What are you currently watching?


I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:


Ah, that’s right, it’s already been Monday, so it has started! Was still “waiting”, lol. :joy:


Episode 1 was thrilling go and check it out! the special effects/scenery are beyond words. This is a type of drama you don’t need subs to enjoy it

PS waiting for subs…:frowning_face:



I don’t get it. Is not monday by you yet?


Lol, I mean I hadn’t realized the drama had already started, even though I did know it would start this Monday. :joy:


Unfortunately we don’t have so many subbers >.<
If you know someone please let them contact the Chief Editor on the coverpage. :confused:

Btw it’s my first time ever watching her on a drama so I am really excited to see her and Kim So Yeon (so many fans of her on youtube, wow) ^^


It definitely seems interesting to me and I will watch it once it gets off-air or maybe even help out with this title for Hindi if I complete my short dramas really soon :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, I really admire the efforts you put into the coverpage. I gave all my love to this drama. Best of luck with management :wink:


I figured that and I’m hoping they get some extra hands bc is all worth it. I’ll be waiting patiently. Hope ppl read this and if they can help with K/Eng they join the team.

If you have a chance watch: ‘‘A thousand years Inheritance’’ Eugene was a punching bag there but she did a wonderful role, and the ending was what I wanted. Apart from the fact that the drama has hilarious funny parts you’ll enjoy so much.


Thank you dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Just write me a PN if you have the time!
I also love to create and design something (that’s why I also try to search a job in that area) :heart:

@angelight313_168: Thank you for the recommendation! I will try to watch it after my on air project’s :smiley:



BTW, no one so far can match @rose_shn when it comes to cover page She’s the BEST here at Rviki site. Number 1 in my book.


Currently i’m watching “Do you like Brahms?” and i love it. I had some time off and didn’t watch any dramas,but this one was particularly interesting because of the main actress.I remember her from “Hello, my twenties!” and i loved her there.It is pretty refreshing, main lead is straightforward and she’s not afraid to say what she feels and that’s not a common theme.If you are looking for good classical music and cute romance i definitely can recommend this one!


Awwww, that’s so sweet of you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Of course others are equal as good like I am but like I said, everyone has a different taste so nobody is “the” best at all :blush:
But to design something you need practise and a feeling for typography and arrangement of elements so it creates an harmony itself without to without clapping everything :+1:


Exactly, you harmonize everything to fit together, and no one else here does that. They add things that don’t go along with the graphics they chose for the cover page. That is why I TRULY admire your cover page. The day I see one that does I’ll mention it here to give cesar what belongs to cesar (my motto) lol


I am never going to question that, I have my hands down in front of her.

@rose_shn I didn’t get your permission to do so, but I went to stalk you a bit at all dramas you’ve made cover pages for.
Of course, everyone’s taste varies a lot but now, you’re in my TOP 3 favorite cover designers. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hehe, don’t worry, I know that some people already got curious and watched my whole profile ^^
I also heared from my community that they copied my profile structure as well :joy:
But I don’t mind it because it’s easier for other people to look at my(their) “current work’s” :grimacing:


Don’t say that too loud, otherwise @rose_shn will NEVER get a chance to watch that drama you recommended to her! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:



Just curious since rose is #3; who’s ur #1 and #2? bc maybe I haven’t seen those cover page. Like you said is a matter of taste and i want to be fair here. I’m more into the serious type cover page/ too girly/too cutsey/ too many themes in one are not my cup of tea.


That’s what I was wondering too, haha.

Btw, I think the type of cover page should fit the drama. Some shows might go well with a “girly” page, others need a more serious outlook.


that generals lady, reminded so much of Dr cutie! but still a good drama


Well, I saw one that they added hearts/fireworks/rain/a clock/ some kind of twirling thing that made me dizzy, and none of that could be related to the picture they added these items and much less the drama. At least they need to touch base with the theme of the drama, so we can put two and two together (Oh, there’s romance between those two) (Oh the twirling thing they gonna meet at a carousel maybe?). Something like that…

That’s why I admire rose CP bc she relates her design around the drama’s cast of characters, and of course the team’s proper recognition as contributors.