What are you currently watching?


what, its over??


Yes @frustratedwriter it only ran for 12 episodes which I was happy about but now will horribly miss their hilarious antics that made me laugh so much…:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


what I just seen on Mydramalist theres 24 episodes. of zombie detective


You’re right, but they had episodes of 30 minutes and Viki has episodes of an hour. So it’s the same amount, just cut in a different way.


This is my favorite, again from Rose.


Oh, that was one of my projects! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


wow she’s really good at it although she has another one that was the first one I saw from her, and my favorite so far, but can’t remember the drama’s title (maybe mirjam can help me here)

rose shows a lot of talent to work in graphic design for a magazine or advertisement company. I hope she has that opportunity in life to expand her skill and maybe in a near future become so well known that she’ll forget about all of us (joking). I know she won’t forget us and share her wealth with us too. advertising companies make good money.


This one perhaps?


Not in here but wish they had

10 Cloverfield Lane.

If you like to jump out of your skin WATCH this…lol


No, is not that one. it has a lot of soft pink and cute hearts too. But now my fave is The Penthouse

PS found it!!!
Le Coup de Foudre:


rofl that was hilarious :joy: ty for the laugh!
I hope to find a job as a graphic designer (better: as a User Experience Designer or Product Designer but the demand is to low rn) but it’s so hard to find a good and stable job in the current situation :disappointed_relieved: But few days ago a sweet friend helped me to write a better motivational letter so I hope that I have more chances even before and my design is perfect here (I got an A for my design while in my study), but it’s breaking your head because you have to search good arguments and formulate them afterwards (It can’t be too boring and also cant be too playful) :exploding_head:


ok then, thanks for that!!


oh yeah, and I have watched it twice, guess its about time to watch again


share your review! I’m considering watching it…:grin:


I saw the taiwanese. chinese. and Japanese version of f’‘ated to love you’’ also known as ‘‘You are my destiny’’ and the Taiwanese version beat them all (the Korean version too),

I’m a bit pissed off with Zombie Detective finale. Gosh, he looks so gorgeous with those contact glasses.

You will like Tunnel since he can play any role and make it real.


angellight, I started watching them but stopped as for tunnel, loved it! so we have a bad ending for zombie detective?


Right now I’m watching the Japanese movie Moon Child.:full_moon:


:grin: which one? Zombie Detective?

It depends on your taste really but I’ve always been a Zombie genre fan/Sci-fi and mystery fan.

The humor is much needed relief during these pandemic and mentally-challenging times. Hats off to @choitrio for doing an excellent job at subtitling and making sure the humor does not get lost in translation. The humor I think is on the dialogue and somewhat low key and some revolves around the nature of being a Zombie :joy:, less on over the top gestures (although it’s there too). Not heavy on “romance” which is fine and refreshing but again, still there. I can feel their attraction :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .

If you have seen " Warm bodies" - it’s from the perspective of the Zombie versus the humans reacting to Zombies. A Zombie transitioning roles from human to Zombie :sweat_smile: and it’s a delight to watch.

Also the “bad guys” are not bad by nature or just for the sake of evil, I almost feel sorry for them because of their motivations. There is also a tribute to Zombie fans on one of the characters.

I also hope there’ll be a season 2. Also, Choi Jin Hyuk is probably one of the most handsome zombies I’ve ever seen :sweat_smile::heart_eyes:.

Also I love the Ma Dong Seok reference in this drama because when I first saw Train to Busan years ago, I had no idea who he was or Gong Yoo but I was immediately drawn to MDS vs Gong Yoo. Gong Yoo did not catch my attention until this year :joy:.

Sorry this post got too long, got too excited :sweat_smile:. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy it if you do decide to watch to watch it. :grin:


I think with “Fated/You are…” Taiwanese and Korean versions won for me and it’s very close, I may give the Taiwanese version a slight edge because of the story line and the few “twists”. My only beef with the Taiwanese version was the male lead comes across as somewhat selfish by staying with Anna even when the female lead went to Shanghai for all those years. Korea did their own spin though and Jang Hyuk ,oh my word, was incredible as Lee Gun.

ZD the finale for me, I was satisfied with it but I do get a sense of kind of left hanging a tiny bit which is why I wished either for a season 2 or that it had 16 episodes…


I’m glad you got excited and showed it, that means I’ll enjoy it too! :grin: