What are you currently watching?


I’m waiting for Mr. Queen to finish so I can start watching it :see_no_evil: have to make sure it ends well!


Lovestruck in the city - I do dislike that I have to wait 3/4 days for each episode, instead of 1 week for 2 episodes. Also keeping up with Mr Queen and True Beauty.


I hope it doesn’t end like the Chinese version bc I hated that ending it left us ‘‘hanging’’


I have one word for 18 Again: BEAUTIFUL.
The cinematography is perfect, the palette is perfect, the OST is beautiful, the cast are amazing and the characters are strong, brave and beautiful human beings. It manages to tear my heart to little pieces, confuse me and then make me laugh like a madwoman. I feel so warm watching some of those scenes that’s it that’s all I wanted to say I’ll go back to crying over Episode 6’s epilogue bye


I was wondering can we request any drama/movie or we can only request Asian dramas/movies?

I was watching this and I want to put a request

MEGIDDO THE OMEGA CODE 2 2001) The Full Movie

Megiddo - The Omega Code 2 (deutsch/german)


I think you can, but I don’t think it woulld necessarily come. Remember, Viki’s description is “Watch ASIAN dramas annd TV shows for free!” it’s primarily an Asian entertainment streaming service…and audience for a non-Asian movie on such a site would be negligible so…


Just watched SPACE SWEEPERS with and am starting FATIMA.

This is a great drama with SJK check it out. I added this bc he was great on this one too.


I also watched Space Sweepers today! It was awesome! Beautifully done! SJK

Next up on my list! As he’s a chef! Awesome!


guess whose heart just shattered into a million pieces :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: all I wanted was a heartwarming fluffy romantic time WHY VIKI WHYYYYYY how many times and what more must I tell you about it??? I LOVE THE SHOW SO FREAKING MUCH I KEEP RE-WATCHING EVERY MONTH of cOURSE I want to see it in my region what more must I tell you about this show??!!
ok bye guys thanks for being patient with my ranting :confounded:



You gonna love it; but the end will tear your heart apart. It has a happy ending and very sad parts too. One of the best made K dramas. Some funny/ hot scenes too.


I love Yoo Seung Ho so much I can’t even! I have added so many of his dramas into my collections! That I HAVE to watch. I AM NOT A ROBOT is SOOOOOO Good! I will just be SAD for you ALL day!


The CHEF is :fire::fire::fire:! And he is so ARROGANT! I think I am gonna love it


hola a todos… buen sabado !1… en estos momentos estoy viendo LUCHADOR DEL DESTINO, BEGONIA DE INVIERNO… el primero me resulta entretenido ademas me encanta el actor LU HAN. me gusta demasiado las historias y novelas de èpocas, sean argentinas, americanas o asiaticas. Begonia de Invierno, realmente esta genial, como la opera china se cantaba y los trajes. Ademàs, voy aprendiendo mas de las tradiciones chinas y parte de la historia.


That happened to me with Faith LOL, but it was a rare case since requests for license renewal must have been high thanks to Lee Min Ho, my guess. So a good year later it was available again. Maybe that leaves a small glimmer of hope for you. There are some other dramas and movies who were gone and back again, so maybe who knows, at least send a request and there might be other fans, so Viki might reconsider this one.


J’ai la même chose avec Extraordinary You :pleurer::pleurer:


I just finished watching the lakorn Kluen Cheewit (Waves of Life in English). The plot of the story is really similar to Secret Love with Ji Sung. The acting was on another level! The chemistry between the lead actors was sizzling and magnetic. This was the second lakorn I’ve ever watched, so I don’t have a lot of experience with them, but I really enjoyed the drama in this lakorn.




Bienvenida a este foro. Yo terminé BEGONIA DE INVIERNO y a pesar que para mi fue un poco larga también la disfruté mucho. Es una historia diferente a las demás y por eso me gustó tanto que repito y veo varias escenas una y otra vez. Espero que disfrutes mucho el fin de semana.


Where can I see it? NX? YT? Another site? Here? I love lakorn dramas bc they are such a good looking couple unlike other dramas where the woman is always a mess and the guy is always a hunk. Annoying tiring concept. Rarely the girl is pretty from first episode in SK dramas and now I’ve seen several Japanese dramas following that disgusting concept.


I found the episodes on YT. Each episode is one hour and forty minutes, and there are fifteen episodes

Here is episode one:

Some episodes are broken up into several videos by the uploader, but they are still watchable.


Thank you!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: