What are you currently watching?


Other than ZD, I think most of dramas I’ve been watching (and enjoying) lately are on nf unfortunately. Itaewon Class, Mr. Sunshine, Record of Youth, Private Lives… and I guess I will add Start Up to my watch list as well. Is it just my imagination or is Viki inundated with web/idol dramas now? I can hardly find any drama I want to work on.


You must be like me that I have to like the drama/show/movie to work on it bc otherwise is a dragggggg that i detest to feel when subbing. What kills me is that they have too many young couple with the same boring scenes: drunken girl, piggy back rides those scenes are so annoying to me once i see that i book and drop it like a hot potato lol.


And don’t forget the ever present love triangles. It would kill me if I ever get stuck translating a 20-episode drama that I don’t enjoy. Thank goodness this is a volunteer work.:wink:


Volunteer work but still if you commit you have to go on and complete it.
So I wouldn’t say “thank goodness”. If the drama is bad or you don’t like it, it’s just as bad as non-volunteer jobs if the drama is bad. In my opinion, much worse. Because in the case of the paid work the prospect of the money that awaits you at the end is a big consolation.


True and I didn’t mean that it’s a good thing that I can quit anytime. I meant it’s good that I have the choice of what work to take on. If I take responsibility lightly and don’t think twice about abandoning a project then I wouldn’t even be worried about the possibility of being stuck doing something I don’t enjoy. I am sorry if there was any misunderstanding but I think you can see that I made the comment in a light hearted manner, even using an emoji.


Oh, I see.
I also try to choose at the very best of my knowledge, but with on-air dramas sometimes you do have bad surprises. You think that an interesting plot, your favorite actor or a writer who has written a masterpiece before would be a guarantee, but sadly this is not always the case.


You are absolutely right about bad surprises. Probably one of the reasons why I would stay away from working on a long drama. At least if it’s a short one, even if the drama doesn’t quite meet my expectations, it would be bearable.:blush:


Just finished TW drama ‘Lost in Romance’…It went from being hilariously hilarious to melodramatic for a few eps and then ended so ROMANTICALLY…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: One of the most satisfying endings ever, I ended it feeling giddy and happy, its been SUCH a long timee!! Marcus Chang and Vivian Sung have L.O.A.D.S of chemistry!!
This is, hopefully, my last drama for the year 2020.:sob::sob::sob: I say ‘hopefully’, because I know I need to start crazy serious studying now, and I better have enough self control. :confounded: goodbye, DramaLand!!!


I guess it’s time to buckle down and study for final exams. 화이팅!


I just started Just Between Lovers. EP 5 and so far I really like it. Is the ending sad?? I don’t like sad endings. I finished off two of the other dramas I was watching. For some reason I can’t watch More Than Friends on my computer, just my TV. It’s a little inconvenient since I work in my Nerd Lair so I have to watch most shows on my laptop while I work. I guess when I finish Just Between Lovers I’ll start Zombie Detective because you all have peaked my interests. I’m so glad I discovered this community :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


It’s not sad, but don’t expect it to be a comedy. Still it is one of my favorite dramas.


It seems pretty heart wrenching so far. I’ve already cried twice. Best female lead I’ve seen in a long time for sure.


Just Between Lovers is a really good one. You will enjoy it. As to Zombie Detective, it is a zombie drama so there will be some blood but it is more of a comedy than a horror drama. There are numerous pop culture references and cameo appearances as well so if you have a good sense of humor, you will enjoy it. If you are looking for romantic scenes, you will be disappointed though.


The worse part for me is that no matter how much I hated the drama I stuck with it until the end and sometimes I cried from the boredom of subbing that drama (especially the Chinese ones: Cuo Xi Ying?) (that is why I stopped subbing those traditional chinese dramas). I can tolerate modern chinese dramas bc they have less sayings, and less complex dialogues or those 1 through 7 brothers? I hate that with a passion!

Is great that we do have a choice to work in what we want bc if not we would definitely have less volunteers working here. the best part we have many volunteers that love Chinese dramas so there is a fair balance.

I always say volunteer work has to be treated with the same respect as a paying job, But I’ll be damn if I ever get stuck doing subbing in a drama I detest bc of long senseless dialogues.:rofl:


I worked as a volunteer at my local hospital before Covid and I volunteered quite a bit at schools when my kids were younger so I have high respect for volunteers in general but especially for those who are qualified enough to get paid for their service but choose to donate their time and skills. I see that Viki has quite a few of those individuals but the question is does Viki know that and is Viki doing enough to keep up their morale?:thinking:


In my opinion, they don’t. But they change the CEO so often here that I feel that may be the reason why things go under the ‘‘rugs’’ here. I have never seen a CEO message of appreciation for the volunteers, that work so hard at this site (don’t include me). Forgive me if I’m wrong but I think words would spread if that ever happened here.

I need to mention that the movies here are really awesome and Suspect is one of my favorite bc I love Gong Yoo as an actor.


I loved Gong Yoo in Suspect. Viki does have a lot of quality dramas and movies. That’s why I am a Viki Pass Plus subscriber.:blush:


I never expected I would be able to be part of a Community discussion on my favorite shows after a horrible experience this past summer with Viki Pass Plus.

When I logged in to my account, ad-free shows buffered literally EVERY five minutes in such a way that the screen would freeze, dialog would continute, and then suddenly for a minute or two, everything would be in sync before the screen froze again.

When I simply navigated across the Web to Viki and watched shows with ads and without logging in, they ran fine with no buffering whatsoever.

Because this buffering effect had been part of my Viki Pass Plus membership long enough for me to have spent the value of a small iPad, I complained about it but received no response whatsoever.

I was very unhappy not to be able to participate in the community, but I didn’t know how to address the issue until a friend who is an IT guy changed my computer’s operating to a version of Linux that works very much like Windows. Since late August of this year, I have had no problems whatsoever with Viki buffering, and in fact the speed and quality of videos is so much better that I feel as if I’ve gotten a new computer (even though it’s 10 years old or more).

I don’t know why I thought anyone in charge of any aspect of Viki would have admitted culpability in my problems with buffering . . . that would have create a precedent in which other members might have asked my same questions, become very unhappy instead of annoyed, and perhaps asked for money back.

Since the service Viki offers is of value to me even with the really crappy super-chaebol unwillingness to take responsibility in the area of customer service, I have signed up again for Viki Pass Plus and am ambivalently glad to be able to take part in discussions.

So, in ass-backward fashion, let me put my topic paragraph at the end of my essay. I have been watching and mostly enjoying Tale of the Nine Tail. When my sisters and I were small, my mom read us lots of myths, legends, and fairy tales from different parts of the world, and Viki shows drawing on those types of stories are my favorite.

I am happy to see a lead role being taken by Lee Dong-wook who was in “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.” I guess it is the fashion once again for male leads in K-dramas to look like flower boys instead of healthy, normal guys, because his red hair and super-pale skin make him look sick. Fortunately, his excellent acting skills are powerful enough to overcome that unfortunate aspect of his character.


I’m really enjoying Kairos (even though it’s not a genre I usually watch)and it’s getting great reviews now. I recommend giving it a try!
In fact I came to the discussions because it seems to be taking an unusually long time to get subtitles for the drama and I was wondering if the subbers were ill. But I see from other comments that some shows just aren’t so popular with people who create the subtitles. I’m very grateful and appreciative of the subbers and I’m not complaining (since I don’t do any subbing myself), but I do find I’m watching more Kdramas on Netflix even though I’d prefer to watch shows on Viki.
BTW, both my husband and I are really enjoying Start Up!


I only watched half of the first episode for Kairos but it looked interesting. I will probably go back to finish it later. I recently finished helping translate Alice, another time travel drama, so I am taking a little break from time travel theme.
This is just my theory but most of the on air Korean shows, unless it’s a web/idol drama, usually are left in the hands of less than a handful of English translators. Viewers have gotten very impatient so they start watching shows even before each episode is completely subbed and edited which perhaps makes some translators shy away from helping out. We have many highly qualified Korean-English translators but not enough to handle the demand. In Zombie Detective, it was usually myself and one other translator for each episode and there were a couple episodes where I was the solo translator. The volunteers have been making suggestions to Viki to better inform the viewers as to how Viki works. Let’s hope they listen.
By the way, why do you prefer watching shows on Viki?