What are you currently watching?


(Don’t take me seriously, I tend to skip or push over 90%.)


because of Lee Jae-wook (whom I appreciated in Extraordinary You). I think I’ll stick with it.


saw a funny scene from this one and wondered whether it was worth the watch-- do put up your review here after you’re done!


really? hmmm ok I will start watching it again, thanks angelight

ok on to another one, whats with legend of 9tailed, repeats and all of the beginning?? not too fond of that, unless I am missing something


spauffier I also liked that drama


Losing track of how many times I’ve gone back to Love O2O. It is like a safe space.


I just want to heap thanks and blessings on all the translators. Through this difficult time I have been staying at home but traveling through China and learning the language, history, customs and culture. Thanks so much for opening this door for me.


Thank you so much! During this difficult time, I am glad that Viki can be your passport to many wonderful destinations and Viki volunteers can help you learn other languages, history, customs and culture.


legend of 9 tailed, complaints? yes, really disappointed in this one, I did have big expectations, loved the actors they were good , but so many holes in this drama, this is one time wasted my time watching!

so many wrong things, so many unexplainable things . so many I won’t say anymore about it.


I am watcjhing this one slowly, I hope it ends well!


thanks for the review, guess I won’t waste my time then…sad that both Park Bo Gum and Lee Dong Wook didn’t make very good comebacks :cry:
now anticipating Ji Chang Wook & Kim Ji Won’s new web series…really hope it’s good, I trust Kim Ji Won more than Ji Chang Wook with picking good dramas though lol


I’m currently watching MAMA 2020

And yesterday I watched MMA 2020:


and I love each and every one, they are my adopted young’uns!!


I must say,the uncanny counter is awesome, also the silent criminal, fantastic! twists and turns, and a mystery solved. at least thats 2 that has gotten my interest, finished the silent criminal today.


@Dudie, thanks for sharing, although MAMA 2020 seems inaccessible. I thought MMA was Mixed Martial Arts, lol. Now I know.

@frustratedwriter, you have been adopted by many here at Viki.:blush:


I didn’t watched 9 tailed bc I don’t like the male lead acting. This guy has a Frozen face that has no emotions. Muscle paralysis due to many plastic surgery? I saw a drama where he was a baseball player and I had to stop bc I felt a robot and not a human was doing this drama. To give him a second chance I TRIED to watch Hotel? (can’t remember titles) had to stop bc he’s incapable of showing emotions and I hate that in dramas when there’s suppose to be a romantic scene.

Oh, forgot to mentioned they never give him a drama where he connects to it. I didn’t watch GOBLIN bc of him. What you didn’t like about 9 tail? bad acting? Bad ending? Bad story?


Just finished watching Strongest Delivery Man. Love the ending. Highly recommend you watch this different kind of drama.


@choitrio yes I see MAMA is set on private now but maybe it will be back soon. With MMA it was first streamed live, after that it was on private and now you can watch it again.

But for MAMA you can see all performances on the mnet YT channel, if you want all the speeches and stuff you must wait and hopefully they set the stream to public again.


Just a summary, what happened to her family what caused their death,oh and why really wasnt clear,

as for bad ending, repeated the drama about episode 8 or so, a summary ofgeach episode! to the 13th!! at first the story was a good one and went downhill fast. the o0lder guy that played the villan, he just isn’t villan material,

as for the frozen face in Goblin, I thought that is what a Goblin would look like. e head guy and maybe in a way bad story, liker I said, I was expecting a lot from it. and I wasn’t going to do that!! tell it…


No In GOBLIN his frozen face was fine it was the deep burgundy lipstick I couldn’t deal with lmao


hehehehehe oh yeah, that was discussed some time ago in another place here, maybe why do they wear lipstick or something like that