What are you currently watching?


oh no, ‘Personal Taste’ IMO was not very good at all, it was my first Lee Min Ho drama and I had LMH, Kim Ji Seok and Son Ye Jin trauma after that, as some people here already know :joy: Especially LMH, he’s such a popular actor from the highest ‘Oppa Squad’(lol :crazy_face:) but I’ve been trying to get myself to give him another chance for months now
The drama takes embarrassment to a whole new level, I was cringing most of the time. The arcs weren’t even all that interesting, and the SML seemed obsessive at one point. I had to force myself to complete it. :persevere:
all in all, Personal Taste leaves a bad aftertaste and I wouldn’t even rate it, but this is my own opinion.:sweat_smile:


Yes, I’m about to skip again. I meant the more natural style.


Now I’m going to give The Good Doctor a try (first ep).
I saw the first season of the US-adaptation on TV, liked all about it, the cast, the idea (haha) … then I read that it was adapted.
I wish I’d seen the original before the adaptation.


The original is really good. You will like it. I heard the US adaptation isn’t.


The storyline is 1:1 the same, I already know what happens. In the adaptation, the plot could be blown out a bit and could be a little bit over the top, since they needed stuff fore more than one season. It is certainly difficult to play someone with autism, but (now) I am a little bit closer to the korean actor.


yo estoy viendo " El es psicometrico" me gusta por que me encanta los thirllers



Es fantástico el drama y aparte que hay partes que hacen brincar a uno, es más emocionante todavía.


si, me impresiono la parte donde el hermano del prota sufria alexitimia


Por mi madre santa nunca había oído ese término y me fascina todo lo relacionado con la ciencia. Los dramas aquí enseñan a uno a conocer palabras y problemas médicos no sabía yo que existían. jajajaja

Por cierto este drama se trata de lo mismo el personaje principal carece de emociones porque tuvo una operación en el cerebro que lo dejó así. No lo tienen todavía aquí en viki…:disappointed:


This is awesome. a must see.


watched this one yesterday! thanks for the recommendation, it was a light fun watch with plot twists I didn’t expect :grin:


I did like the korean one better the good doctor


Yesterday I finished watching “Birthcare Center”. And loved almost everything expect the fact there was no single mother which is really sad. Another aspect also bothered me: postnatum depression. They didn’t even bothered with this issue if not only used few min about it and used WHOLE 3 Eps for the decision of breast milk or formula WHY :sweat_smile: The rest was hilarious and we saw many character developments & healthy relationships as well. So as a whole it was refreshing and a good drama.


ok y’all I went to Netfl;ix today so heres mine

1the guest, really not too crazy about this

2U turn another spooky ghosty type drama will watch & see

3 uncanny counter, its kinda good and with a high schooler involved, maybe this one will turn out ok kinda reminds me of the mystic bar, and the luna motel

4 then the devils punisher,think I said before, its almost like BLACK, cause he wears black and so on its good so far

gosh confronted ghosts and things!

I am finishing up with the 9 talied fox, still good

and watching some of the older ones here on Viki, sleuth of ming dynasty, dr cutie, firey priest
the silent criminal two cops, and a few more


Cool! It’s on my watchlist, since the trailers look so funny :joy: Especially Yoon Park from Welcome to Waikiki, it seems like he was born to play such roles! Wasn’t a bit surprised to see him there lol


I’m watching THE GUEST on NTFX the beginning is so revolting and nauseating, and now even more that I received from my youngest daughter my early christmas gift; an RCA 58 inch TV, and you see everything like is right there in your face, and the bloody mess so clear that ughhh hahahahaha.

Can’t wait to see my Rviki dramas on my large screen TV (my 43 inch look so tiny in comparison to this one). The colors are amazing! PS> Black Friday sale $250 we got a 65 inch but they didn’t deliver so we had to exchange it for the 58 but Im happy!!!. Now K dramas will be more interesting to watch.


I agree, I think this is one I just want to stop watching


angellight, you will bne spoiled, I am. and when you go to a smaller tv wow what a difference!!


Yes, is hard to watch. I’m on episode 6 so far, and my daughter jumps every time I scream bc it really makes one scream bc is really scary and now is worse bc the big screen the thing feels like is jumping at me. I want to stop but I like to finish what I start.

PS I finished THE GUEST and i highly recommend the drama gory parts and all. hope you guys make a request to have it here. I will. Has a Good Ending.


I do too but this one I may just styop it, yeah the “big” screen does it too.