What are you currently watching?


I have that at the top of my list. I will wait for a couple more episodes before I watch it, then I’ll let you know. :slight_smile: Or, I could watch it after I finish segmenting part 1… :thinking: (Or, I could play hookie and go watch it anyway. :smirk: :grin: ) Nah, I have to do my assignment first before recess. :grin:


God of fantisy, really a good watch, hope it ends well



Well, if the drama has been pre-subbed, the team in charge there; is doing a fantastic job fixing whatever mishap the pre subbed work may have. But I’m not surprised bc we have there @cgwm808, and everyone knows that when she’s in any drama, quality work is very present. I see the question marks and things that are essentials in subtitles and terms fully explained, and so far the only thing that bothered me was that they had this [(…)] I don’t think they need both and they should choose one or the other, but not use both at the same time. One, is very distracting and is not correct bc they both have their own purpose and they should solely be used on its own (…) or […]. Secondly, apart from the fact that there is so much stuff in the screen, it annoys me a bit too much. Seeing unnecessary stuff in there is frustrating bc to make matters worse, we also have all those characters in the background. I’m a fan of the quote: Sometimes, less is more.’’


I am sure the team will do a good job editing. My only worry is that the viewers who aren’t aware that this show came pre-subbed are praising how fast the show is “subbed” and they will complain even more about the other slow subbed shows.:worried:


Oh, I get it you mentioned

let me know what you think of the quality of the subtitles

But I did saw somewhere around that you mentioned that too, and with all honesty, is about time they do something about those teams that are so slow providing subtitles. There are teams that provide subtitles in a decent amount of time, but some go overboard with viewers having to wait days for subtitles (and some even lack quality work in them). I think Ntfx spoiled me bc the subs are there by 11 am. But what bothers me is when you wait to have crappy subs in the drama I won’t mention the dramas name but OMG I get angry to see this over and over again

minute 26:25 episode 6

did he not come in today?

This sentence is an example, and others in that drama are much worst. I had to stop watching the drama bc those subs angers me. I see there is an editor but, what is this person editing?

He didn’t come in today?

Did he not…ugh so annoying


I totally agree with you that we are doing the viewers a disservice if we have them wait for days or weeks for subtitles. However, it’s not fair to the dedicated subbers, who are using their own personal time to sub, if the drama they are subbing is being compared to one that gets uploaded at 100% English. Again, I am worried about the morale of Viki volunteers, the ones who are dedicated and conscientious.


I’m sorry I was selfish in not considering the many great, dedicated subbers we have here, and you are so right; the good ones always will end up paying for the broken plates. which is so wrong and unfair. The viewers will always blame the least guilty one bc they never bother to judge fairly, and no one is informing them about the pre subbed dramas (once they add a team there’s no way to tell the difference).

My sincere apologies to them, and I hope they are strong enough not to let these things affect them, and continue doing their marvelous work no matter what rebukes others may write. I tend to criticize what I see wrong bc I do when I have to, praise in comments many teams that are fast, efficient and provide quality work in the dramas.

I really don’t know how we may resolve such a complex issue going on here at Rviki created by the unfair treatment to some volunteers by none other than other volunteers, and even staff members too. They have no clarity in the things they do, they have no fair honesty with EVERY volunteer working so hard in here, and like I said before; it’s so unfair. They need to balance things well enough so no one is pointing fingers at volunteers bc if the viewers knew all the facts, they’ll understand why some dramas are subbed faster than others.

By adding a team and providing a pre subbed dramas to certain teams only, they are committing a crime in my eyes bc they are deceiving the viewers and making them think that team are full of faster workers, while the teams with no pre subbed dramas ‘‘busting their chops’’ obviously will take a longer time and will receive unfair and at times hurtful comments. So obviously you and I and many others know something is really wrong in here and I hope the CEO takes the time to look into this and see if there’s a fair way to resolve this issue that hurts so many dedicated to this site volunteers. Hate me all they want, this is the way I feel about this whole situation.


I personally think you see things a lot more clearly than many others.:blush: On this issue, in particular, I feel very strongly that Viki is doing a huge disservice to their dedicated volunteers. I see why they may not want to advertise the fact that River Where the Moon Rises came pre-subbed but they need to know that this will be a huge blow to the morale of the volunteers.


I personally think it should be MANDATORY to place somewhere for all viewers to see clearly that the drama came pre-subbed; I would suggest in ABOUT section: ''We are happy to inform you this drama came pre-subbed in English to provide faster subtitles for you, ‘‘the viewers.’’ Not all dramas are pre-subbed and subtitles may take longer in some dramas but please cheer on All of our dedicated volunteers here a RakutenViki site. Thank you.

If that’s^^^^ too much cr*p I wrote then: Drama pre- subbed in English


I wonder if there will be more dramas that come pre-subbed and perhaps this is why Viki is adding the new role of editors?:thinking: If more dramas come pre-subbed, then there will be less need for source language subbers but greater need for editors.


Yes!! I was so happy when I found out that they made a drama togheter!



Well, that was the plan from the get go that many here went crazy bc they were not too happy about it, but they sure took their time to implement this new thing, and they just did it without notifying the volunteers here as to the start of this new changes. But they still need subbers bc my understanding was that only certain dramas would be pre subbed. I do hope they pick their editors very carefully bc some claim they are proficient in English and is all a big fat lie.


  1. a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive.

I had the unpleasantness of working with some of these liars; a longggggg time ago lol


The way I see it when you have this mix of pre-subbed and volunteer-subbed shows, it will eventually create a big problem unless it is clearly explained to the viewers. Also, as you pointed out, these pre-subbed shows will need highly competent subbers who can serve as editors. Perhaps, this will lead to different classification of subbers based on their competency. It will be interesting to see how this will change the Viki volunteer system.


I was wondering how such a small team managed to segment and sub so quickly.

I will watch it tonight and gat back with my opinion on the subbing.



Well, I just saw several boo boo in the subs (I call mistakes boo boo). This one bothered me so much I had to laugh. We are in that era whatever it is, and the Princess and a younger girl (episode 2) are talking and they use the word [FLIPPING!!!]

The Princess ask how guy (I’m bad remembering names) was doing.
2nd. girl answers: He’s flipping! OMG flipping…such a modern world in a princess and queens era drama. Major bummer.

What I learned about On Dal and Princess Pyeonggang

The story of Ondal the Idiot and Princess Pyeonggang of Goguryeo may seem strange or even implausible at times. As a result, the tale is often viewed as a historical folktale about a man’s rise from destitution to greatness and the woman who had the wisdom to believe in his potential.
King Pyeongwon of Goguryeo, who ruled from 559 to 590. Among his children was Princess Pyeonggang who married On Dal.


continued watching The Player today…I actually left it since December so it took me three months to come to terms with the fact that there would be no romance and my ship would never sail :joy: I’m slowly starting to accept romance-less dramas
The Player is freaking aWESOME once you come to terms with the no-romance thing. Glad I put it out of the way so I could enjoy it in all its glory :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The team dynamics are also so beautiful and I just can’t compliment the wit and dry humour of the writers. Also Song Seung Hoon is one of those guys who don’t have to have a single romance or shower/shirtless scene but still make half the viewers go mad with every outfit he wears :joy::star_struck::star_struck:


… Song Seung Hoon… name is familiar… (goes and looks him up.)

:woman_facepalming: Duh! The guy from Black! Yea, he’s a good tsundere type.


tsundere??! I’ve watched three of his shows (The Greatest Show, The Player, Dinner Mate) and he’s perfect for the slick, streetsmart, laid-back guy with a big heart of gold but who can also smooth-talk himself out of any and every situation :joy::joy: also he seems to have a REALLY good friendship with his Player cast…they do cameos in both the other dramas!


I just finished “Run-on” and now I’m looking at “search”


I’ve only seen him in Black and he was reserved in that one.