What are you currently watching?


You’re welcome! It’s all because you mentioned Secret Love, and then I got an overwhelming desire to watch something similar :smile:


OMG the decoration and the furniture they have always leave me speechless! The intricately done designs they have on the glass door, beds and in some walls, I have never seen in other dramas/movies. I saw my share of lakorn dramas/movies but none had the level of high class living like this one does…enjoying this, and feeling so poor. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


yeah I guess I’ll have to start plaguing Viki again like I did before :sweat_smile:
yesterday I was so mad I went to Rival Site to watch it but idk why I always miss the TCs and the ‘feel’ of Viki :confounded:


I’ve been watching Love Script. It’s really cute so far.


J’ai recommencé à regarder “Retour vers l’amour” , un Drama chinois top je le conseil.


Is it on Viki?? I searched “Return to Love” and nothing came up on Viki…

Tell me how it is when it ends :sweat_smile: I have trust issues with c-dramas, even though the synopsis is hilarious


This one is a romantic comedy so I expect all three pairs to succeed. I am not sure about the second male lead- Dai Xiang Yu was really good in Little Nonya and he’s really good in this one too. I hope they find someone for him. I like his character. :slight_smile:


So i was watching @choitrio’s recc of Luck Key and yeah, it’s a fun movie an all but…

where on earth was Joon Gi in the movie?? I watched it thinking he’d be there and every time a new character came on screen I was hoping it was him…where is he!!!


He’s not in that one. It’s is this guy -Lee Joon Seon 이창 - not Lee Joon Gi


If he was, I would have told you already. I know how much you love Joon Gi.


:grin: google tricked me then, that sly, sly thing




Watch it! :sunglasses:

Song Joong-ki, - Tae-ho - troubled guy looking for his lost daughter :cry:
Tae Ri Kim, - Captain Jang - a very likeable, butt kickin’, tough cookie! :rofl:
Jin Seon-Kyu,- Tiger Park - The chief engineer and broken parts kicker.
Hae-jin Yoo, - Robot Eobdong - The gambler, a really plain, beat-up droid in search of plastic surgery. :laughing:
Kot-nim- - Dorothy, a really cute little girl that crazy people want to kill.
etc. etc…

Just finished it.! WOW! First class, sci-fi, orbital space, messed up earth, a filthy rich - multi- decillion dollar bad guy, a motley crew - fighting against the odds - good guys, movie. The quality is right up there with Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, The Expanse, etc., etc. So much seat of the pants action that I needed my nitro handy! :sunglasses:

It was so cool and weird to hear a raggedy droid speaking in Korean! :laughing: The international, multi-lingual, orbital cast are all good actors, no cheesy actors in this one. :sunglasses:


got that on my list

Now everyone, maybe I am wrong , but it looks to me somehow someone is getting morbid!

just started L.U.C.A.S oh my, human experimenting again?? Awaken? the AI’s , and so much more, some of the dramas I don’t remember the names, some experiments on children, then serums given to people ,

I am watching Healer again, OH YEAH, theres a serum here that was discovered as well.
was it ten, or vampire prosecutor, the doctor in second season? aww I will stop
waaaay out there folks, oh yeah I know theres experiments going on for sure. but gosh Just finished one do we have to get another one ?

and love my actors here as well, so I will stick to this and see what does happen. but this was just a thought is all, still wish I could remember the one years ago children were used too.

really hope this will be a good one though, some of the actors, haven’t seen in awhile!


I found DR WHO I will be watching some of that daily, refreshing. maybe not to some.



‘The Yin-Yang Master’



I’m watching Mr. Queen and I’m in love with that drama!


I can’t find the other parts subbed in english. can you find me the link of the ones you saw? PM me please if you get them. THANKS!!!


@frustratedwriter, my oldest used to watch Dr. Who all the time. As to experiments on children, I have hard time watching too dark of drama, especially nowadays. I watched the first 2 episodes of L.U.C.A. and I am debating if I want to continue watching or not.

@parktaenaw, I am really enjoying Mr. Queen and I will be sad to see it end this week. Be sure to catch the two episode special that’s going to air this weekend as well.


I’m waiting for all episodes of Mr. Queen to be subbed in English to watch them in one shot (that way I don’t get anxious waiting for subs).

Our wonderful Choi zombie guy is leaving for the military on February 24 we won’t see him for 2 years. What a bummer!:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Nooooo, not CJH!