What are you currently watching?


@rose_shn What I will do :slight_smile: It is already really good now :grinning:


Private lives and resumed NIF2


You finished Private Lives? What a dumb ending so pissed. Why ruin something that was going so well? Not funny at all. Is a good non tragic ending but really?


I just saw the ending :expressionless:
Apparently they are setting up for season 2, but it would’ve been nice to know that beforehand.
I just looked at the screen and went… well, that was a waste of time, but I felt that since episode 14? (can’t remember where exactly). If I had know it would be a “to be continued…” I would’ve waited till season 2 was up :sob:

Edit: it’s not a waste of time to watch the series, it’s interesting enough. I just feel a bit betrayed :sweat_smile:


I felt let down with the ending for Private Lives as well. Even if they are setting up for a second season, it was a weak way to end this season. I still enjoyed the show though. I think I will start watching Start Up now since many of you seem to like it.


Hahah I was thinking the same


well everyone, I am trying to catch up, a day and a half without copmputer, no access on internet, even my phone not able to do anything. so yeah catch up!!
and you want to know what I am watching?
1 gotta finish 9 tailed fox
2 again rich man poor woman
3 detective of ming dynasty, loved it the first time, watching it again
4 thinking of watching dr cutie
5 the wolf
6 secret criminal
7 two cops again! thought it was a good watch
8 of course firey priest
then I will find some of the newer ones to watch as well

I think I will watch that start up


I’m watching The Uncanny Encounter (ghost/superpowers), and CALL movie with Park Shin Hye, who seems to be doing a lot of action packed, thriller movies. This one Call And ALIVE are two of her best performance although she was great in Memories of Alhambra.

I want so bad to see action packed dramas here since I’m so fed up with romantic dramas and same boring and annoying to me (piggy back rides for drunken girl). Rich CEO and poor dumb girl. I guess I can really pick them a mile away lol



Once you start watching START UP, you’ll be hooked. I was up at the crack of dawn waiting to see it (this drama they wait around 11 am US Eastern time to have it subbed). Today’s episode was as good as the first one. I am so desperate bc this is one ending that will have me on edge: you’ll see why when you start watching. ENJOY!

PS. My exact sentiment: PL, even if they wanted to do a second season (I highly doubt, it will be any time soon bc the virus is at dangerous levels right now in SK), and I read here in an US article, that they have put on hold all new dramas to protect the actors). Anyway, they could have ruin the honeymoon and not the wedding. I was so angry for a few hours with that ending lol.


@frustratedwriter, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.:blush: My son and I really enjoyed Fiery Priest. I fell in love with Honey Lee. I didn’t know that she was the 3rd place runner up for 2007 Miss Universe and that she attended the prestigious Seoul University. She also happens to be a classical musician. Beauty, brain and talent, she’s got it all.
@angelight313_168, lately I find myself preferring action/comedy over the cliche romance as well. While I am waiting for Namgoong Min’s Awaken to start, I can probably finish Start Up and Call. Thanks for the recommendation.


well y’all I finished ,christmas chronicles 2, that is a cute drama, I really think the kids would love it. as for this “kid at heart” loved it. now heres a secret, Kirt was my crush at age of about 10, he played in Jamie Mcfeters adventures (or travels) so I do try to watch him when he is in a movie or whatever. yes this one was a good one!!

yes I loved Honey Lee, that was a good drama for her. oh and did have a very nice thanksgiving, great to visit, but no place like home!


i really think you’re getting all the wrong dramas! there are just so many amazing ones out there, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve seen those scenes! The best way to get good reccs is from Soompi and @lutra and the others here🥰 I’ve also started liking thrillers and con-artist dramas, and there are a LOT here at Viki


So I started watching Start Up and I am really enjoying it. My daughter is a computer science major and she participates in hackathons so it was interesting to get the “inside” view.


For some reason Viki or the algorithm suggested me to watch “Sence of a woman”. Although I am a little bit old-fashioned, sometimes, I thought by myself: ‘Oh, isn’t it a little bit old?’
But I was very astonished. The actors played very naturally. They wore summer dresses all time and weren’t dolled up like that. The product placement was not that intrusive. There was a short, beautiful and highly erotic dance scene and so on.

Am I just imagine that all? Anyway, I’m watching now “Personal Taste” and probably “Iljimae”, too.


Hmm … I don’t think I ever got any show suggestions from Viki (nor their algorithms) …
I get it from YT, NF, etc., but Viki? :thinking:


I guess it was “Binge-worthy shows we love” or so. But you maybe right.

And yes, dramas suddenly pop up on Nf, so that I no longer know whether I should watch them here or there? If only it were previously unlicensed series …


Oh, that. Yes, I’ve seen that. But no specific suggestions because I watched a certain show.

NF does have some shows that are on Viki but unavailable for some of us. As long as I can watch it on Viki, I do so, but otherwise … :wink:


The first episode was very hard to watch, but by second episode everything goes so flawless. Next weekend will be the ending, so I’m hoping they ‘‘don’t smear it’’ like they tend to do with endings lately. I’m hoping for the best ending ever.

I wonder why Suzy who is a great singer didn’t do the theme song in this drama. Her voice matches perfectly with OST in the drama. She has lost so much weight I’m hoping she gains some back.