What are you currently watching?


I have a pass (standard). I didn’t found it by searching the title, so I had to search it about the actors. Not available. Just like a lot of other series.


Strange, cause the CM is also in Germany. Maybe it’s only for QC’s and Gold QC’s then … :thinking:

Are you sure you were logged in? Viki sometimes logs you out for no reason.


I can see my profile, so I think I’m logged in.


Do you also see your profile picture in the upper right corner?


Not here, but at the site, yes.

(Before buying the pass I was told: Regional restrictions apply to all plans.)


It’s possible that QC’s or Gold QC’s are granted access, not sure though.


Sorry that you can’t watch it here bc is hilariously funny. Although is rated R is a joy to watch. Hopefully with time you will be able to enjoy such a funny movie. I’ll check out ‘‘A poem a Day’’ (the title sounds familiar). thanx


Midnight Runners! It is perfect to watch for about two hours for today.


Yesterday I started with a Turkish series which was very suprising because it’s based on a true story:

(Masum = Innocent; Apartmanı = Apartment building)

Let me explain the story itself:

The story revolves around a family that has many problems. There is the grandfather of the children and his four grandchildren, three of them are women and one is a man. Each of these children has a psychological problem. Let’s start with the oldest granddaughter, who has an obsessive-compulsive disorder, where she cleans everything really EVERYTHING, even food (and here she washes it all with soap 4 times) but I won’t explain why she is like that. The second (adult) daughter pisses in her bed at night (reason is unclear until now) and the third daughter cuts herself with sharp or pointed objects, and the grandfather’s grandson collects paper at night. All these diseases have a reason: parental education. For the mother of these children was also like the eldest daughter of hers, who cleaned everything and everyone (+all objects). The grandfather himself has no mental but physical illness, which has not yet been explained, since I am still in the 3rd episode.:blush:

Very gripping, addicting and so interesting. Some of my family members couldn’t watch it because it was too much warm for their psyche (like my cousin said: “This is too much for me”, but I am extremely interested in such things.

PS: The drama is really fresh from this year with 10 Ep so far but it’s 2:30 h long ^^’ and the drama does not have any subtiles up to now.


I am watching ‘Dae Jo Young’. It’s about a man living in the 7th century who will become the first king of Balhae, a new kingdom that was made after the old kingdom of Goguryeo was destroyed by Tang China.

The series is really interesting to me, because I never knew a kingdom of Balhae existed. I only knew about Goryeo and Joseon. Even though the show has 134 episodes, each episode is interesting and makes sense to the plot. Sometimes the plot is a little slow, but there are a lot of major events and it wouldn’t make sense to have them solved within 2 or 3 episodes.
I think it’s a good series to watch for anyone that’s interested in Korean history.


Descendants of the Sun.
I know it’s kinda late, but I just couldn’t get myself to watch that sooner. In general the story is interesting, but I am so stressed when some bad things are happening, I just cannot watch it at night :laughing: I guess after watching a lot of chill dramas I became more vulnerable to stress hahah. I don’t know how am I supposed to live, when now kdramas are making me feel so stressed :joy:


Lately I’ve been watchin’ variety shows. I’m in love with the babies from “The return of the superman”, they are sooooooooo cute and funny!


Midnight Runners right!


I am currently watching Doctor Prosecutor. To say it is excellent is an extreme understatement. In fact, I would say that, thanks to the people who chose it to show on Viki, the fans who have given it their support, and the subbers who have done the best work I have seen so far on a Viki show . . .

Doctor Prosecutor is in my view the most perfect show I have ever seen since I started watching Asian dramas on the Internet ten years ago.

A lot has changed since then in terms of what gets showcased–clothing styles, length of individual episodes, types of dramas most requested, popularity of actors.

But I feel just the way I did after watching some event in the Olympics when I was a little girl.

I give everybody a perfect score. TEN!

The combination of four genres (the hospital drama, the police procedural, the courtroom drama, and the family drama) is in my opinion seamless.

The acting of a whole group of actors and actresses whom I admire appears flawless.

The feeling of excitement I now have because I have discovered a show truly binge-worthy is probably going to be endless. Well, my friends will probably find ME endlessly “cringe-worthy” as I talk for the rest of my life about how good Doctor Prosecutor is.

But thanks are certainly due to the show’s team members (working “behind the scenes” as well as “on camera”) for creating what is in my book truly the first perfect drama I have seen on Viki.

Others may have a different opinion, and that is a beautiful thing. We learn from others’ opinions.

But in my estimation, as an entire Viki project, the presentation of Doctor Prosecutor is worthy of a fan club all its own.

[My inner fan girl as found on]


thanks for the review, excited to check it out after my schedule gets less crazy!! :grin:
currently quickly watching Shopaholic Louis for a break, all i can say is AWWWWWW :slight_smile: its a little cliche but for a change the “cute SML” stereotype gets the FL instead of overbearing boss(even though he’s actually a chaebol prince but whatever kdramas will be kdramas and we love 'em for that). I’m thoroughly enjoying it, it’s one of the good amnesia dramas! It’s a lot like 100 Days My Prince, even the FL is the same, but I’m enjoying this one way more than 100DMP…there’s just something so endearing about the clueless, lovable, loyal character of Shopping King Louis.


Yuri Or Another.


It seems not bad! I want to give it a try!
I typed it on Google and they show “Doctor Prisoner”, is it this one? Or is it “Doctor Detective”?


yeah, it shows Doctor Prisoner for me too…must be this one, but neither of them are available in my region so😭


Started watching “the Song of Glory”
I have finished the third episode, And I am surprised how much action happens at the beginning… :flushed: Where does that end?!..
Of course I will watch " the Wolf" on the side
Li Qin is a wonderful actress and so changeable
She shows facets :astonished: great :slight_smile:


Tell us how you liked the drama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have finished it and I loved everything about the plot :blush: