What are you currently watching?


Excuse my Google translate :grinning:

Une chose que j’aimerais voir, c’est tous les vieux films classiques japonais ici à Viki pour que je puisse les revoir. Ils sont difficiles à trouver maintenant. One thing I’d like is to see is all the old Japanese classic films here at Viki so I can watch them again. They are difficult to find now.

Yea. I’ve watched all three. They were good.


Pas de problème ^^
C’est vrai qu’il n’y a pas énormément de drama Japonais sur viki, alors qu’il y en beaucoup qui sont magnifique avoir, c’est dommage.
Tout les dramas Japonais que j’ai vu sont sur ce site là, si sa intéresse ^^


Je ne suis jamais devenu fan d’anime. Donc je n’y connais pas grand-chose. I never became a fan of anime. So I don’t know very much about it.


C’est juste le nom du site, c’est vrai qu’il y a des animés mais c’est surtout pour les dramas que j’utilise se site ^^


Les drames sur ce site sont-ils disponibles avec des sous-titres anglais? Je ne parle pas français. Are the dramas on that site available with English subtitles? I don’t speak French.

Ce serait difficile à regarder si je ne pouvais pas faire passer les sous-titres via un traducteur. It would be hard to watch if I couldn’t run the subtitles through a translator.


Ah c’est vrai, j’avais oublier que vous ne parler pas français … Non malheureusement les sous-titres ne son disponible qu’en français… Désolé…


Je peux comprendre un peu de français parlé de base (québécois) mais je ne comprends pas les détails nuancés alors en regardant un film, je n’obtiendrais pas les détails ou les blagues. I can understand some basic spoken French (Quebecois) but I do not understand nuanced details so watching a movie I would not get the details or the jokes. C’est la vie

Merci pour le lien! D’autres visiteurs peuvent le trouver utile. Thank you for the link! Other visitors may find it of use.


I started watching a drama called the bloom at ruyi pavilion. I am not veryfar in it yet. But this is so funny(not the drama) but it is so like legend of yun xi. so many of the scenes are so like the other it isn’t funny! one was finding the rabbit, when that happened, I did laugh!! I there may have been a few that were similiar.


The main couple in this is so awesome. Not so much the 2ndary. Love the Rival character! The cinematography is just Gorgeous in this! Get to episode 20 were they final become a couple! Awesome!


as for this drama they had one scene with those shadow puppets, now I don’t know if I should do this, but with the shadow puppets story was, Legend of yun xi, Serious!! but still a good watch!!


I was looking for something to watch and found this.

Umm… is this supposed to be a show? The show is recruiting a CM but also says to update the app when I watch on the site on my laptop. Is it just me or is it visible to everyone?

Visible Confusion


LOL There is a spoiler function available, … Just a thought.


OOps! Fixed


I would be confused too, but no, no issues.


the way it’s even rated G :joy::joy: how on earth did you manage to find something like that?!



I really like Sung Hoon. He is such a goofy guy and cute too. He is in a new show but it’s a SOAP OPERA! WAAaaAAAaaAAaa!!

I HATE soap operas! All that back biting, adultery, betrayal. YUCK!


Am I going to have to watch Love ft Marriage and Divorce to get my Sung Hoon fix? WAAaaaAAAaaa!!!

:rofl: ARGH!. Watching a damn soap opera now… (Netflix) :scream:


A little Sung Hoon fix


I have started watching another one, those other two are dragging. But its called “a good supper” and please tell me theres one like this, or did they do a name change to confuse me??

I think I am confusing it with another drama, Australia was in it, restaurant in australia guy was a chef in that place, he had to go home (Korea) due to parents and all, the one thing that did stand out, there also was a little girl there, the parents were her guardian, anyway, she told him he was her father? could some one clear this befuddled mind up?? sorry…

maybe excentric chef moon, not sure, gotta watch it first


Finishing 9Tailed! I was bawling😭last night the Bromance between LDW and Kim Bum just gets me! I have 1 1/2 episodes left!


OMG! That is HILARIOUS! I LOVE it! :rofl: Thank you for finding that one. :grin:

Sorry, Don’t have CLUE which one you are talking about.

I liked 9 Tailed. Watch it to the end. -no spoilers here. :sunglasses: