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yeah! just found out theres a season 3!


I loved both Season 1 and 2. @vivi_1485 and @yasmine_hashem, I think you will enjoy Season 2. It has Ahn Hyo Seop, an absolute eye candy and Lee Sung Kyung from Weightlifting Fairy.


I am finishing Nine Tailed, Lost Romance, While You Were Sleeping, Legend Deep Blue Sea, Fated to Love You and Lawless Lawyer. Check out my collection and follow…


It’s not aired yet tho, I’m not sure when is the release date, do you have any idea?


I know! ^^ I’m so excited as I really like them both <3
I’m so excited to watch it ^^


I think I’m going to abandon It’s Okay To Not Be Okay at episode 7 and switch to The Great Show…
THAT’S IT. I REFUSE to watch anything my friends recommend because I’ve been disappointed way too many times :persevere: thankfully I have all you amazing unnies’ recommendations; i love my friends, but their taste in k-dramas is just :expressionless:.
I felt like in IOTNBO, EVERYTHING except the storyline was amazing-- awesome cinematography, killer OST, really, really good acting by the entire cast–but the story was just lacking to me. I stopped at episode 7, so I’m open to anyone trying to change my mind, but in my very humble opinion, IOTNBO does not deserve the high place it got. The poor main lead should NOT have had to cope with TWO mentally ill people while not being okay himself–over that I got so frustrated when he left the only people who care for him and stuck by his side to go and live in that scary castle with two mental patients :woman_facepalming:
I know it got such high ratings because it was Kim Soo Hyun and the female lead was the arrogant one…people always say to think “Would this behaviour be acceptable if the arrogance was from the male?” and watch. NO. Injuring people like that, I wouldn’t tolerate from any male lead no matter how handsome he is.

It was mentally exhausting to watch, I wen crazy searching for a fluffy rom-com after that and found The Great Show, thanks to @lutra’s recc a long time ago.


:rofl: If you don’t want to watch it, you shouldn’t.

I actually like IOTNBO, more so for the characters and how they portray it and some of the writting, than the storyline or the romance :woman_shrugging: To me, IOTNBO portrays romance in a more realistic light though - people don’t always go for the person that is good to / for them, they might be attracted to someone who’s as broken or more broken than them, with disastrous consequences most of the time. The FL has ASPD, but the ML has those tendencies as well and a slight hero complex… but I’m rambling :laughing:. To a psych-major this was very interesting to watch and the actor who played the hyung was really great :blush:


The finale of Train :woman_facepalming:

Think I’ll go for an older drama next.



You are not rambling at all; you saw the things the way a person who knows ‘any psychology’ should see what the drama was really about. We live in a society where traumas during our childhood cause PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). In the female character it caused aggressive behavior (due to the physical abuse by her mother). She learned from her mother to be possessive, controlling and authoritarian (things had to be done her way). we saw the consequences of what happened to the male lead’s mom by the FL mother, when she tried to protect the child and also tried to walk away from that horrible environment.

If I’m not mistaken you’re saying that @vivi_1485 is majoring in psychology? and in my opinion, this drama was so perfect to open up for discussion with her peers and professor. Why? It covered so many angles of the way the state of a person’s mind can be destroyed if instead of nurturing, the child receives abuse or at one point in their life they suffer a devastating traumatic experience (like his mentally challenge brother went through) this carried terrible consequences on to their adulthood. One of the worse factor was that they didn’t had the means or sources to receive some form of healing therapy and in the case of the FL she refused to seek medical guidance out of shame bc she did had the money to get counseling.

This drama and its content is very real; Men like the ML exist. Women like the FL, exist in real life. Sadly, we also have the other spectrum that suffers and can’t even speak out bc they have some form of handicap: The mentally challenge brother of the ML he was so sacrificing for him bc his brother didn’t had a voice that others could listen bc he was so traumatized when he himself saw the murder of their own mother (we later on see who the killer turn out to be: BIG blowout. But the biggest guilt the ML had was to want his brother to die bc he had to take care of him (he then instead became his slave for wishing him to die and almost causing his death The twist in the story, each ones actions brought terrible consequences in their life.

@vivi_1485 This drama ( if you are a psychology major or not is irrelevant) but it is your chance to concentrate deeply on it, and learn from it by putting your personal feelings aside. If you become a psychologist you will have to detach yourself from the pain and suffering you hear (see) from the patients, and if you can’t do that with this drama (not real life story) then you are choosing the wrong career. Of course, I know you have your life ahead of you, and I know might change your major 3 or 4 times. I did; I wanted to be an executive secretary but the typing caused so much pain in my hands I would cry every time I had to do the typing test to pass the course. I changed to Gerontology care but knew it wasn’t for me. I also wanted to be a paralegal; went to court rooms and did plenty of essays and research papers on that, but the cases shown in court became unbearable for me, so my counselor suggested I go for Bilingual Education which I stuck with.

So what I’m saying is, that if this drama doesn’t interest you or challenges you into analyzing things from another perspective then, it won’t benefit you from continuing watching it until the end. On the other hand, if you want to go more in depth as to learning and understanding both the ML and the FL from a psychological spectrum (their submission/aggressiveness etc) then, continue watching the drama and take notes to discuss or ask your professor or peers (classmates?) your doubts or feelings etc…or even here in discussion (although we’ll need to blur what we write bc it will be a spoiler in all sense of the word. This is one drama that I cried so much but was glad to see it had a FUNNY (to me) happy ending.

PS. I have one thing to say the drama was a bit grossly exaggerated (I’m not surprised at all) in some parts, but I ALSO have to add and praise the one who wrote the drama bc they did their research work when they wrote this drama. I was also saddened by the broadness/cruelty of the physical/mental abuse to the ML by the FL (she made it up to him down the road). But I was very happy that in the end, their life was entwined by fate (obsession’s of Asians writers) they found each other, and finally found true love and happiness forever and ever.


Just finished Dance of the Phoenix. I watched it mainly because Xu Kai Cheng was in it. :smirk: (He’s a cutie) I liked it a lot. Fantasy about good versus evil, versus fate, love and hate, versus, whatever. Good sets and outfits. It was all in there. I liked it until the very last scene which I considered a COP-OUT. It did not make sense to those who did not read the book. Will they have a season 2?

ok spoiler: Why did Mr spiritual teacher guy (forgot his name) have to come and take the Female lead away at her wedding? I mean, yes he had promised to send her back when everything was set back to rights but why wait until her fiance, the prince, whom she LOVED, was ON THE WAY to pick up his bride and take her home? She was dressed in her red wedding gown with her veil over her face waiting for her fiance and who shows up? TEACHER! to take her home! That SUCKS! What happens to the prince when he shows up and his wife is GONE? like WTF! She got snatched at the last minute! and that was that. end of show. WHAT?!?

The one I really like now, and have to wait for the next episodes is Twisted Fate of Love. It took a bit for me to warm up to the ML but he is actually a good actor. His character is interesting and the plot is complex and moves along. He and the FL have good chemistry. Sets are gorgeous! I would LOVE to live in some of those manors! :sunglasses: I am just impatient for the next episode.

MR QUEEN! WATCH IT! Modern Blue House chef (Choi Jin Hyuk)takes a stage left off a balcony, does a dive into a pool and konks his head and wakes up in a young Joseon queen’s body. the setting is a typically murderous royal family versus evil, ambitious left ministers attempting to supplant the royal family with their own loyal relatives. Funny! Raunchy! Off Color! Hilarious! gender bender and every episode does not disappoint! Well worth MY time anyway. Lots of laughs in this one. Shin Hye Sun has ‘channeled’ Choi Jin Hyuk’s Bro character PERFECTLY! The Queen sneaks out and goes to a Giseang house for a night of debauchery and ‘refuses’ the touch of the king cuz why would a bro like a man? eh? :laughing: the King, Kim Jung Hyun, is so deadpan funny!

That ongoing "노트치" (No touch) konglish joke runs rampant through several episodes right when it’s needed. :rofl: Poor oblivious king says to his queen that he is going to practice ‘노트치’ as he reaches out for her. She shakes him off in dismay. My only complaint is I HAVE TO WAIT for the next episodes.


Umm…I’m not the psych-major, it was @feyfayer :grin: personally, I’m not very interested in the subject and would rather fix people’s physical problems than their mental ones. However, psychology i a very important job and I’m glad for the people who do that job :gift_heart:

Yes, I agree, but the reason it was so frustrating is that he left his support systems behind. I felt like his staying there would just worsen his own condition; I wanted him to be closer to the people who will support him and take care of him. Sure, he can pursue whoever he wants and take care of his brother, but at least stay with other people. I thought it was a pretty dangerous decision to make. He should at least have dinners and go to sleep knowing that people HE can lean on are just downstairs. At one point it seemed like he was pushing that best friend of his to the side and that just frustrated me. That guy has no traumas himself but has followed him and his brother around everywhere. I don’t want to call either FL or Sang Tae ‘toxic’, but it’s like between them, they were sucking his life and sanity from him slowly. Obviously they’re not to blame for their own conditions, but looking at it just for ML’s own good, that was the case.

Yes!! I first loved him in Touch Your Heart, even though he was a side character, he portrayed his character so well!!


@lutra I just finished The Great Show, beautiful family drama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Would have given it more stars if it focused a little more on the kids arc but oh well, the politics side of it was eye-opening. I loved both ML and SML, glad to see Im Joo Hwan as a good guy. It was so hard to choose who to vote :joy: Aghhh Da Jung’s baby was such a cutie, everything felt worth it at the end.
I have only one question: WHY is it classified as a rom-com??! I would have classified it as family comedy or something because it definitely WASN’T romantic-- the FL and ML didn’t have a single romantic scene (can’t exactly count the part where he hugs her when she cries because anyone would do that)!! Da Jung and her bf had some scenes but it wasn’t at all enough to classify it as a romance.
Aish, after those episodes of IOTNBO i was looking for a fluffy rom-com :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Viki tricked me. :joy:


I just finished watching both seasons of the Japanese drama Liar Game and the movie continuation, Liar Game: The Final Show. I loved every episode! I have only watched around 10 or 11 Japanese dramas (I have to be in the mood for them) and this definitely ranks in my top three favorite dramas! No romance, pure mind games and deception and lots of ‘evil’ laughing. Whenever a character laughed evilly, I laughed along with them because it was overdone to the point of comedic effect. The FL and ML are like gears, they mesh together so well. She is his heart and he is her mind. I would say it is more complex than the Korean version, but the backstory in the Korean version is much more touching and deep. As the games got more complex, I couldn’t keep up with the strategies, but I still enjoyed watching. I guess I have a special place in my heart for mind-game and psychological dramas like Liar Game, White Christmas, and Fallen Angel.


Just for all those drama-bingers who sit through angst and thrill, mystery and suspense-- found another ball of fluff short-drama to take a break and recharge all those crazy emotions, bring a huge gooey smile to your face, and melt your insides:

the previous one was Kiss Goblin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

again, you’re supposed to leave your brain and logic behind while watching.


Well, I don’t know maybe by Korean standard as they end up together … :wink:


Yes, very valid points and I agree with you. He shouldn’t have left his support system. I thought I wrote this in my last post, but I guess I deleted it :sweat_smile: However, I think you were viewing the drama as the ML being the ‘normal’ in this situation and I didn’t. Maybe because I know someone with a similar situation to him in real life and saw some of their behaviours in him, but the ML has more anti-social tendencies than the average person. His behaviour made sense to me through that lens.

The best friend… I still haven’t formed an opinion on why he’s like that :laughing:

But yes, even though some of the issues get resolved, I don’t think you’ll be happy watching this drama. Just skip it :wink: Maybe try to watch it when you’re in a different stage of your life - I’ve had that with some dramas. Or don’t :blush:.

Yes, he’s also great in When the Camelia blooms. Definitely a scene-stealer actor :smile:

Have you watched Dating in the Kitchen? It’s silly, cringey, the leads have a ton of chemistry and I think it falls in that category :joy:. There are some annoying characters / story developments though.


True! I was happier with the characters and their behaviours than I was with most “psychology” dramas out there. One of the better researched dramas. And yes, I’m the psych-major here :blush:.


Atualmente estou dando uma segunda chance para “Meu amor das estrelas” e estou gostando.
Não sei porquê eu tinha abandonado antes :thinking: . Sem contar que o elenco é ótimo.



Umm…I’m not the psych-major, it was @feyfayer :grin: personally, I’m not very interested in the subject and would rather fix people’s physical problems than their mental ones.

I see a future Doctor in the horizon? That’s wonderful to hear!

so I’m open to anyone trying to change my mind, but in my very humble opinion, IOTNBO does not deserve the high place it got.

If I’m not mistaken you’re saying that @vivi_1485 is majoring in psychology?@vivi_1485 This drama ( if you are a psychology major or not is irrelevant)

I read the sentence again, and I honestly don’t know how I missed that she meant @feyfayer was majoring in psychology.’’ Since from the get go I understood wrong: MY APOLOGIES to @vivi_1485 :sweat_smile:

On that note, I’m guessing you won’t continue watching the drama :disappointed:. I wished you would bc Episode 7 is too soon to drop it, and the drama is definitely worth watching until the very end. But that’s my personal opinion. I respect yours. Imo, you are honestly missing watching a very funny and satisfying ending. I’m re-watching the drama today.


The best friend… I still haven’t formed an opinion on why he’s like that :laughing:

I believe we know the reason why the friend was like that :rofl: but I’ll reserve my opinion, too.

I think you were viewing the drama as the ML being the ‘normal’ in this situation

He was the least normal there because while the others had found a cope mechanism to deal with their traumas ML had allowed the traumas, guilt etc…, to take over his life, and make him one miserable, anti- social human being; until fate/life gave him a chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel.(although the poor thing bad luck it almost cost him his life/sanity too).

I learn one thing from Asian dramas and that is to always expect to be disappointed in many parts of the dramas, so that way I don’t die… from disappointment. I HAVE fallen out of love with Asian dramas bc no matter how much the viewers ask and suggest changes, the writers stick to their one own set of repeated scenes and outdated happenings in the real world. We are in the 21st. century for god’s sake. When writing about Joseon/Historical era is understandable to stay with the ‘‘times’’ but now in our days? Give me a break…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PS> They need to keep up with the times.