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started watching Dinner Mate on a total whim…the OST came up on my playlist and Song Seung Hoon was on the cover and immediately my little ears perked up :joy: next thing I know, I’m desperately binging it without even researching beforehand and IT’S SO GOOD!! Still on the third ep, but it feels sooooo good. BONUS: HIS ‘PLAYER’ CO-STARS DO A CAMEO!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: idk when I fell for SSH, but here I am, watching him in a romance because I WANTED TO WATCH A ROMANCE WITH HIM IN IT!!



Anyway this was a mistrial no matter what, which would have also render a [not guilty] verdict. There were too many inconsistencies in all the evidence, and the jurors couldn’t even prove with any evidence the not guilty decision from them. As you know, all the jurors saw the face clearly, although they were trying to prove the witness under the weather condition couldn’t see the defendant’s face holding his mother dangling by the legs.

Now in regards to the handwriting in the post it note, and confession ‘‘did not match’’ that couldn’t possibly be a hand written confession from a person that has no fingers to write with? I missed that one; but if is alleged that the defendant wrote anything with his ‘‘hand’’ that was humanly impossible even with his prosthetic hands. Usually confessions are recorded, and transcribed by the interrogating detective or police officer in this case. So the writing was irrelevant in the defendants case.

In my opinion, the hammer was never the murder weapon; but I believe he might had used it to threaten her. May she rest in peace.

PS. I couldn’t dig Lupin, and halfway through the first episode I stopped. This man is destroying is life when he had such a great wife and she even gave him a child. I hate losers like that thinking a crime can go unpunished. I know it has to do with a revenge over his father death, but is not a excuse I can accept.


This is all obviously my opinion, keep in mind that I like thinking everyone is innocent

I hope you stop that thinking since that’s not safe to do in this time and age. I love all your points, and I respect your thinking but as an ‘‘ahjumma’’ to you, I hope you don’t keep that way of thinking bc you can get hurt by malicious ppl that will take advantage of the goodness of your heart…:heart:


yeah, “be innocent as a dove, but wise as a serpent”…still working on that :sweat_smile: just that I wish so much in the goodness of a person


That’s so dangerous dear. The voice of experience is talking. There are goodness in people but evilness is taking over this world and they will see your goodness as a weakness and exploit you, and use you, and abuse you until you grow some bone and say enough! But by then, you might get hurt too much. So be on guard bc you know the saying: wolf in sheep’s clothing?

My grandmother rest in peace always told me don’t even trust your right hand bc it can cut the left one. Spanish saying: ‘‘Nunca confíes ni en tu mano derecha porque te puede cortar la izquierda.’’


I love their chemistry from Goblin! This is really cute!


Oooo I haven’t heard that one in YEARS!. I guess in Spain, treachery was to be expected. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh! That reminds me! Did you know that saying came from church Latin? Let not the left hand know what the right hand is doing. Ne cognoscat sinistra quid faciat dextra

Yea, I’m old, they still spoke Latin at mass when I was a kid and even though they were supposed to be speaking in the vernacular since Vatican II. (It’s so weird when I go to a wedding or a funeral mass and they all speak English and turn around and shake hands and all that ‘weird’ (protestant) stuff. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing: ) uh yea. I’m gonna ‘burn’. :scream:

:scream: :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing: Oh! THAT REMINDS ME of another story!

My mom went to a Catholic boarding school when she was a kid and she had real ‘issues’ about those years. anyway… YEARS later, we were at Seton hospital in Daly City to visit someone. There was this statue of Jesus in the entrance hall that you had pass. My mom was really into carving and she was up close to that statue, looking over it and ooing and awing over the carving of it. -

Me. I really couldn’t help myself. Really, I couldn’t. It’s my devil nature. :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: In my BEST - priest style, sing-song church Latin (That you don’t hear anymore), Through cupped hands, I slowly intoned, :musical_note:A-do-ra-mus-te, Chris-te’”, which echoed down that hall very nicely.

Whoa! Mother dear, turned to me and gave me her most EVIL EYE, laser-eyes cut you in half look! :rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl: :scream: :laughing: :rofl: Yea, I PUSHED THAT button! Yea. I’m gonna burn! :laughing: :rofl:

Another time, me, dearest number 1 daughter (I didn’t have a name as far as my dad was concerned.) …was walking around with my mom in Chinatown in San Francisco. I saw this cute little wind up toy nun carrying a ruler with laser eyes that flashed every step.

With a huge grin, I wound it up, placed it on the shelf and said, “Hey mom! look at this!” and let go of it. That little nun waddled from side to side, brandishing that ruler, eyes flashing. My mom took one look at that, her laser eyes mowed me down, then she turned and abruptly walked out the store. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sunglasses: ah yea… I’m gonna burn for that one too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sunglasses: :laughing:



Well I’m from Puerto Rico and the saying was from my half mulata grandmother who had a gift of seeing with her eyes close so many, many things, and was so blessed and wise, and taught me so much during the years we were raised by her. That saying is really about TRUST we can’t just trust bc is not worth it in the end. I’m always on guard.

Well, every time you mention ‘‘burn’’ ‘‘I’m gonna burn’’ you remind me of my ex sister in law and my ex that when they saw a church they would always say: ‘‘If I go inside a church, I’ll burn’’ When our daughter heard her father saying that she would cry so much bc she was too little to understand what he was saying, and she thought he would burn for real (she hates her aunt so u know the rest). I would have big fights with him, and tell him to stop saying that in front of her, and the bastard would just laugh. (grrrr) Guess what? Now… He’s always talking about GOD and prays the HOLY ROSARY every night and knows it by heart (I gifted him a blessed rosary years back), and to tell you the truth I don’t know how to pray the rosary, but he does! Now our daughter (we talking about my second husband) tells her father ‘‘I thought you would burn if you went into the Church and now you are such a devoted SAINT’’ (she hates when he preaches to her now bc he made her suffer so much with that stupid sentence when she was growing up). You can say he stopped saying that when she turned 16 years old (she’s 30 now).

I was raised as a child Catholic but later on in life; I got baptized as a Christian many years ago, and sadly my faith after so many trials in life, started to go weak. There are moments I miss the strong faith I had but the flesh is weak and imperfect so I have my moments where my ‘‘transmanian devil’’ comes out. May GOD forgive me for that… :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I think we were related in our previous life, and now re-incarnated found each other through viki site hahahahaha


Well, we’d certainly enjoy sitting around the kitchen table. :sunglasses: (chimosas!) :rofl:
Nah. I don’t think I’m going to burn. That is what OTHER people have told me when I did not comply. :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh! For years, I’ve had my little Taz guy protecting me when I’m sleeping. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face: He’ll blow up any intuders.

I think it’s cute when all those Idols have stuffed toys, but then I have my Taz guy and my hubby had a little polar bear. :grin:


Oh my goodness you really have a tazmanian devil? lmao

They must be hating on us talking out of topic at this site. I wonder how many burning in anger…tsk tsk… I’m gonna stop. I don’t want curses pouring down on me. Is not healthy for me. Btw, I would love to live by you, or you by me bc we could burn the town down while we have some tasty wine on the side. I gave up on the Bacardi bc health is going down the drain…:hole::hole::hole::hole::hole::hole::hole:


Yep! I’ve had him for years. I even had a pair of green converse with a little Taz guy on the side. :rofl:

I think Taz is my favorite cartoon character.

  • Sleepless Society: Insomnia

  • Princess Jellyfish

  • Love By Chance

  • Tokyo Ghoul


I am waiting to finish Mr Queen… That show is so funny!


I started Princess Jellyfish and was so looking forward to it but was sadly disappointed. I’ll check the others but anxiously waiting for Lee sung Gi and Suzy again? I read something like that i could be wrong.


I dropped Mr. Queen it didn’t follow the story the way I wanted and I no longer find it funny but going in circle and boring. The pregnancy will make her stop being more involved so ugh Now that I think about it the Chinese version was way better in many ways.


I’ll be out of radar watching this drama with my favorite actress (yes, I have a few others). Go and check it out. I was told is a Secret Love feels…just what I like!

PS. IT HAS AN AWESOME ENDING! Long but skip and it won’t be a burden.


Is Tokyo Ghoul an anime?


Oooh, looks promising due to the cast! I really, really like shows like Secret Love (where the love gradually grows from revenge, or just revenge-love stories in general–I’m a bit strange like that), so hopefully this show is one I’ll like!



I’m starting the third episode and I like it so far. It has 37 episodes and will be a bit long, but is not boring at all; so is all good. Some parts can be skipped since is the typical talking too much and not saying much. On episode 6…is really heating up!


Yes, it’s horror anime. :slight_smile:


Bonjour tout le monde,
je viens de commencer la série Mr Queen, c’est très drôle, je suis au 3ème épisode je passe de vrais bons moments :en riant: