What are you currently watching?


not Strong Woman and Flower of Evil!!! :sob::sob::sob:
wow, Strong Woman and Goblin were the whole reasons why I decided to create an account and stay with Viki!!!

I didn’t get any e-mails, just a new popup like the previous one everytime I go to the website


Ah, I don’t like popups so got them disabled. The dramas won’t be gone just under Viki Pass, not Viki Pass Plus, I guess it is the next phase.
Btw. I looked at the last email I got from Viki addressing me with "Hi I, " I wonder if they took the I from my account, where I wrote “I am just” LOL don’t know. Anyway at least they let us know for once, if they would do it now with the license ending dates I would be really proud of them.


Yeah, I’m very glad they warned us beforehand with a whole countdown and everything…I almost had a heart attack last time!

oh that would be heaven, I’m in a constant state of panic over my old favourites nowadays :flushed:


I recently found out that Coffee Prince and Princess Hours are back in my area and today I found out

… is available again. Hurray!


P.S. Tunnel is back, Fated to Love You the Korean version has license again.
King of High School, more anyone?


okay I have to scream somewhere or I’m really going to burst…THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!

I’m loving almost everything about the drama :heart_eyes:
The main characters are all adults who kick ass in their own fields. They all have their heads on straight (except the SML but he’s adorable in his own way) and approach situations with maturity. However, it’s first love for two of the main couples, and that’s what makes the drama so adorably funny.
I love the way the main couple deals with problems. There’s no dragging for hours because of misunderstandings. Everytime there’s a potential misunderstanding, one of them just drops what they’re doing and runs over to clear everything. No matter how urgent an emergency is, they always find time to get things straight between them. The romance is such a slow burn but ohH when it catches fire it freaking CATCHES FIRE :see_no_evil: I’ve been giggling like a child for days over how adorable everyone is. The SWAT team are such team goals, they’re real bros to each other.

They’re so honest with each other; even when the ML tries playing tricks, he usually comes completely clean when she finds out. He’s so thoughtful, wanting to do everything he can possibly do to keep her comfortable. I fall in love again every episode.
I love how FL slowly learns to trust him and reciprocate his feelings. She’s so innocent in love, but practical, mature and hilarious. I literally don’t think I would mind a 100 episodes at this rate, it’s the first time I have hardly skipped anything in a Chinese drama…every episode brings something hilarious, adorable and motivational to the table. They’re so real about everything, you feel the awkwardness when they do everything for the first time because it’s their first time dating. You feel how much they love each other but are hesitant with every step. I absolutely lose it every time ML completely overdoes it when he thinks FL is angry/sad with him.
The writers do add some cliches here and there but it’s still refreshing because the characters always handle it very well without dragging anything. I didn’t even mind the cliche evil SFL much because ML did SUCH a good job drawing the line.
The confessions were worded so beautifully, it had me crying and laughing and just ready to burst with happiness. The whole cast are wonderful, and the drama is like a fresh breath of air under warm sunshine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

well, thank you for listening to my rambling, I don’t think I have the ability to think straight at the moment :crazy_face:


No, I will whisper can you use some spoiler filter, please. It seems you wrote so much that I am hesitant to read it. I am more or less a “jump right into a drama” I keep my information about most dramas at a bare minimum before starting to watch because I gave up on hanging on to a promising synopsis, when I do not make it past the first 1-4 episodes …


nope, I checked the whole thing carefully to make sure there aren’t any spoilers, I know how irritating those are. That’s why I cannot stand theme songs of Chinese dramas because they just spoil the whole drama completely :rage:

I mostly just went on and on about how healthy the relationships are, that’s all :sweat_smile:
many words, not much content-- thank my English teacher for that lol



Your English teacher did a great job bc you made me want to watch the drama bc the drama is described with so much admiration for the drama; without giving away any spoilers. I’m watching this one too.Thank you!I

PS> I was already watching this one and i forgot about it (was) on episode 2, and you are not kidding about what a great drama it is! the modern Chinese dramas are such a pleasure to watch with so far no tragic endings.


Watched Kill Me Heal Me this weekend for the first time. I LOVED the Shin personality! Definitely cleaned out my tear ducts on the last five or six episodes. Thanks for placing this in the recommended viewing category. I happily welcome any others. :grinning:


Say what you are looking for, and we will gladly help you.


Drama with romance is preferred. I’m even open to crime/mystery/romance types of series. I enjoyed The K-2 as an example. Thanks!


Taking The K2 as your ideal type…

If you want to see more Ji Chang Wook:

  1. Action romance with Park Min Young:

2. A REALLY GOOD law drama with suspense, but also a hilarious rom-com

Kick-ass action, suspense. crime and romance:

Absolutely intriguing psychological crime thriller with romance:

If you enjoyed the politics(not much romance but stellar performances and intriguing plotlines):


Okay, this is one I missed, but maybe something like this, if you have not watched it yet:

Only available until 20th April without Viki Pass, didn’t check if you have one.

I will leave it to this for now. Maybe you want to check out this thread



Same couple. Awesome story!



hi! I’m guessing no good news from [mouse] I don’t read spoilers or watch anything waiting for you to tell me if things are not as it seems but I’m guessing :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::sob:


@angelight313_168, it’s not as bad as you think but the plot is getting even more twisted. Btw, this week, there will be only one episode released, on Thursday. Viki seems to be getting a lot of these dark dramas. Channels have been created for both Beyond Evil and Dark Hole.


I was wondering about [Beyond Evil] but never heard of [Dark Hole]. Well, I’m guessing that the theme is popular now bc romantic dramas are too risky. Like lately in some dramas the actors/actresses are getting covid, and they had to stop filming, had to disinfect, run test for everyone, and they see it happens in dramas where they have kissing scenes and little social distancing. I feel bad when I laugh when I see shows here like NCI and they all have mask and you can’t even understand their dialogue.

Thanks for responding; so I’m guessing [Mouse] is out of the (my) list. I gave up on L.U.C.A. a long time ago I don’t know if I want to know the ending. [SISYPHUS] so far is amazing can’t wait for tomorrow.I have an appointment so I have to get up early watch it, and get ready for my


You make a good point about romantic dramas being difficult to film these days. I don’t think you should give up on Mouse. It is still very well acted and the story is interesting. I stopped watching L.U.C.A. and SISYPHUS though. I am absolutely in love with Navillera on NF. I like it so much that I recommended my parents to watch it as well and I will probably re-watch it with my kids at some point.


Here is my collection that you might want to look through! The heart means also a romance!

(I actually have 14 collections, so you might look through and see if you can find some you like💛)


I love Kill Me Heal Me and Shin Se Gi was my favorite - try Wok of Love, Her Private LIfe, What Wrong with Secretary Kim, Encounter, Suspicious Partner, Devilish Joy, Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Fated to Love You - Korea, I Am Not A Robot, Oh My Venus, W 2 Worlds, Mr Queen - My Kiss Collection contains most of these and more! Happy Hunting!

I recommend “Lost Romance” which is T-drama to EVERYONE! Cuz Marcus Chang is GORGOEUS.