What are you currently watching?


I personally don’t think (YSY) can pull it off because he’s too ‘‘goofy’’ and won’t match the role just like Na In Woo with that ‘‘pouchy’’ mouth, and weird frowny face. At one point during battle they need to get serious in the fighting sword role so YSY doesn’t look like he can handle the sword. We have seen the guy from Empress Ki [JCW] look silly, and get the warrior role down to the ‘‘T’’

Another thing, ON Dal and the girl do have a long romantic story, and this guy (YSY) is no romantic material. Of course, that’s my personal opinion from all the roles I’ve seen him so far. Contrary to JCW that can make great romantic scenes with all of his FL in dramas. I saw him in a Chinese drama and he was fantastic there too (don’t ask me the title bc I’m bad with asian titles and names).



That is the funniest critique of a move I’ve seen in along time! :grin:


Just asking, which of YSY’s dramas have you watched??

btw have y’all noticed the way all other serials’ episodes end at total cliffhangers or at least some sort of intriguing point while Chinese dramas just love to stop at the most RANDOM places??! Like they’ll complete a suspenseful moment and then everything will be fine and everyone’s going about doing their duty and someone takes a bite of a sandwich and then FREEZE…ending theme song! :joy::joy: I find it so weird and hilarious, I’ll be sitting there suddenly cut off and wondering what just happened


From YSY I have seen quite a few dramas. I loved him in Me too flower and King of Baking. started Psycopath Diary but the story didn’t appeal to me so I dropped it by the middle of the episodes.

Me Too, Flower!

King of Baking, Kim Takgu

Prime Minister & I

Mirror of the Witch

Nokdu Flower

Psychopath Diary


Just finished re- watching Sisyphus, and now watching LOVE ALARM 2. Sisyphus amazingly well done the back and forth story is so well coordinated, truly a work of art. Hope u guys can see it too.


Currently picked up the guts to watch another c-drama…it was so sudden, I have such a neverending list of dramas on y watchlist but out of the blue one day I was searching for a drama and clicked on the wrong one…it turned out to be a c-drama called “Under The Power” (not even the title sounds interesting lol) but it had Seven Tan in it and I LOVE her from Go Ahead…even the summary looked good so I overcame my trauma for it :sweat_smile: and i CANNOT STOP!! The CGI is so over-the-top funny I sat there writhing in laughter! At least they don’t use it too much…the main leads are a total POWER COUPLE I love both so much!!


This SHOW is so hilarious! And engaging! Cliffhanger at every end or every episode! I love it! Can’t figure out HOW the romance is gonna happen but we shall see


I’m roughly halfway through “Kimi wa Petto,” which at 16 episodes is longer than most J-dramas, and sore wa chotto…

The acting is excellent by everybody of course, but the whole concept is a little too weird for its own good: A seriously-educated professional woman with her eyes on marrying her longtime love finds a young guy living in a cardboard box and takes him in as a “pet.” What could possibly go wrong? :roll_eyes:

It’s better than some of the Japanese rom-coms that Viki has, but it’s generally more uncomfortable than romantic or funny, and I’m really wishing Viki would swap in some Japanese drama from other genres, because right now it’s roughly 80% rom-coms.

‘Really Jonesin’ for “Doctor X” because Yonekura Ryoko has been a fave kick-butt heroine since I watched the H.S. bullying drama “35-sai no Kokousei” on Crunchyroll (back before Crunchyroll turned coward and switched to 100% Anime.) So… “Dear Santa…”



Just finished watching the movie Best Friend. It’s not for everyone but if you enjoyed movies such as A Taxi Driver, and Mal.Mo.E., you might want to give it a try. I personally liked it a lot.


Can someone please explain what happened in Love (ft marriage and divorce)?


I stopped watching it; it has turned into a zoo full of male breeds in heat and the women (so far) like servants and suckers. NOT for me.

PS. I’m planning to watch the last episode just to see if any of the women have the gut to divorce them but so far they’re begging the men not to divorce them, and that they can stay with the lover (the episodes I’ve seen so far) even the most serious/faithful guy in the drama is having an affair now.


dang! What a description! :rofl: It’s a typical soap opera. I haven’t watched it for awhile either.


Gonna try to find MINARI and watched it was nominated for an Oscar. I just discovered the actress is originally from North Korea. She has been my number one older female actress since I first saw her on My husband Got a family back in 2013


I am currently watching a cdrama, Unrequited Love, and I like it so far even though it’s taken like 30 episodes to get somewhere lol. I am also rewatching what’s wrong with secretary Kim since I recommended it to a friend. I want to watch Vincenzo on Netflix, but I am waiting for all the episodes to be out before I watch. I usually watch more than one show at once, but these days I have been so busy I have not had time! Hopefully I can start watching some more or at least finish some other ones!


I was going through a kdrama funk for the past few weeks and almost decided to stop watching them with Love Alarm season 2 being my last kdrama…but then I watched the second season, and partially changed my mind. Love Alarm is one of my fav dramas because its atmosphere is just so beautifully dark. I’m tentatively thinking about giving dramas another go.

I was reading all of your comments and found out the news about Ji Soo (he’s one of my fav actors, as I think I’ve already mentioned). :worried::worried: Now there’s another celebrity that I like that’s under fire. I don’t know the details so I’m not going to comment anything except that I hope everything works out for both parties involved.

Does anyone know of a Cdrama where the second lead gets the girl? I can’t seem to recall any (Scarlet Heart aside). Or a Cdrama similar to The Longest Day in Changan? That drama is one of my favorite historical dramas.


well, the second lead never gets the girl :sweat_smile: depends on what you define a second lead as…I’d say True Beauty had two main male leads and one got the girl. Same goes with all dramas whose love triangles remain undecided for more than 10 episodes…


Most of the time when the 2nd lead gets the girl, he somehow turns into the 1st lead, so I am always in a dilemma to tell, did the 2nd lead actually get the girl …


OMG!!! Is anyone watching MOUSE? The end of Episode 4 left me distraught!!! My LSG a psychopath killer??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it can’t be!!! Tell me this is just a trick but his face OMG his face was of a killerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’m not watching if he’s the psycho no way….I can’t accept that. It must be a trick…I’ll watch episode 5 and it will be all cleared up.


There is no fucking closure apart from for that writer and her professor husband couple. So many open ends!


This drama seems really interesting though.