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Is he really going back??? Did you find the article. I am so surprised


No, is not even in my history section where I always go back, and find the things I read before (even days before) etc…From now on, I’m doing screenshot and saving it. No matter what by February 24 we should know. Could it be he’s planning to go on Hiatus again? He is very private with his life so losing that article sucks although I’m searching still.

I read somewhere that last time when he left no one was there except 2 ppl. I didn’t know he had that so private personality. Is he that shy??? I also realized how tall he really is . There’s one scene he was kissing a girl and he had to bend so much it took a lot from the scene and it looked like he had a hunchback; so I was furious with the filming production. They should have put the girl on a stool and concentrate on his upper body only. This ppl don’t think when it comes to making actors look better during a kissing scene. i honestly felt bad for him bc that scene had to bother him.


Haha, does @vivi_1485 know that you’ve already married her off?:wink:


@porkypine90_261 I log off for ONE DAY and I’m engaged in polyandry??!! :rofl::rofl:
poor LJG and LDH all I said was that I loved their acting and SOME PEOPLE have already gotten them married to a minor :joy::joy:


That’ll teach you not to log off even for one day.:rofl:


You’ll love this then!


I didn’t like it one bit. I saw it a while back and felt that the child was very scared, and there was no need to make such a show like that. At the end the child calmed down but the whole scene was uncomfortable. I can’t stand the kid’s father that stood around knowing his child was scared.

PS. I felt bad for CJH because he felt bad for the kid when he saw he was scared, but you see clearly as he looks around that they seemed to be instructing him to continue. It was so uncomfortable to watch .bc is obvious he’s also very sensitive with the feelings of others around him


Yeah, it was great but tbh I don’t like how is getting the plot now



They really ruined the concept once they took out the male voice. Once they did that everything went downhill for me. She acting like a guy is not enough. We needed the male presence/voice to feel real. Is going in circle and not much to see. They really killed it.


It will be interesting to see how they wrap everything up this week. Too often, writers for great k-dramas seem to fail with the endings. Anyway, I enjoyed all the humor the drama provided, although it was a great challenge trying to translate it.


If anyone wants to see something like Alice in Wonderland Chinese style check this one out. I really enjoyed this one.


J’attends aussi le dernier épisode, j’espère qu’il sera sous titré en français, car le 17 ème etait en anglais


en attendant le dernier épisode de Mr Queen je regarde Goblin ( très agréable surprise )


Hope it gets subtitled soon!! Go French Team!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Qui veut aller à Dramaland?

hmmmmm I guess I better watch it then! but these"kids" just too young for me, dubb them my adoptesd sons
so y’all just go on and have your fun!! hehehehehe.


NEW! The Yin Yang Master - Dream of Eternity -

Get your Mark Chao (Eternal Love) and Deng Lun (Ashes of Love) fix all in one show!

Deng Lun International Fans

NocttsSplvlgdonlembsera rSho30r, 2e0fadstto2f0 ·

🎥 Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity (阴阳师: 晴雅集 ‘YinYangShi: QingYaJi’)

  • Is Deng Lun’s BoYa the Phoenix or the Vermilion Bird?

Ever since the second movie trailer exposed BoYa’s familiar spirit form, fans debated whether he is the Phoenix or the Vermilion Bird.

Based on the movie’s concept posters, QingMing is associated to the dragon, while BoYa is associated to a bird that resembles the Phoenix.

In Chinese mythology, apart from the ‘dragon and phoenix’ pairing, there is another form of dragon and ‘phoenix-like’ symbol, which is also adopted in Japanese folklore. The dragon and ‘phoenix-like’ bird, called the Vermilion Bird, are among the four legendary creatures that are known as ‘Four Auspicious Beasts’, ‘Four Gods’, or ‘Four Guardians’.

(Remember an episode in Go Fighting 6 (Ep 11 - ChangAn)? The ‘Four Auspicious Beasts’ was the running theme used in the episode ->

These four mythical beasts are portrayed to exhibit heavenly powers, and they are viewed as the guardians of the four cardinal directions - they are the Black Tortoise surrounded by a snake (also known as the ‘Black Warrior’) of the North (black), the Vermilion Bird of the South (red), the Azure Dragon of the East (green/blue), and the White Tiger of the West (white).

With its red fiery appearance associating the phoenix, many think that the Vermilion Bird is the Phoenix, but in fact, they are two different creatures… yet quite similar. According to myths, the Vermilion Bird is a subspecies of the Phoenix. The Phoenix is believed to be the king of birds, while the Vermillion Bird is the spirit beast of the constellations. The Vermillion Bird is portrayed to have more destructive power than the Phoenix.

Certain ancient capitals construct statues of these four sacred beasts in their respective cardinal directions as a symbol of protection, and in the movie trailer, BoYa emerges as QingMing’s familiar spirit from what could be the statue of the Vermilion Bird of the South.

🍀 Credit: @电影晴雅集, Baidu 四大神兽, ctto

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I have started that yin yang , realli interesting! also been wanting to watch my little happiness as well


If anyone is watching River Where The Moon Rises, let me know what you think of the quality of the subtitles. Viki apparently is getting that drama pre-subbed.


I left Fated to Love You for a while cuz I knew I’d CRY! Oh, Boy did I cry. Have several more episodes to go. Geez I’m a big cry baby.