What are you currently watching?


I am glad you enjoyed ZD so much. @vivi_1485, I think you will enjoy not only the humor but all the pop culture references. Let’s see if you can catch all of them. So many cameos as well…



The ending is perfect! you gonna like it. I believe we gonna have a 2nd season of Zombie Detective bc the ending is a hint

The only reason I said i was pissed is bc I wanted an attempt of kiss or a confession at least. That guy looks amazingly gorgeous at the end.


ok got it, and a second season, awesome! as for the zombies, I mentioned my I don’t really care for the zombies, had to change my thought process, I do love this one!! just awesome is all IK can say

now on to another awesome drama, and it has been around since 2017, and I have not seen this on Viki, and I don’t think the older link we aren’t to mention had it either! its called capital scandal, its here on Viki. a 1930’s drama with some of my favorite actors in it too. It’s like a comedy and a mystery. I think y’all will enjoy it


Thank you I’m gonna check it out it looks very interesting. I was starting Her Private Life but I’ll check this one first.


You’re using the Dutch word for I! :rofl: :slight_smile:


@angelight313_168, I finished Record of Youth. I enjoyed the the drama in general but I thought the ending was kinda weak.

While I wait for Vanishing Time, Steel Rain 2, and 18 Again, I am thinking about checking out Kairos. Anyone watching it?

Btw, I would recommend Mr. Sunshine for those of you who have Netflix. And if your are a fan of Lee Byung Hun like me, also check out Inside Men (on Viki).


I hated Mr. Sunshine the ending broke my heart (the Prince/journalist):sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I started Kairos but didn’t caught me in. Inside Men is good too and IRIS all parts are so awesome (although heartbreaking too)

Please check PRIVATE LIVES I am so hooked I wait for the days it airs (wednesday and thursday).

Record of Youth could be the virus that everyone is so scared they refuse to do romantic scenes. I heard main guy is very OCD with germs and cleanliness.


I actually cried while watching Mr. Sunshine but given the subject matter I knew it was not going to be a happy ending. I will definitely check out Private Lives. Thank you! It’s too bad about Kairos because I like both ML and FL.


I cried sobbing for a long while for the guy prince. it was too cruel that scene. The problem with Kairos is that is time travel story and I don’t like them too much. Tunnel was the exception.

But this is a keeper for me bc KJH is hilariously funny even if he doesn’t try. Recommended by @frustratedwriter. thanks!

I saw this one about 3 times and I still laugh.


@frustratedwriter and @angelight313_168, Gosh, Capital Scandal looks really good! I will start on that tonight. Thank you! I recently finished translating Alice and I wasn’t too thrilled with how it turned out so maybe I should pass on Kairos.


This is the Taiwanese version of [FATED TO LOVE YOU] that I loved so much.
[You are my Destiny] wasn’t my favorite either, although it wasn’t that bad but certain parts pissed me off, like when he stays with Ballerina drama queen.
If you find this version, and have a chance, watch this version. You will need tissues bc she’s really good in making ppl cry. The guy is gorgeous and my fave taiwanese actor too (I have a few Roy Chiu/Vaness Wu/). Her transformation is great compared to all the others.


Promotional poster for Fated to Love You
Also known as 命中注定我愛你
Genre Romance
Written by Pan Yiqun
Chen Xin Yi
Du Xinyi
Directed by Chen Mingzhang
Starring * Joe Chen


I know this is an unpopular opinion, but personally, I felt like Her Private Life didn’t deserve all the hype it got. Like yeah, Ryan Gold was really handsome, etc etc., but I think other than that and the fangirl references we can relate to, the plot didn’t really contain too much. Maybe its because I was just tired of the ‘childhood trauma/flashback’ trope.
Started it, stopped after the first ep because it didn’t draw me in…then my friend told me to give it another chance and I did. I felt like the passionate scenes were done well to compensate for the weak plot.
Park Min Young’s character completely blended into her What’s Wrong Wih Secretary Kim one, there were some times when I felt I was watching the same exact drama-- she wears the same style of clothes, similar hairstyle, the ML had childhood sadness… :flushed:
If you do decide to give it a try, tell me if you liked it, though! :grin:


Isn’t the Private Lives that @angelight313_168 is talking about a different series than Her Private Life? Or were you just recommending that to her? :thinking: :blush:


no she mentioned Her Private Life when she replied to @frustratedwriter saying she was about to start it and then started Capital Scandal instead…


I don’t thinkl y’all will be disappointed. and I don’t know why I never watched my girlfriend is an agent, will look at that today


woah, I started it today too!! Uptil now, it’s extremely stupid in a comedic way. Just for some light laughs.
However, I don’t like the way they portray the poor male lead-- he’s just too much of a bumbling idiot when he does his spy work and the way the FL hits him, it’s just so unneccessary! If he’s such an idiot, how did he climb up the career ladder to reach that point(he was on an international mission!)? He didn’t even do anything wrong, its literally all the FL’s fault that he left her, and when he meets her three years later, he’s still pretty decent to her but she just hits him, yells at him and blames him for no reason!
After Flower of Evil, this one is just destroying my remaining braincells, but it IS pretty funny, so I’ll stick till the end. It’s only two hours so :joy:


:heart: Yes I have seen this version and I do give it a slight edge over the K version. I did not like that either that he stayed with Ballerina. But I love that it has more skinship :joy: The female lead is a very good actor. As for the male lead - I agree , he is very attractive - love his eyebrows. This is the original isn’t it? Have you seen any other dramas with by this actor?

@vivi_1485, @frustratedwriter, @choitrio - This is the trailer for “Warm Bodies” which a pretty decent movie too btw and any project with John Malkovich :star_struck: is good enough for me. It’s been years since I’ve seen it.


Ah, I didn’t see that comment :sweat_smile:




I found it so funny bc I love KJH He is in my book naturally funny, and I love his comical way of saying/doing things. The story was a bit off, but I don’t expect anything less from some Asian writers that can’t be consistent with the story plot. We need to laugh bc laughter is the best medicine.

The scene where he puts his hand in his mouth in the bathroom turned my stomach and had to put the drama on hold for a while…ugh (you went that far?)

You know I realized is a matter of difference in culture maybe? how those things may annoy others, while I was so happy that for a change the guy got rough up a little, and not the poor girl. Sorry about that.

PS. Forgot to mention that PMY is always very passionate in her kissing scenes for what I’ve seen so far, and sadly, I’m not too much of her fan either.