What are you currently watching?


even though theres bullying, it really turns out really well, I think you will enjoy it…


Suggested by choitrio and hesitant to watch bc my main guy is a voice only lead in the drama, I have to admit I’m getting so hook bc when my Choi talks I listen! I need to see more of him in dramas as Main lead: Love his acting and how naturally funny he is. Go take a look …:joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::upside_down_face: I know many of you will like…


I absolutely love CJH, even if it’s voice only! I can listen to his voice all day.:wink:


ok another one on my list


I am not a fan of Historical dramas but can’t resist when it comes to fantasies. I’ve been following Choi’s comments on this drama and the day it was licensed, I put this in my watch bucket. I still have to watch episode 1 but can’t wait to begin with this awesome drama.


Prepare yourself to laugh to your heart’s content. Although is only his voice that’s enough to make you ROFL. I never thought it would be possible to separate the characters but the female lead has done so far an amazing job in portraying such a difficult role and make it believable.

The Chinese version is totally different so I’m wondering how much they’ll add from Chinese version to the Korean version. they already removed a part due to some controversies with the scene. The Chinese version is 36 episodes and the ending was too confusing for me.

PS. If anyone here watched/ will watch soon the Chinese version of Mr. Queen (Titled Go Princess Go) please give us a brief interpretation of what really happened there since the place where I’m watching this gives only 20 minutes of the episodes so I’m missing parts (and even full episodes). I hate to stay confused with the story.


I’ve just watched the first 3 eps of Sweet Home and really enjoyed it. Is anyone else watching it and what do you think of it?


They have 2 home sweet home here at rviki. Which one are you watching?


I am watching uncontrollably fond. Love from India :slight_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Can anyone be friend with me ?


I’m watching the new one on Netflix


Everyone here will be willing to be your friend; just share your thoughts here in discussion and someone will answer. I haven’t watched Uncontrollably Fond but I’ll check it out soon. Welcome!


OMG what have you done to me? It’s horrible, scary as hell lol I’m screaming and running around the house, but want to see who survives. NOT for the faint of heart. I guess you are tough bc I’m not enjoying it is too scary…:astonished::astonished::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::scream::scream::scream::scream::weary::weary::weary:


love you back from india! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile: we’re all friends here, welcome to the community!! what was your first k-drama?


I just realized that in START UP the FL ends up with second male lead!!! I didn’t realized that I may have seen more second lead ending with female lead, I just was too deep into the loving the drama.


Graceful friends :open_mouth:



The trailer looks great and it has most of my favorite older actor/actress in that drama. I think i’m gonna do marathon on that since the weather here will be really bad and we will stay home doing some skype to open gifts after midnight. lol


Are there any dramas set around Christmas time? I only remember Oh My Venus having one…


They are doing a good job with the storytelling and I’ve definitely yelled at a couple of characters :wink: On episode 10 and not regretting it.


My daughter hates when I do that with a passion. i’m starting to do that; telling them kiss her now! Hey, take the stick hittem in the head! beat up that traitor! etc…lmao

She says they can’t hear you and follow your orders: why are you doing such an annoying thing? i tell her to relieve my frustration. It goes out of my body to the air and i feel better.

Btw, it has some very hot scenes and is shocking in k dramas but I’m not complaining.


Get ready to get frustrated over and over again :laughing: