What are you currently watching?


I liked it too. It was my first introduction to Yoo Seung Ho. :slight_smile:


It was my first kdrama!! I loved the ‘different’ plot line and couldn’t believe how much a ROM-COM could make me cry and laugh so much and totally FEEL with the character!! :heart_eyes: there’s a little cringe too, but Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin manage to pull it off BEAUTIFULLY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


More than friend’s :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:I found it quite interesting :cowboy_hat_face::smiley:


more than friends? was wondering about that one is it a good watch ?


@frustratedwriter It’s not AI, it’s scifi. Also I think the show’s still going…
@mirjam_465 Omg! I loved I am not a Robot :smiley:. The vaccum cleaner social hierarchy was really funny


All 16 episodes of Alice have been released. Subtitling for some languages is still in progress, but we can at least watch it with English subs.


oh, viki says I need some top tier viki pass to view the last episodes, just figured


People with a Viki Pass can watch the episodes earlier, but with patience you can eventually watch them too.


well y’all convinced me, Alice is it then


stopped watching after I saw that every single character had those new Samsung flip phones​:joy::woman_facepalming: so idk how it really is


#Phone ringing#
@vivi_1485: Hello?
Caller: We’d like to offer you a job
@vivi_1485: What kind of job?
Caller: a job in Korea. We’ll pay for your living expenses.
@vivi_1485: Cool! When can I start?
Caller: Next week.
@vivi_1485: Great! I’ll start packing. By the way, what’s your company’s name?
Caller: Samsung.
@vivi_1485: Nevermind. #hangs up#


I watched the first episode of Birthcare Center last night and I think it has a potential. @vivi_1485, apparently Viki still hasn’t gotten the license for 18 Again. I am also waiting for Awaken as well. Namgoog Min is another one of my favorite actors.


what?!! then why does it say they’re looking for a CM? :sob:

oh good! can’t wait!

oh come on it’s not THAT bad​:joy::joy: just in this one EVERYONE had those phones that it got on my nerves…i liked the 2019 dramas where they would share their battery by placing the phones one on top of each other…specially in Touch Your Heart its sooo cute!:heart_eyes::joy:
i’d DEF take the job!:joy: it’s SAMSUNG


Ok, for those of you who are fans of both Yoo Seung Ho and Ji Chang Wook, check out Warrior Baek Dong Soo. It’s a historical drama with a sad ending but I think it’s definitely worth checking out.


Off course :slight_smile: it’s awesome a love triangle with hidden and even straight forward feelings :heart:it’s good :slight_smile:


Would it even be in the Coming Soon list if they didn’t have a license? :thinking:
And I thought shows without license all had this standard picture:

The Coming Soon section will probably always remain a mystery, though. Some shows are in limbo for months, while others already have a team the minute they show up on the page.


I am not sure how it works but I think we have the standard picture when a fan channel is created and when Viki knows (or has an agreement with the provider) that they will get the license the picture changes but it takes time to actually secure the license for each region.:woman_shrugging:


I guess it also has to do with the date of the license. Maybe the country of origin or another party has “first rights” and Viki needs to wait til after the other party has broadcasted it in some cases. So they might sign a contract now, yet have to wait till May before they can air the show. In that case the show might be in the coming soon section for half a year. :thinking:


You are probably right. @vivi_1485, we will have 18 Again on Viki but it might not be until after it has aired in Korea (and some illegal sites).:worried:


We had this with The Legend of Xiao Chuo which was maybe more than 10 months in the Coming Soon section and now we got the first 4 eps without a big announcement ^^’ So it’s no wonder when the first 2-3 days the eps were still at 0% because nobody wasn’t prepared.