What are you currently watching?


I really liked IU’s performance in My Mister. You might want to check it out.


When I was in college I wanted to study to become a paralegal (destiny had other plans for me). The Professor would assign us to go to family/criminal courtrooms to watch different cases, and write a paper of at least 3 different case we saw, and write how we felt the judgement was: fair or unfair? and based on that, you kind of debated why you was against the penalty or why you agree the penalty was fair etc…

I use to go in early in the morning and 5 pm was leaving to what for me was like watching movies bc I was so immersed in every case (that was at the beginning) The more I went the harder I felt it was for me to be those long hours hearing case after case, and emotionally it was draining and it started to take a toll on me bc some cases were so cruel and when it involved children in particular, there were times I couldn’t stay and had to leave bc I wanted to scream and cry…

As a Deputy Court Clerk the job with all that paperwork involved must have been tough too, and I know it involves many other things so I never thought you would still enjoy courtroom Have you seen the movie Juror #8? Let me know…


Yes, Juror 8 and also Defendant are two of my favorite K-dramas. Like you said, while I was working, I had so much paperwork that I didn’t have the time to listen to all the testimonies but I also had the privilege to witness some really great arguments. You are right about some of the cases being emotionally draining. The worst kind of cases for me were the child abuse cases. My judge knew this so he handled the exhibits personally for me so that I wouldn’t have to look at the pictures.


I can’t even imagine looking at those pictures. I think I would have a heart attack on the spot. I can deal with anything; except when it comes to newborns, toddlers or teenagers.


ahh, thanks so much, as always! This plot seems really interesting but its not in my region so I guess I’ll watch it on some other site!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

his one’s on my watchlist, along with Defendant!



I am going to re-watch two cops again, been about 3 years since I have watched them, so I am going to do this, need a laugh anyway


isn’t it your birthday today(Nov 4)??!
if it is, Happy Birthday!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you for getting us to laugh every day, and for all those yummy cookies you so kindly allowed us to steal! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hope you have another joyful year ahead, whatever the situation is outside!
if it isn’t, eeek I’m sorry! :sweat_smile::grimacing:


and my favorite actress! thank you!! and yes my birthday, hope you enjoyed the cookies! hehjehehe


I recently watched a C-drama called Dating in the Kitchen. The title’s a bit “meh,” but the show itself is ridiculously good. Usually, I find it very hard to get into Chinese dramas, but the lead male and female actors have so much chemistry.

Because I love it so, I’ve moved on to watching The Romance of Tiger and Rose, starring the same lead actress. TRoTaR shares a similar premise with a T-drama I loved, Lost Romance. So far, it’s been good.


the good detective


Alice, pretty good have to say. :slight_smile:


another AI type drama,l just didn’t finish it


Loving “Start Up”.


Why not? :thinking:


no problems with the AI’s loved are you human too and some of the others, there are so many of them out there. so lets enjoy it I plan to!


Yeah, and don’t forget this one:


yeah I just started that one!


Cool! Do you like it?


at first guess I really didn’t understand what was going on, but after the first episode I got a better understanding what they were doing. and yes I do like it