What are you currently watching?


@vivi_1485, did you see that there is a channel created for Awaken? It’s not licensed yet though. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Because of the community and the mutual exchange!
I am also such a YT commentary reader.

What is “Kairos”? - please enlighten me.


Ah, yes! I really enjoy the community as well. Also, I find the reviews and comments very useful if you ignore the usual complaints about availability of subtitles.


Not licensed here, though … :frowning:


As often. Thank you!


Thank you @mirjam_465! I still don’t know how to copy and paste. I have to ask my kids for help. At least no one can accuse me of using Google Translate. lol.


Lol, technically you could type everything into Google Translate and then type GT’s answer back into the subtitle editor! :rofl:


You are talking to someone who just recently learned to open a new tab.:rofl:


Still you’re already subbing! With most people it doesn’t happen in that order! :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t tell me you haven’t caught on…she has sUPER powers!
@choitrio fingers completely crossed! :sweat_smile:
I do prefer watching on Viki because of the awesome community, the TC feature and the reviews. I really like looking them up first…on the old ones they have more accurate reviews than the new ones. Yesterday, I had decided to watch a movie on Amazon Prime, and I found myself trying to scroll down the show page trying to find the reviews and wondering WHERE in the world they were! :joy: also finding shows on YT is a headache and I’m too broke for NF


Hahaha… I have all my fingers and toes crossed.:joy: It is supposed to start on 11/30. Hopefully, you will be done with all your exams by then.:wink: I enjoy translating but I think I enjoy spending time talking to some of my favorite people here in the community even more.


Ah! So that’s why there’s a K-drama called “The Legendary Choitrio” in the Coming Soon list! :joy:



Thank you for your explanation. I do really, really appreciate the generosity of the translators in volunteering their time and expertise. I know it’s a lot of work! I am eternally grateful for this gift you/they give me and I never, ever complainin my reviews.
Are you saying that it makes translators feel pressured if I start watching an episode before it is fully translate even if I don’t comment on the fact? If so, I will try to wait. I will practice my patience.

Re Kairos (and I’m just saying this as an fyi, not to get you to translate it), It’s not actually about time travel. The concept is more like Il Mare/The Lake house except the time difference is only a month and the medium is a cell phone rather than a mailbox. And, of course, it is a thriller/mystery rather than a romance.

On why I prefer Viki:

  • I’ve been watching Kdramas via Viki (and, once upon a time, Drama Fever) for about 15 years now. Viki and DF introduced me to this wonderful programming, so I feel a strong loyalty. I feel like Netflix’s came to Kdramas solely as an income source.
  • Since I haven’t been able get my friends to watch Kdramas (I think they all multitask when they watch shows so they don’t do subtitles), I value the shared experience I get here. ( My husband really enjoys Kdramas, too, but he only watches an hour at a time and only once or twice a week).
  • I don’t want some algorithm choosing my shows for me. I find reading others’ reviews gives me a better idea of what I want to watch than looking at the overwhelming list of shows that Netflix has picked out…

Totally unrelated, can I get up on my soapbox for a minute?
One thing has changed at Viki over these last few years though that makes me sad: I miss having common Korean titles and phrases left in the translation. I really enjoyed learning about Korean culture as part of the viewing experience. I feel like something was lost when such an integral part of Korean culture as relationship titles like Sunbae and Noona started being replaced with given names and when non-translatable expressions like Aigoo (such a good word!) is replaced with “My God”. It is actually jarring to my ears.
I know this was a group decision and don’t expect things to change, but I had to “get it off my chest”.
Okay, I’m stepping off now.

Anyway, thanks again for your response and for all you do!


I’m surprised. As far as I know we still have the Korean titles and expressions in (most of) the K-dramas.
In which dramas did you notice that?


yes I do enjoy watching these K & C dramas, love watching the history, sure I know a lot of fiction there too. but I do like history of all countries

Translation: spirit fox Alternate names: senko (wizard fox) Habitat: usually found near Inari shrines Diet: none; they no longer need food Appearance:


legend of 9 tailed fox, I am watching it


For example: Gumiho is always the nine tailed.
(But it is more worst in the Nf subtitles.)


I could use my message to you two, and also I don’t recall a male 9 tailed fox till I started watching this drama, and yes I do miss aigoo, and the rest.


I guess this is also a choice between keeping it Korean and making sure people understand what is meant.
However, at least in the shows I work on, we usually keep words like oppa, unni, etc.


I’ve only been volunteering here at Viki since this July and I am still “learning on the job” so I want to again preface what I say as a personal thought and observation. For optimum viewing pleasure, I would recommend that you wait until the episode is at least 95% English. As you know, Viki translators work when we can, and as a team. Most of episodes (1 hour long) I’ve seen are divided into 6 parts for the subtitles. If we have more than one translator working at the same time, different parts will be translated at the same time thus there may be gaps in translations. Also, as a rule, when a translator is unsure as to how to translate a particular segment, s/he leaves it blank so that someone else can make an attempt. Now ideally, we would have multiple translators working on different parts to completion with the editor immediately available to edit the subtitles for quality. However, all translators work at different pace and some prefer to translate the easy parts first then go back to work on the harder ones. Also, the editor does not shadow the translators to immediately edit the subtitles. All of these factors lead to the occasional comments such as "Why are there gaps in the translations? or “The episode is missing translations in critical parts.”, etc. Perhaps after a while I will learn to ignore some of these comments and not take them personally but I would be lying if I said they don’t bother me. By the way, there are some very appreciative viewers such as yourself who make the time and effort spent volunteering all worth it. Thank you!
Now as to certain Korean titles and expressions, I personally agree with you that it’s better to inform the viewers of their meaning and usage than to translate them to “match” the English words. In fact, I have created a topic called “The English language lacks…” to discuss the difficulties translators face in translating certain titles and expressions. However, just as opinions differ among the viewers, translators and editors have different opinions and it is ultimately up to the Chief Editor of that particular show. Whenever I can, and only if it’s critical to the dialogue, I try to add a T/N (Translator’s Note) to further explain. Some viewers prefer the subtitles as short as possible due to the limited time they appear on the screen and some want to learn the culture and/or the slang terms. As a translator, I know I can’t please everyone but I certainly will try.:blush: