What are you currently watching?


What exactly is the meaning of “A Viki Original”?? I thought it was that Viki produces it or something, but I’m not sure because Knowing Bros/Ask Us Anything is listed as a Viki Original, but it’s distributed by JTBC and produced by SM C&C…
And I also thought that Viki Originals are usually completely subbed very quickly, but this one has a lot of random eps that have 0% subs and random eps that have 100% subs?


I’m a solo k/c drama fan and I’m currently watching First Romance, Tale of the Nine Tailed, More than Friends, and The Girl Who Sees Smells. I’m almost done with Cheese in the Trap, Hotel Del Luna, and It’s Okay to not be Okay. My current list of watched Dramas is growing daily. I don’t know anyone near me that also enjoys the Dramas so I kinda hope to find someone else to chat with about them. My husband is kinda sick of hearing about all the love triangles.


Welcome to the community!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hope you have fun here, don’t worry, we’re a group of fans who’ll never get tired of drama-discussing :joy::grin:
SEVEN dramas at once??!!:scream: I think you’ve set a new record!! Would you recommend “The Girl Who Sees Smells”?? The plot seems REALLY interesting!


From what I understood it’s made exclusively for Viki. But maybe not entirely exclusive. Maybe exclusive in certain regions? Like JTBC gave Viki special rights?


I thought onTV + viki first, not yet on Netflix or others (?). But I’m not sure.

There is a difference between “coming soon” and “not available in your region”, I guess. See “True beauty” vs. “Love is sweet”.

I’m constantly watching “Falling into you”, “More than friends” and “Tale of the nine tailed”.
In-between “Melting me softly” just now. I like Ji Chang Wook better there than in “Healer” or “Suspicious partner” etc.


You might be right. On tv in the country of origin and on Viki for other parts of the world.


@vdrogers_925_901, welcome to the community! As you can see, you will have plenty of people to talk with about dramas here. If you have favorite actors or actresses, we can also make recommendations for you as well since there is a high probability that one of us has seen the drama you are considering watching.:blush:


The Girl Who Sees Smells is actually alot better than I thought it would be. It has alot of suspense/Thriller story arks. My list of Dramas that I’ve seen is pretty long. I’ve watched about 40+ dramas since March of this year. I actually have a book I keep with a list and personal thoughts and ratings on all the Dramas I watch. I guess I’m a little weird but it’s my main hobby.


I don’t think that’s weird at all. It’s actually a great idea! :sunglasses:


I guess I’m a little weird but it’s my main hobby.

I’m guessing I’m weird too bc I also write my personal feelings about the drama I watched, and I also have ratings like: excellent/ tragic ending (I give those an F). I separate Chinese, Japanese dramas bc they are so different when it comes to ratings too.

Is good to keep up notes when other ppl. ask us questions bc we can take our notes to refresh our memory of what we saw.


if it’s weird then I’m in the weird squad with you lol😂 if I REALLY love a drama, my diary gets like three pages full of me ranting, screaming, melting, fangirling and a general review. I also keep a list of dramas I’ve watched with a 1-5 star rating system…but for the really good ones I add a few more stars😅

Started watching my first TW drama “Lost Romance” extremely hilarious till now, LOVE the kdrama-teasing concept + the actors…hope the comedy and plot stay strong to the end! Also WOW my poor innocent kdrama mind has been SHOOK by the romance scenes :scream: :joy:
abandoned ZD…guess I just don’t enjoy fantasy? it didn’t draw me in and I felt no chemistry :sweat:


I was considering watching ZD but since I already have like a billion dramas I’m watching right now it’s on the back burner. I watch some dramas even if they don’t interest me just so I can write about them in my log book. I have info on actors, locations, music, etc…


Record of Youth on ntflx


i recommend if you need some laughter in your life you see ZD some parts are so funny you’ll have a great time watching.


I recommend you watch; GHOST IN THE SHELL. Very interesting bc is so different and special effects are awesome!


Did you happen to catch the slang term 모태솔로 (mo-tae-solo) in Episode 12 of ZD? It’s a combination of Chinese (母胎) and English (solo) and I would translate it as “solo since birth”. A very popular term in modern K-dramas.:wink:


hehe I subscribe to a korean learning site’s newsletter, and they have this huge PDF on modern Korean slang…one of the only things I learned and remember from that was this word, since I found quite funny and an apt way of summarizing my love life in one word lol


You are still young and, with your bubbly personality, I am sure you won’t be 모태솔로 for long.:wink:


Ok so I started START UP more bc of Suzy Bae whom I adopted as my Asian daughter. Ever since her spoiled brat role in BIG, and fighting all her bullies through the years made me her #1 fan. Start Up started in a grim note and twice I turned it off, but today I decided to give it another chance and GOSH, am I happy I did.

Although it’s a drama of very young ppl. it got me hooked, and I hope you guys check it out. i am so sad that viki site who use to have the up to date dramas available is now LEFT BEHIND. Let’s hope they catch up soon bc no one should go from best to worse. I miss my ZOMBIE DETECTIVE so much l need the laughter it brought into my life.


Something like we say in English: ‘‘ON MY OWN SINCE THE DAY I WAS BORN.’’
some people say: I’ve been alone since I was born (all my life). I always say I’ve been alone all my life.’’

I have noticed that Chinese ppl. reinvented words by combining English in to their Chinese words, which I think is fantastic bc we understand them better and is a better way to communicate.