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I put a spoiler in the title when I wrote to choitrio bc I don’t know if they will mind here at this site. The title is [Go Princess Go] and YT has some episodes in short 20 minutes version (sadly some episodes are missing now) But first and ending is there, and plenty more to enjoy too. But it kills me bc I can’t find when HE/She goes into labor it was hilarious beyond words.


36 Episodes Typical for a Chinese Drama


The 36 episodes are supposed to be 1 hour and minutes long, but in there, you’ll only see 20 minutes or so. Is too short to enjoy more stuff, but I saw the regular version and the hour flies by in a breeze bc is very entertaining.


yoooo the ML in The Sword and the Brocade has two kids and a wife and two concubines!!! I knew about the concubines but I didn’t know about the kids what the heck and the FL is like fifteen years old is the drama really that good??! :scream::scream: idk I never really cared about age gaps all that much but don’t you think he’s wayyyy too mature for her, not in looks but LIFE in general???


I quite enjoyed the Sword and the Brocade. The age gap like that in the show was normal in ancient China . The ML actually looked younger than I envisioned the character should be. The most interesting part of the show is that the drama felt modern in term of the story and the interaction between two main characters was not typical. I doubted that a wife would have a good chance to refuse her husband on their wedding night in that period of time. Overall, this show is quite entertaining.


Right now watching

even I know I watched

that’s the Chinese version …

I think I will try a bit more Japanese stuff since most of them have such weird topics or uptakes (I am not sure if I have chosen the right word here), it just pulls me out of these “weird times” and the dramas are short.

Another weird one I just finished


just finished this one:

I wish the writers just let it be a rom-com instead of trying to add the crime-thriller arc. Because they were TERRIBLE at it. The detective squad was dumbed down for comedy, so the comedy succeeded but the crime-solving flopped so BAD, I couldn’t believe how absolutely stupid everyone was. They could do absolutely nothing without her powers, which they don’t even use properly when they need it. The crime itself was interesting, and Namgoong Min played the heck out of his role :heart_eyes:

The OTP were cute, as a rom-com, this drama succeeds. I liked the romantic progress, and the chemistry was good. The main lead was hilarious in his dorky-tsundere role.
She doesn’t overdo or exaggerate her actions either. I just wish they did something with her eye. because it’s really pretty and I hated seeing her have to cover it up all the time.
The drama’s comedy is well-done and the entire force consists of mostly hilarious dorks.


I am watching it now Sisyphus


Sisyphus is awesome I can’t wait to watch it on wednesday/thursday. I rewatch bc i like it so much.


Just started this one!

I thought it was going to be a Chinese DOTS but then Si Jin was in the army and this is the SWAT. From the first episode, the plot looks way deeper than DOTS.
I think they could have done better on the cinematography but I’m already starting to love it :heart_eyes:
Let’s hope it keeps being good!


Started this one

Clearly not my usual cup of tea, but it is about a writer being caught in her own story.


I thought that one was a funny drama, a quick witted girl, FL is hilarious :wink:


was on my watchlist but I got put off by all the airborne twirling :joy: Tell me if it’s worth it after you’re done!

For me, whether ot not I can watch a c-drama depends on my mood-- sometimes I’m able to tolerate the bad CGI and even laugh harder because of it, while sometimes it just gets on my nerves.
I guess I’m in a good mood because You’re My Hero has a lot of weird innacuracies but they yield good reactions and plot development; there are a few cliche tropes but all the characters are so adorably hilarious that I don’t mind at all :sweat_smile:
A clueless-but-that’s-why-he’s-adorable second male lead is something I haven’t seen in a long, long time so I’m actually thoroughly enjoying it, plot holes or not.


Go princes go - the outfits are hilarious :rofl:


C’est une expression très belge, qui laisse sous entendre que - “ce film n’a pas beaucoup d’intérêt” :clin d’œil:


They’re making me giggle wAY too much :joy:


Though I didn’t really like the drama, it still kinda makes me sad :sweat: is this gonna happen with all our favourite shows?
Also, I do not recall EVER telling Viki my name is Alex. I did use my other name, Alexis, once-- are they trying to nickname me?? I’ve changed it to Andrea but I guess they just don’t like my name :flushed::woman_facepalming:


For me it’s only a yellow banner on the top right of the channel - saying this will only be available until 20th April and starting then you will need Viki Pass:

  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
  • Mr. Queen
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • Goblin/Guardian
  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty
  • Flower of Evil

Didn’t see more 4 dramas in the Top 13 of most watched all time …

Well now that I look at it @vivi_1485 Did you get an email?



I must say that “No Boundary” really looks nice. Let’s see how it will be further.