA HOLMES? This is Sherlock Holmes sister doing detective work/saving her mom. What is more AMAZING to me that she’s the girl from STRANGER THINGS, and she did an awesome character in that drama, with no hair and so boyish looking, and to see her with beautiful flowing hair was really nice. The drama is action packed just how I like them…:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Finished both today. :tea:


Just started My Husband Won’t Fit.


I liked that one bc is not boring at all and the story flows quite nicely. Japanese make the most weird themes dramas.


No topic is shunned in Japanese dramas. :joy:


I just finished My Husband Won’t Fit.

It’s great! :sunglasses:


not available in my region :frowning:
…just pulled an all-nighter with ‘Noble, My Love’ and though I look like a zombie on the outside, I’m a content, crazy-in-love fangirl inside. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Let’s hope my teacher doesn’t ask me to switch on my camera during online classes! :grimacing:
Sung Hoon has been added to my neverending, forever growing list of one-sided loves. Do I regret it? nope.


I just finished watching stranger #2 oh are we going to have a season 3? but no can do cause the guy is going to do a new drama soon. oh me. this was a good drama, can’t tell cause will give stuiff away!
more boring and confusing thatn#1, but at the ending all un raveled! ohj one thing, the guy smiled and smiled big!!


It’s expected in 2022. :crystal_ball:


wow yeaaaa! glad to know. not really a clif hanger but some things need to get straighten ed out I think