What are you currently watching?


Remove the very last space in [/spoiler] and it should work :slight_smile: the first [spoiler] is written correctly.


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You guys forgot to mention that the spoiler we are writing goes between the ‘‘spoiler brackets’’ not under, which it was what I was doing.

I was writing it after the second bracket not in between brackets. hahahahaha

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The King is falling in love with Mr. queen


Ooh haha sorry. Forgot about that :laughing:
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HIGHLY recommend this short drama but so cute with repeated scenes you might hate but worth watching here. Enjoy!



I just mentioned it so others that might try it; know why it wasn’t working for me. Thanks!


“What happened to Mr. Cha?”, NF, movie.


Awaken here on Viki, also a couple on NF, now a question, the experimenting on kids, wasn’t there a drama that did that couple of years ago? like ten or vampire prosecutor?? that was a really good drama, as for awaken, oh my goodness on the edge of my seat!!

this drama is quite good,

live up to your name, and y’know I discovered something, the guy plays on firey priest, bad guy, and shark, I didn’t realize that till the other day I didn’t get a chance to watch those on that other link we arent supposed to mention. I would love to see shark and bad guy

also watching that counter one and that other one, which I mentioned earlier, reminds me of black, because of his black clothes. really have enjoyed these dramas. .


I found [What happened to Mr. Cha] terrible. Once I started seeing: How his hand falls on the dog crap and he falls into that filthy mud I was enraged bc I hate dirty scenes like that to me, there’s nothing funny in those scenes. The dumb excuse to risk his life and how the phone was far from him and magically appears ringing next to him ugh!. What possessed me to watch until the end? I want to yank my hairs! The ending was worse than the whole story together.

[RUN ON] My apologies if I recommended this drama is the most lame drama I had to watch (gave it a thumbs down) The ML guy with gestures that look like a dog when it hears strange noises or staring at space like he was zoned out. What is going on? Looks can not forgive bad acting.


Now, I’m watching “crush landing on you” and this is awesome !! It diservers its success :blush:
After, I’m planning to watch abyss or start up.


I forgot tgo tell y’all something, Awaken , the old doctor,(Kim Chan Wan) walking down the hallway, now I am sure some of you folks didn’t hear it. But he was whistling Home,Home on the range, which is an old american song!


we discussed and quite lengthy about AI’S some time back, here I am going to discuss one today, called Almost Human, this was made some years ago,

do remember watching some of it, so thought I would start this one today, loved the scenes, and the computers they had , awesome, did like the AI as well, yeah keep us straight!! he was an older version of what they had and the older version had more"sense" than the ones they have. its really good if anyone is into this type of drama


and then on into the future!!!.


DATA, anyone remember what it meant?


Just finished Dr. Romantic, and I am speechless :exploding_head::star_struck: loved it so much, this is one gem of a medical drama!!!
The first episode was such a rollercoaster, SO many things happened in that ONE episode that was completely sucked in from the start.


have you seen #2? the original cast isnt in it, andf it lost its flavor for me, but still a good watch


I just cannot believe how far we have gotten, a close proximity, the AI’S the self-driving cars and so on. wow, amazing. the other shows aBOUT ai’s just doesn’t get close to this one!

I think I put something on laugh for the day about Alex, still amazing though. a computer illiterate world, go figure. oh yeah I spelled it that way and what I want to share I will put it elsewhere

y’all have a great day!! and I am going to binge watch


thanks I needed to know that, was planning to watch it today as well as the others.


Hiii!!! :smile:
I’m currently watching “Dr. Romantic” and I have absolutely no idea how I never saw this drama before! It’s spicey, emotional, medically interesting and the cast is driving me nuts! :no_mouth: Everyone is so talented on screen, everyone is talened off sceen! The musuc effects and OST are beautiful! I love how compassionate the characters are and how they’re bringing up everyone together :heart:
Can’t wait for S2 and S3!
I’m so happy and excited for this discussions board idea! I know it’s old news to you guys but it’s brand new to me :no_mouth::see_no_evil:
It’s 7:40 am to me now literally and I haven’t slept all night :slightly_smiling_face: Gotta go doze off :sleeping:
Nighty/ Morning! :heart::heart::heart:
Have a good day! :heart_eyes::heart:


Even I just finished watching Dr. Romantic!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There IS a season two with the same cast except the main couple…can’t wait to watch it next!!

Currently watching It’s Okay to Not Be Okay…lets hope it isn’t one more of those over-hyped ones, I’m really excited!