What are you currently watching?


yeah, there HAVE been a LOT of new kdramas being uploaded over here! Please don’t overwork yourselves, we’ll all just watch the old gold ones and hidden gems! :grin:
I just wish other viewers not part of the community would understand what’s happening. I’m not even a subber anymore but I get so frustrated reading all those mean comments and low ratings by people who have no idea what is going on. I actually feel like PMing each one of them and yelling at them but most of the time it’s Viki’s own fault for not making things clear…people with the Viki Pass think they should be able to watch anything and everything anytime…
PS: It’s okay to flag sub-whining reviews as inappropriate, right?
Ko-Eng subbers FIGHTING!!! We are really grateful!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


About to start watching the Norwegian horror movie Kadaver:skull_and_crossbones: :norway:


Is there some sort of hold-up over the team for 18 Again? Because Birthcare Centre already has an entire team and its not even out yet while 18 Again is still waiting for a CM??


Aa, however I found it on ntflx :slight_smile:


I just finished Zombie detective, wow what an ending! now wonder if theres a 2nd season


That’s another thing I have noticed. Because subbers have many choices, you see some popular dramas, such as 9 tailed or certain web/idol dramas, where there is an overabundance of subbers and then there are less popular but really good dramas like 18 Again and Delayed Justice that get overlooked. Also, there seem to be subgroups within the volunteer community that like to work together and I don’t blame them because I would prefer to work with people I can count on as well. As to 18 Again, I am baffled why a CM is not chosen already.


watching one on nf, sosodadalala or whatever, really a change of pace, really a good one too, oh yeah Voice 2! just started so not going to give anything out till I watch at least the first episode. hope it’s going to be good! watching tale of the 9 tailed, imperial doctress, thought I would try & finish it this week going to try and catch up on some other dramas Ihaven’t finished.


That’s an interesting title! :rofl:

I’m still watching the shows I mentioned earlier. Today only the latest episodes of Nobles Boys and 2 concerts, though.


I also like Star Trek better than Star Wars (I haven’t fully watched Star Wars bc they are too long and I hate long movies) I fall asleep all the time I pay the ticket just to fall asleep in the theaters. My kids get upset bc I kept asking what happened in the movie and they refuse to tell me.

I’m sorry that you can’t watch Kangchi bc is out of region, and I hope you can see it somewhere else bc is a real good one, so worth watching.

PS Kangchi had another title which was Gu family Book. This is a trailer check it out.


pretty sure that one is do sol la sol :joy::joy:


Is another boring romantic story. This girl makes the same facial expression in another drama that I saw her. So tire of these scenes where for almost a minute is quiet and you have to wait…and wait…and nothing happens.


sad… in my opinion, Go AHead(c-drama) and Flower of Evil were my favourites of 2020. Hopefully 18 Again will be amazing too!


I read great things about 18 again so i’m anxious to see it too.


yes it is, silly me, one note from another, hehehehehe


@mirjam_465, I thought 18 Again had a lot of CM applications but I just checked on True Beauty and it has 175 CM applications already and it’s not scheduled to come out until 12/01. It’s too bad that none of the upcoming K-dramas look all that interesting, other than 18 Again. I might have to visit nf more.


That’s a lot indeed. :open_mouth:
Apart from NF, I guess we can watch the shows from other countries. :slight_smile:


upcoming ‘Birthcare Centre’ and ‘Awaken’ seemed to be kinda interesting to me and tvN USUALLy doesn’t disappoint…‘The Spies Who Loved Me’(Yoo In Na, Eric and Im Joo Hwan) also seems really interesting but not on Viki😖
but ig if no new dramas come, I can catch up on my infinite watchlist!:joy::joy:


If you like legal/courtroom dramas, put Delayed Justice on your list. Only two episodes out so far but I really like it, but then again I enjoy legal dramas. I used to work for the Los Angeles County Superior Court as a Deputy Court Clerk (8 years in criminal and 2 years in civil) so I am kind of a courtroom drama junkie.:wink:


wowww thats so cool! sure, I’ll check it out!
btw, I’ve watched sooo many dramas dealing with a guy and his trauma etc. etc like WWWSK, Flower of Evil, cdrama Go Ahead, Her Private Life and there are definitely lots more…
Are there any good dramas dealing with the GIRL and her mental health?? …reccomendations, anyone? Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The only one I can think of at the moment

Availability probably only the Americas.