What are you currently watching?


Hi Mary!
Not 100% the story you wrote about
Oh Man Bok is pretty … ???


ok everyone, got it straight, wow sorry for the confusion, but its “excentric chef moon”
this is also a really good drama, so I will be watching both for the next few days


I finished 9 Tailed! I LOVED the END I think there was a lot of people upset by it. I LOVED it! After crying so much! Yippie! I finished! I am bad about setting a drama aside when it gets SAD!


Marathoning this Lee Min Jung
anothher one of my favorite actress so glad I found this =Going on episode 31…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Finishing WYWS!


“we have to comply with broadcasting regulations” :rofl::rofl::rofl:
“What? I look like a reptile” :joy:
I really want to try that now!!!


Currently working through Spring Waltz. All of that Chopin piano playing keeps making me pause the episode to find the exact name of the pieces. I love Chopin’s works, but I’m terrible at remembering their names!

Almost done with Fated to Love You. I couldn’t watch Choi Jin Hyuk’s character be in pain, so I put it on pause until I’m emotionally okay to watch it.


I love Chopin as well. Here is one that is very popular in K-dramas. If you enjoy classical pieces, there is a topic in the Discussions called “Recurring well-known pieces of classic music” that might interest you.


Just started watching a French heist/thriller series called Lupin (on NF) with the boys and it’s very promising.


I’m on episode 2 so far and like it so far.


The Wolf is in my opinion a successful drama
In a way quite brutal, But if you start to understand the “brutal” slowly Will it become a beautiful, sad drama :pensive::slight_smile:
I hope I have not given too much away, And only curiosity prepares :slight_smile:
Much excitement and joy continue watching


I watched it and immediately googled “where is season 2” :rofl:


My boys told me that season 2 is supposed to come out in December. We are going to watch the rest of season 1 this weekend. So good!


Hot Stove League just started … Like it, will see how it works for me.


I’m watching this on NTFX and I have to say I went through the 3 episodes, and am so hooked! I’m upset I started bc I hate to wait for episodes (well i have tomorrow to watch episode 4) What a blast of a drama. HIGHLY recommend this one. I already cried…laugh a bit and got angry too.


I’m watching that one on Netflix! TOTAL SOAP OPERA! :scream: :grin: but I have to get my Sung Hoon fix. :laughing:

(The questions is this: Is he up to something or is he innocent?) Since it’s a soap opera. we’ll have to wait for episode 40,000 to find out! :scream: :rofl:


I hope the 2 women; at least the one who married the younger guy, and the one who wanted to divorce the wife I want them to have a fling or something. I want to see them after their a** like puppies That women role of submissiveness don’t agree with me and I’ll dump it if all I see suffering poor things… ugh! Two can play the same game…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


SPOILERS! It takes two to make a marriage. They don’t work when one or the other punks out. That dull, oldest one… She has a doormat personality. She didn’t really like her husband to begin and pushed him away and hid behind her kids and housework. It’s no wonder he wandered. But he’s a lying sob for not being truthful. He should have just told her. 'You are a stick in the mud and even though I have tried to be affectionate all you do is push me away, So I went." But he is a coward. :unamused:

And that angry middle lady with that whiny mother. SHEESH! Can that mother not be such a cry baby? SOOOOO annoying, but you made your bed so lay in it. But her daughter is going down the wrong angry path. But she lets the mom in anyway so she must want to ‘air her grievances’. Watching those two makes me want to fast forward. :roll_eyes: :exploding_head:

And SUNGHOON! _ What is my cutie pie up to? :scream: (I guess the fact that his wife does not want children while he does, will break any marriage.) But it sounds like they 'made a prenup type of agreement for no kids. So it should not be a surprise. His wife still doesn’t want kids but he does. I wonder who little miss second polygamy wife is? We’ll have to wait for episode 40,500 to find out what he’s up to. They’re going to spool that one out a little bit at a time. :grin: :crazy_face:

Did I mention that I really HATE soap operas? :nauseated_face:


Someone added a damn spoiler and the younger husband guy got his lover pregnant and she’s very far out pregnant (they added pics and the girl is young too) But you tell me, who stays with a man (I don’t care if he’s a hunk) that tells his wife: he loves the woman he’s been playing her dirty with? I’ll kick him to the curb so fast, he won’t see it coming. After I heard that from him later on, I was glad she slapped him around.

I don’t like soap operas but some k dramas with soap opera touch; I like them!


Aw! I didn’t see that spoiler but I figured something was up.

Yep. I don’t ‘share’ well either. That’s why I left my first husband. Well, He didn’t own up to it but I found out anyway. BYE