What are you currently watching?


I Enjoyed Reading Your Spoiler For Dance of the Phoenix you made me laugh with gusto. They should have waited until the night was consummated, and then take her, right? hahaha

This is what I was referring to falling out of love with Asians dramas bc the writers producers, etc,love to push our buttons. I love reading spoilers now so I don’t become so angry I get high blood pressure. I feel we waste precious time in dramas that are so meaningless. They need to have happy endings, passionate kisses not this WTF? What? moments. It’s so unfair to us the viewers that I can’t understand what’s wrong with them people.

PS. I’m in love with MR. QUEEN drama so much, I watch w/o subs then with subs. I get anxiety waiting for subs lol But I’m prepared for disappointments bc they added episodes and when they do that we go around in circles until the end hits us in the face and will be a WTF? moment. Choi’s voice left so is already taking a nosedive for me bc Choi’s voice was what made the scene outrageously funny. I hope they bring back his voice bc I’m so sad about that happening and staying like that the rest of the drama? Please…no!


It caters the Korean audience more than the international audience, because when Koreans rise up and petition they almost always change stuff in the drama.

Well then, maybe you can stop watching them and focus on the whatever you like and come back when you feel like it. :blush: A break is really good, I fell out of love with dramas once and switched to reading. About a month later I was back to being a crazy fangirl in love with all those chicken shops and chaebols :joy:!!

Yes, I think I’ll try this :grin: I’ll also check out Dating in The Kitchen.

I noticed that too, is that the reason he distances himself from the support? My heart really hurt while watching them struggle :confounded: I’m thinking it’s overdose since I only recently watched He is Psychometric and Flower of Evil which both deal with mental problems…


so I went to Dating in The Kitchen’s page and this is how my mind went:
ooh, finally, it’s a romantic comedy! she said the actors have amazing chemistry!
oh no, food?!! awaeeee i can’t binge THAT, empty stomach or not, I’ll be dead looking at all that food!
ooh, another hate-love CEO drama I’ve been secretly craving for some time!
oh NO, TWENTY-FOUR 45-minute episodes??!!
oOH, 9.5 rating!
oh dear, it’s a c-drama, still kinda scared to watch them
oOOOOOH looking at the reviews, the chemistry is ExPLosIVE!
happy ending, yes, yes YESSSS!!!

:joy::joy: i’m struggling with indecision


I Loved Kiss Goblin! Wished there were more episodes.


As true beauty is updating very slow :unamused::unamused: and i can’t wait so i am moving on to next drama and i dunno what to watch but thinking of flower of evil cause viki recommended it in ‘scratch to see recommended drama’
if anyone watched it, could you review and tell how it was,please :hugs::hugs:


The plot is totally different and worth experiencing.
Staying true to its genre, it’s an amazing thriller, and a beautiful romance, and even manages to stick in some real comedy! The writers blend the action and suspense seamlessly with the beauty and love of family. Cinematography, OST, screenplay, acting, everything deserves praise. There are next to zero cliches, and that was refreshing. The chemistry between the leads feels totally real, they are husband and wife.

Just remember it’s R-rated for violence. Though the camera always cuts off before the person actually dies and knives are blurred, it’s still a little hard to digest for sensitive viewers. A gun is shot by a policeman only once, otherwise all other murders/attempted murders are knife violence or strangling.

Lee Joon Gi’s portrayal of Do Hyun Soo is mind-blowing, he has wonderfully brought this complex character to life.
It’s not a drama about falling in love, it’s not light or fluffy. It’s tough, and I love Cha Ji Won’s determination to stay with him till the end. She is one of the strongest leads I have ever seen, and her patience and love shine throughout the drama. As for Do Hyun Soo, the writers have done an amazing job getting the audience to root for him no matter what. I loved his will to ‘be a decent person’ for Cha Ji Won. The amount of practice and willpower he put into making his marriage work was just beautiful to watch.

I was just not very happy with the ending, I wish they hadn’t pulled the amnesia trope. I just wanted them to have a little more time for healing and just focus on them repairing their family. It seemed like way too many bad things happened continuously.

All in all, I feel this is one of the best-made dramas ever. The rollercoaster of emotions each actor takes you on is wonderful.


:laughing: The struggle is real. FIY, do have something to snack on when you watch this. I was moderating the comments and people were saying they regret watching it on an empty stomach or even when they already ate, with nothing to snack on :rofl:


lmao… I guess you don’t know what falling out of love means in that sense. Falling out of love is really like in the beginning where i could see k dramas all day long, knowing they would be the best dramas to watch. Btw, it doesn’t mean I don’t like them anymore or need a break from it; nothing will change from doing that. It just means to me I no longer expect the perfect story plot anytime soon so I pick better now, and choose veryyyy carefully what I watch now, and I do READ every spoilers they have and take it from there if i want to watch or not.

I have NTFX, HBO max, Prime, Tuby and many more, plenty to see. As a matter of fact , I have several suggestions that are awesome to watch gonna get the titles and post here later. I lost my interest in reading a long time ago but thanks for all the suggestions. Thanks to you I also I have a place to go and see my oldies i missed a while back too :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


There was a period of time when I had no interest in any new Kdramas or any interest in finishing whatever I was watching. I ended up going back to my favorites or ones I really liked and rewatching them. Now, I’ve been adding to my list of dramas to watch and I’m watching with interest again!

Although I do admit, I’ve been avoiding the new dramas and finding old ones that I need to watch for canon’s sake. I actually like seeing the old dramas with now-veteran actors in their young days. It makes me feel nostalgic. When I need a change, I’ll check out a few of the new dramas.

What I’m watching now:
Que Sera Sera (currently on ep. 10, so plz no spoilers!)
The Ghost Detective (just started, already very intriguing and creepy–not a good idea to watch at 2am :ghost:)

Looking back at my recently completed Kdramas list, I realized that the stuff I’ve been watching over the past several months (Tree of Heaven, Bad Boy, What Happened in Bali, Secret Love, A Love to Kill) doesn’t portray healthy relationships :thinking: . I’m a hopeless melodramatic drama lover!

I’m still stuck at ep 10 with Heartless City. I needed a break from the cutthroat atmosphere and lack of happiness. Yet, oddly enough, I’m watching Que Sera Sera now, which feels like WHIB, except it’s not as intense tragedy-wise (for now).


Can someone please tell me where I can watch web dramas?


Also here on viki or on YT.


There are lots on Viki and YT…On Viki check just under the title where the network is listed