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Who is leaving for military service?
Choi Jin-hyuk already did his didn’t he?


CJH already did his in 2015 though? :thinking:


Yes, he did let me find the article maybe I didn’t see the year. I assumed it was this February 24 and they mentioned Mr. Queen so l’ll be back i ll find it


He was actually released early for a knee injury I believe!


Yes but he was suppose to return after the surgery and he never did I can’t find the article but it was recent bc they mentioned Mr. Queen and he was leaving February 24. Now I can’t sleep until I find it lmao


This is what I found on, and by the way, 2/9 is his birthday.

“Choi went on a hiatus from acting when he enlisted for mandatory military service on March 31st, 2015. He had the option to join the Seoul Police Promotional Team, the theatre unit under the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, but chose to serve as an active-duty soldier. He was discharged from the army after just seven months due to a knee injury.”


I don’t think that’s true. He served in 2015. He’s like 34 thereabouts.


Well GUESS who just became a huuugeeee Lee Do Hyun fangirl :see_no_evil: :star_struck:Lee Joon Gi shares first place now


Poor Joon Gi, does he know that you are being unfaithful?:wink:


What is UP with these men, both of them have dramas I simply cannot bring myself to watch :sob::sob::sob: I thought Scarlet Heart was the only one but ohhhh I have just been tormenting myself with LDH’s death scene in Hotel Del Luna and I CAN’TTT :sob::sob::sob:


He is very upset!


YOU–YOU-- I’m sorry I can’t muster up enough anger I’ve been watching LDH in Hotel Del Luna and it has drained meeee :sob::sob:
I’m not looking LJG in the eye now XD I’ll watch Lawless Lawyer sometime soon I promise :sweat_smile:


We better stop torturing @vivi_1485.


So can you tell me what drama this sexy picture is from??? I’m not torturing anyone??? Nope not me!


YAAAAAA it’s criminal minds how could you–
I feel bad posting this now :sweat_smile:

but it’s really funny so :woman_shrugging:
also have you noticed that I.U is loved by both LJG and LDH in their weepy dramas??? WAHW.


Some more LJK behind the scenes of Flower of Evil.


I sent you a message with the links :blush: If you didn’t receive it (it was my first time sending a message instead of replying to it, so I may have made a mistake), plz let me know and I’ll try again.


Watching another lakorn, an older one (around 2012), with a similar premise to Kluen Cheewit (which is, in turn, similar to Secret Love). It’s called Ubatheehet (translation: the accident? I’m not sure). I’m a lover of drama and melodrama, what can I say?:sweat_smile: although I’m not averse to a good gangster/bad boy turns good drama either

Guess I’m taking a short break from Kdrama. I plan to work on finishing ones I’ve already started (I love starting them, finishing them is another matter entirely): Spring Waltz, Heartless City, Fated to Love You, When It’s at Night.


angelfire, just started watching it too


I do love the actor, I am like you about this, I will do a couple more episodes and see if its a good watch or not.