What are you currently watching?


wow watching a great weird Japanese series [ALICE IN BORDERLINE] Finally NTFX is adding something I like. Oddly enough, is dubbed in Spanish and I haven’t been able to change it to English. BTW is a game theme drama, and my daughter’s favorite store Forever 21 is all over the drama (curious to see their clothes) Do they sell american style clothing or Japanese? lol.

MANHUNT/DEADLY GAMES about a bomber a must see guys on NFX


Watching this drama, and this is why I hate school dramas when Main Leads look way too old to be ‘‘High School students.’’ It’s ridiculous to see mid twenties ppl. portraying themselves as high school kids and they look like adults. Total turn off. They need to get younger actors to play the younger roles dramas so it makes more watch.


I finished Tea Love yesterday. It had 82 episodes, but I couldn’t take how badly people were behaving without consequences. It got old. I really liked most of the actors and actresses, but having the lead female fall for the same tricks by a spoiled villainess was just too much. You want to yell at her not to meet them alone, not to agree to go there, not to get in the car…got old fast. I am back to Love O2O today for therapy.


I so agree!!! If they could try to get someone who actually resembles what their counter-part looked like at that age that would be nice too. Instead of what they did for Here to Heart. Maybe it is just too hard, but I think they could do better.


Okay, I will try to watch Boys over Flowers again. I love Meteor Garden (2018). I do love the OST.


I don’t know what possessed them to do that they should write another story plot for a mid twenty couple wanna be, but stop this ridiculousness of 24/23 yr old’s playing High Schoolers. College wouldn’t be so bad of a difference in age and even then, they should stop that already i’m dropping it as much as I love the story so far bc that main girl looks in her 30 she doesn’t look 24 like she is in real life. I honestly thought she was in her 30’s.


I started watching on your suggestion. I do have to say there is someone who is throwing a fit in the beginning, because they are annoyed (?) at the timed comments :see_no_evil:

On that note: omg, there are so many comments :scream: how do you keep up with the comment moderation?

Edit: sorry, I just couldn’t keep watching with the comments on, too bad :cry:


I know right!
I again recommend not to watch with TCs on :sweat_smile:
It totally slipped from my mind that the episodes will be flooded with comments of fangirls. At the time I suggested, it was probably half an hour after the episode was released to other languages and it was to get some comments. I went in early today to delete some comments and even after half an hour, I couldn’t pass by those “hi”, “hello”, “excited” comments.
If you couldn’t find those comments which I was hinting at, they were, I am sorry but please do a flip on the scene where she tries to jump off the building and there were others which I can not remember.


Oh I did see some funny comments, just halfway through I had to turn it off. I do switch it on at certain scenes and turn it off afterwards :smile:


But it’s Cha Eun Woo!! I’m used to older actors playing high school students by now lol it doesn’t bother me unless they look REALLY old…I just imagine they are adults running around school and get on with it. (Guess it’s kinda easy for me to go along with whatever plot the writers want us to, unless it’s REALLY weird, like W which I could nOT forgive)
To me it feels like a remake of My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (summaries seem almost the same) over that Cha Eun Woo is ML in both dramas
But my friends are enjoying it!


I don’t know who is Cha Eun Woo I believe this is the first time I see him. The other guy looks Japanese. I know the girl is 24 yrs old but looks too old to look like a high school girl. As a matter of fact ALL the ‘‘high school students’’ look way too old for their roles.

Also the story is full of this crappy fate that they both end up in another town and same schools and he went to a roof where she was going to commit suicide. Is too fake and unrealistic and i hate dramas full of so much unreal/ridiculous happenings. BUT what I hate the most is to see ppl I considered unattractive (ugly) bully a girl bc she’s ugly when they are flugly too lol


It’s funny, Korean dramas have older people acting as high schoolers and in other places’ shows we have younger and younger kids acting like adults(sometimes worse than even adults) while still in school.


i am currently watching True beauty on viki and its very nice .as i already read the comic so i was curious to watch :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I love the story I just don’t like the fact that they look too old to be playing High Schooler kids. The second lead guy which I thought was Japanese (gorgeous young man) is 30 years old!!! How ridiculous to try to pass a 30 year old as a high school boy.


What is Wrong with Secretary Kim is looking good so far. It was recommended along with two of my favorites for chilling out easy watching after seeing something melodramatic. After Tea Love, this one is just what I needed.


Watching episode 3. I laughed at the car scene and the audition… Just wow :rofl: Cringing and laughing at the same time


I was eating my lunch while that audition, needed to clean the entire table after watching that scene, I just couldn’t control my laughter :rofl::laughing::rofl:
Her sister makes me want to live my life like her, she is the manliest woman I’ve ever seen in K-Dramas.


Haha, I remember that my dad was really adamant about teaching me how to change oil and to change a tire when I got my license. Don’t own a car now, so that knowledge has probably gone away :laughing:

Sister is very cool though. The way she asked out the teacher was really smooth :wink:


I have finally found something that is what I wanted. Awaken, and the cast are some of my favorite actors! on the second episode, I do like it, I hope I am not going to be disappointed at the ending


hey! thats why we have manly men around, yeah yeah, I know how to change a tire, the oil and such, but heres my excuse, with my age, I am lucky to get the jack out of the trunk!! so where are you guy when I need you, hehehehehehe