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I did worse to mine; I pay him with the same token, and left him for the other one. Comes begging back ughhh what a turn off. BYE…:joy:

I always told him if you want to be with somebody else go right ahead; The door is open. But never, never play me dirty. You can’t be with me, and someone else I don’t share. He thought he would fool me. Forgot to mention I destroyed his car too and dared him to call the cops hahahaha. THey should make this a k drama. I would love Hwang Jung-Eum to play the role of the wife. How we make this a happy ending k dorama story?


yea. I don’t do vengeance. Too much work. :laughing: And this is the guy, (Ruben) who should KNOW better!

When my ex before him (Danilo) decided to follow his parents arranged marriage wishes but neglected to tell me. He just disappeared. When I found out what was up, I left. I was not going to be his girlfriend when he was engaged to someone else. NOPE! No Way! What an ass!

(I guess this attitude disqualifies me from starring in a remake of Boys Over Flowers! :laughing: )

And Danilo had the nerve to be jealous and try to start a fight with Ruben!

So a year later, I ended up marrying Ruben, but after about 8 years, he wandered AND he took our young son with him on his gallavants! So I left.

He was so surprised that I left! Like what did he expect? For me to share? Nope! So he got mad and told me if I divorced him I divorced his family too. Ahh. Too bad for him that his family still liked me and thought he was stupid cuz his ‘other woman’ turned out to be a real hell raiser. His family detested her.


Something quick as my brain is not working!:rofl:


Yup! The best drama-filler I’ve come across till date. :heart_eyes:


@choitrio wow I take back anything I said about Korean movies being not so good. Juror 8 was such a well-done movie!!
Every character played their part to sheer perfection. Every character was human. Every ‘bad’ character was given a chance at redemption. Park Hyung Sik was the literal embodiment of a beautiful human being. I loved his clear, innocent but stubborn eyes! A lot of the cast were familiar faces, and I just loved the acting. The ones who annoyed me made up for it afterwards…just shows how you can judge anything or anyone at face value. They’re not perfect people, but what I liked was that they didn’t let their own pride obstruct the course of justice.

We’ve all watched lots of dramas and movies centred around people trying to bring justice for a criminal who is set free because of the “not enough evidence” law. To the point where I wondered why on earth we still have laws like that. However, this is one movie where “not enough evidence” saves an innocent man’s life. I liked that.

The scenes were shot REALLY well, I loved the camera turning during the flashback. The message they were trying to give came across to us loud and clear. I did feel the judges were lacking, but I guess there IS injustice like that done in real life. I loved this movie. I loved the way they used music to get it into the comedy genre too.


I’m stalking you (joke)’’ I saw that a long time ago and I wrote some comments and was attacked from left to right so I deleted it bc I only argue with people who have the brains to do so. Like you said the story plot in Juror #8 was really good and in the end made the new trial by jury system work and it started to be implemented from then on.

They never had a criminal trial by a jury system before so this story Juror #8 was the first one But I criticized so much how ‘‘dumb’’ the judge role was portrayed when it gave a person that was been accused for a crime and she let him have access to the hammer that caused such a ruckus. I mean to be a judge it takes years of studies and years of experience in the law enforcement so it was unfair to make the judge so ‘‘dumb’’ in that part. I was very offended bc they only did it bc it was a woman judge. I bet if it was a male judge the part with the hammer would never have happen.

I honestly think the guy was guilty, and the incompetence of the forensic guy, was
what lead to doubts in the jurors, that warranted a not guilty verdict. There was too many flaws in that judicial system and incompetence in the evidence so I really didn’t agree with the ending. I would love to see a retrial.


So glad you liked it.:blush: I watched it a long time ago and since then I’ve watched tooooooooo many other shows to remember clearly but I remember being impressed by both the movie and Park Hyung Sik. I definitely think this movie is underrated. I’ve watched many trials, both on screen and in real life, and I am always fascinated by what goes on in the jury room so I was first drawn to the movie by the fact that it was based on the true story of Korea’s first jury trial.



I’m curious and I want to ask you; You never doubted the guilt of the guy? At one point I did, but given that the forensic guy lacked so much, I felt it was what gave way to change the evidence in his favor into a not guilty verdict.


I want to re-watch the movie before I give you the answer but the focus of this movie was the jurors.

By the way, since I know that you have NF, I strongly recommend Lupin. My boys and I loved the first season.


I’m gonna check Lupin out today thanks I’m running out of stuff to watch since I’m kind of picky with dramas/movies. I’m over the romantic stuff and they’re doing that so much lately.

I re-watched the movie and went through the scenes I based my guilty decision. In my opinion it was a temporary insanity homicide based on the fact that he had 5 prior accounts of violence. i don’t think it was intentional murder but when he attacked the social worker and jumped over the counter I didn’t doubt it he could also be able to use the hammer. The force in his hands send the hammer flying and hurting the Judge so the guy had strength enough to swing the hammer.

I believe the Judge declaring a not guilty verdict was so wrong on her part, and she should have requested another trial with different jurors. She should have requested outside experts to re evaluate the evidence bc I understood the DNA was not done of the blood found in the scene and the hammer.
[At trial, an acquittal occurs when the jury (or the judge if it’s a judge trial) determines that the prosecution hasn’t proved the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.]

There was in my opinion plenty of reasonable doubt of his guilt although I do agree it may have not been intentional or premeditated (that carries a longer sentence). I would have seek a temporary insanity charges so he could get into an asylum to receive the treatment he needed for his violent outburst. There was no reason for his aggressive behavior towards the social worker that was just trying to help him based on the conditions that had to be followed to receive the help with money they needed. He was able to get into a relationship and produce a child so he wasn’t naïve at all.

Now let’s hear your part bc I’m so eager to take away this feeling that he was guilty.

PS>The old lady was too short and the mannequin was too big so that test was a complete failure.
He was grabbing her by the legs so she wouldn’t fall?


Her Private Life. It has replaced Love O2O as my favorite go-to drama after watching something too disturbing in another drama, like The Rebel Princess. I look forward to the day they are done with all the episodes on that last one. Too many cliff-hangers for me. I love it but I just can’t handle it right now.


Ok, I will re-watch this today and we can discuss this maybe tonight or tomorrow. One thing you have to remember though is that in a criminal trial “reasonable doubt” is not enough for a conviction. I am not familiar with Korean law but if it’s similar to the US then…

“In a criminal case , the prosecution bears the burden of proving that the defendant is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt . This means that the prosecution must convince the jury that there is no other reasonable explanation that can come from the evidence presented at trial .”


Kim Jae Wook!!! I love him from watching him just be the perfect waffle guy in Coffee Prince! Her Private Life is one of my all time re-watch favorites! The chemistry is electric with those two!

Man Candy Monday


You are so right! I still need to watch him in other things. I loved her in What is Wrong with Secretary Kim.


He was only a 2nd lead in Coffee Prince but he is SO gorgeous. I love Gong Yoo but I also found myself watching Kim Jae Wook whenever he came on film. He is also a singer and guitarist! He has not done very many main leads. He is a undiscovered gem!:green_heart:

Have you watched her in “I Will Go to You When the Weather is Nice” I actually LOVE that one!


Ok, I re-watched the Juror 8. I forgot how good it was. I think the judge made the right decision honoring the jury’s verdict. I don’t want to spoil the plot because I want more people to watch this great movie but I found juror 6 and the daughter to be more credible than the coroner and also there was no blood found on the hammer, and the handwriting on the post-it note and the confession do not match. One more thing, the hammer was found the day after the autopsy report.


Oh! I LOVEDS Kiss Goblin! It was so cute but so SHORT! They need season 2!


Were you aware that that movie is based on real events? They did a good job on that movie.

----% ------%

What I am WAITING Impatiently for is Seo Bok! It is a sci-fi thriller about the first human clone. Gong Yoo and Park Bo Geum is in it.

Also that Space Sweepers movie with Song Joong-ki which is supposed to be this FRIDAY!

Here’s a their article about it. THIS FRIDAY!


this is true, he needed psychiatric help, but I still believe he’s not guilty of murder. He needed to control his violent outbursts, but they were always against people who were (in his mind) troubling his mom. He seemed to care a lot about her.
The daughter seemed to be a credible witness even though she’s his daughter…imo her grandma was like her mom because we see no mention of a mom around. I don’t think she would try to save her dad so badly, she seemed to be completely sure he hadn’t killed her.
I think he needs help, but he’s not a murderer.

I don’t think so. There have been lots and lots of scenes where stupid men embarrass themselves in dramas. No one looked down on her, she wasn’t weak or emotionally involved. Only that one sentence “Oh, she’s better than a man/ as good as a man” was like that but no one says anything hinting that she’s incapable, let alone comments on her being a woman.
If Juror 8 was a woman, it would be called a sexist movie by lots of people, but obviously, that isn’t the case. He was doubted and looked down upon because of his youth.

The test was a failure whichever way you look at it. He grabbed at whatever he could, he was quite far from her when she dropped herself so he would have desperately grabbed at anything.

This is all obviously my opinion, keep in mind that I like thinking everyone is innocent :sweat_smile:

Yes!! Both movies seem so interesting, hopefully, they’ll arrive here on Viki sometime.

I was aware, but I’m so confused…there was an english movie called 12 Angry Men with almost the very same plot so idk whether it’s a remake or based on real life…wait, what if the english movie was inspired by Korea? no way, it’s a 1980s movie while this happened later…


Bonjour à toutes et tous,

En ce moment je regarde " Un bout de ton esprit" drama coréen qui sort de l’ordinaire !