What are you currently watching?


aww thank you.


Strongest Delivery Man is where I discovered Ko Kyung Pyo. He was also in Chicago Typewriter with Yoo Ah In, two of my favorite actors.


He has to be the BEST KISSER in korean dramas history. I envy those actress so much and I wish I had a time machine go back in time freeze him until I get my knockout body I had and decent looking face to SK, and by some kind of miracle I’m an actress there playing as FL with him as ML doing a kissing scene in all 16 episodes hahahahaha. Too much to ask…eh?. It doesn’t hurt to dream a little.

Joke aside, the kissing scenes he has done so far are very real looking, unlike those frozen in time tap kisses that drive me insane in anger and disappointment that for 7 years not much improvement has been done in that department. Now with this virus you don’t even get kissing scenes in the finale (is fine with me since is for their own safety) But when they had the chance to show improvement there, they didn’t ugh.


Ok, I finished Start Up and I must admit that I had a bit of Second Lead Syndrome so I ended up skipping a lot towards the end. Overall, it was pretty good I thought.


didn’t watch MMAs, but watched MAMA live! I enjoyed the stages and performances, wow they were really breathtaking, couldn’t believe it was a stage, it was like a magical other dimension! :star_struck::star_struck:
as for the awards part of it, I don’t really enjoy them much anymore, no suspense since BTS has zero competition :neutral_face:


have you watched him in Touch Your Heart? He takes on the role of a cold lawyer who falls for a quirky-cute actress, lots of people did say he seemed too cold but (I didn’t really think that) the whole point of the drama was to see him thaw out and I think he did that really nicely. The characters around him were also written so well, it made his thawing out all the more funnier. It’s like everyone’s goofiness slowly rubbed off on him until he too became as crazy as the rest of them-- in court he’s this cool, amazing lawyer, and outside he’s teased relentlessly by his best friend about how clueless he is about romance :grin: the other lawyers are all really funny too, I’ve watched the series about three times now. :sweat_smile:
I watched it once with my mum though, and she said the actress (played by Yoo In Na also from Goblin) was too childish, maybe you might also see her that way…however for me, the drama really did it’s job-- touched my heart! :two_hearts:
wow I’ve written a lot,sorry :sweat_smile: just felt sorry you didn’t enjoy Lee Dong Wook’s acting


lol It so happens I don’t like the girl (yoona) acting. I feel those two don’t have what it takes to be actor/actress. BUT that’s my opinion many ppl love her and I respect that. I only liked her in The Minister and I? I couldn’t watch K2 although the ML is one of my favorite actor. I also don’t like the guy with the psychotic laugh Jang Hyuk and many ppl love him but i can’t stand his acting no matter how much i like the actress I can’t watch the drama. He was paired with the girl from PARASITE, and i love her acting but paired with him I couldn’t watch it. When I watch a drama I have to like the couple paired in the drama, and see the chemistry in their eyes, touch etc…The romance/love has to be believable and certain couples don’t make it in my list.

It may be all fake but it has to look/feel real to me.


I was heartbroken about second lead until the moment I saw no interest in him for her. His main obsession was to repay the old lady what he felt he owed her. . For ‘‘3’’ years he had the chance to make his move on Dal-mi, and he waits until the other guy comes back to buy her a gift? That did it for me.

To be honest with you, she matched more as a couple with ML than second lead. When he enters that event, and the lights dimmed and this tall good looking boy was walking towards her; I said that’s it! He’s the one for her! I watched every episode twice (Except episode 1 too painful to watch/once was more than enough!).

What I liked about this drama was that it was more about the competitive push for their triumph careerwise, than the romantic aspect in the drama. This young guy is also very good in the kissing scenes and suzy’s acting has improved 110% just like IU. I personally don’t like too young theme dramas but this one was more than a 10 for me.


Maybe I missed quite a bit by skipping too much. I did enjoy the business side of the story more anyway. My daughter participates in hackathons and her dream is to work for the AI division of Tesla so I found that aspect of the story very interesting.


I liked Lee Dong Wook best in Scent of a Woman, if only because of the tango scene, see below.


Normally I don’t watch awardshows but now I was like let’s watch. And yes I so liked all the stages, even when I didn’t like the artists enjoyed watching the stage and everything that was happening. For some awards where I thought BTS would win too Twice or Seventeen won. But yes BTS won 8 times and Suga’s collab with IU won too. While I was watching it I was chatting with others who where watching too which was fun.


E7 of Train. Pretty good series so far, the production quality is high, good acting. The story is tbh the worst part, multiple dimensions and time-travel type of scifi stories are not my jam, but so far I have been hooked.


That was a good, but different kdrama. Usually kdrama involves more of the elite society.


Yes scent of a woman, awesome story, hey I liked the dancing!

so I will start delivery man, again so long he doesn’t turn into a prince, I will be fine


I think that’s why I loved every episode of that drama. I watched on ntfx don’t know if they have it here, and if they do i hope ppl take the time to watch a very good drama with funny parts that I love even more.


You know i never knew such thing as Hackathons existed? No wonder we have so many young kids billionaires, owners of their own company. I’m glad they showing young ppl that you can be a CEO of your own company and don’t need to be old and gray. I wish the best for your daughter and i hope she gets good pointers from watching the drama.


Thank you! I told her to watch it if she has time. It is amazing what young people are capable of doing nowadays. My friend’s son who is in his second year at Harvard already has 2 patents under his belt, lol.


I finished watching one, that I really passed by, didn’t think it would be any good, well we have watched Goblin and that other one on NF, and a ffew more on grimreaper(Black) this is called Irish Punch, about an hour &1/2 there abouts, one actor I don’t see much of, but still was a good one. its here on Viki as well. Just something different too


I posted this video in “The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!” thread but I thought it would be fun to share with you in this thread as well.


It’s so funny you posted this here bc in the drama START UP all you hear is English words, and I was about to ask you if is possible that they don’t have a Korean word, and they have to say it in their ‘‘broken english?’’

I always hear handepohn for cell phones. I clearly hear the word hand but the rest is like what? They should find a way to resolve that bc they should have a korean word for cell phone w/o using an english word. They need to update their words using korean only bc the combo doesn’t sound right at all bc some have a real hard time pronouncing the english part.