What are you currently watching?


Oh, I just finished drama “Go Go Squid” that is one one the best drama I watched so far this year. “My roommate is detective” is also recommended. Must watch if you like investigations and crime scene dramas.


I didn’t said she is #3, she is in TOP 3, she could be #1 or #2, other cover page designers that are my top choice are Jhinmm (if the spelling is right) and MaryK.
I never plan to compete my stupid scenery drawing with two straight mountains, a rectangular house and a tree with these awesome designers :heart_eyes:


:joy::joy: I think every kid has drawn that picture at least ONCE in their entire life!


I don’t recall ever drawing two mountains … multiple mountains, yes … one mountain too, I think, but two? Never! :rofl:


You mean jhnimm? :slight_smile:


Ah, yeah, thank you for the correction. :smile:


Here are some of them.



IDK but every kid I have ever seen here has a drawing of this kind in thier drawing book, I had too and I always felt toooo proud of my artistic skills after drawing this.

P.S. These are till far better than what I used to draw :rofl:


Cool! :sunglasses:

I did draw mountains back then, but usually more than two. And sunsets and horses … :slight_smile:


Horses sound interesting…
We had crows in our drawings, they are there in first picture kind of V shaped crows.


I hadn’t noticed at first, but now i see them.


my roommate is a detective, I really enjoyed that, wish there were more like that, 1.ancient detective 2dr cutie, there are more but will stop here


Just “scanning” and “skimming” lest I snag a spoiler :grin:

I still have a Zombie Detective hangover - I can’t believe it’s over :tired_face:

Still on 9-tailed, Chuno, Robber and Tunnel and occasionally the Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese version of “Fated to love you.” :grin:


You could always start again … :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy to find someone like my taste :slightly_smiling_face: . I recommend you to watch “When a Snail Falls In Love”. you will surely love watching it as well. Its also based on crime scene.


I have never seen the cover page of jhinmm and MaryK or have seen their name in a team so I don’t know them or have seen their CP work yet :thinking:.

Anyway, with the new design in order to see the CP you have to look for it, and before it was right in the first episode page. I no longer go through the reviews or comments or who’s in the team. I don’t even bother reading the story sinopsis. I just check the drama’s first episode and continue watching if I like the drama. I saw rose CP after I read your comment and loved it too just like all her other CP designs I’ve seen so far.

PS If you know anyone that can give her a hand in Korean/English subbing please let them know bc the drama is awesome but it seems they short in subbers. Sadly, I don’t know anyone that could give the team a ‘‘helping hand’’


You can admire an example of jhnimm’s work here:


Thank you! you are so efficient and was going to ask you to help me with that, but didn’t wanted to seem too ‘‘averiguá’’ (slang word)

PS nosy…

PS. Let me know about other CP and MaryK if you see them. I hate my child like curiosity when I’m so old, but is me since I can remember.



rose CP still my number 1.

But those relaxing drawing @twinkling did; are so adorable too.

I also drew my birds like a wide open v bc that’s how we learned to do it in arts class in my island.


I did some time ago, loved it! ought to watch again!