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Well the flow is good, action packed and I’m just in awe with Leo Wu, from the little young man in Nirvana in Fire he has worked himself into a manly confident actor. He did quite a bit of body workout, and his face expressions are great. I’m a little disappointed of Dilraba… the camera directs a lot at her eyes which are beautiful and her mouth that is often open (don’t know why) and as she is pretending to be a man her lips have such lipstick that is too red/orange in color. - Anyway it’s still a great drama that is worth to watch if you like historicals and fighting scenes.

This drama started out really well and has fallen into inconsistency and sort of repetitive pattern of reappearing schemes to hurt the Xu family and it seems the purpose is to extend the drama… there are quite nice “food for the thought” lines and character development though.

This is one of a kind drama you must watch, you can learn some business lessons too. The male lead is just phenomenal in every aspect thanks to script and acting! I binge watched the ending episodes elsewhere and felt empty after it ended. The storyline and role reversal scenes are very very entertaining! Although it’s set in a dynasty some actions and thoughts were from today’s world since this story was actually written in today’s time by the male lead “writer” :wink:


I stumbled onto A Gentleman’s Dignity and binged that last weekend. It was surprisingly quite good! Thanks!


Thanks for all the suggestions. You guys are the BEST!


This is a too cute little time-traveling shortie. Just 2 hours -

What the heck? I was just watching Surplus Princess early this morning and it’s no longer carried by Viki? That was fast! Not even the ‘Not available in your region’ notice. I didn’t even finish it yet! lol


Oh this one is good! Supernatural and Romance!!! I LOVED the bromance in Gentleman’s Dignity!


@kdrama2020ali - I loved Goblin, Heirs, and Mr. Sunshine so much that I did a search on the screenwriter (Kim Eun-Sook) for these and Gentleman’s Dignity was one of them. Obviously, she is big on bromance which can really add a lot to a series. I highly recommend her works.



I’m going to wait and if he didnt killed the old lady then, I’ll watch it. I saw a picture/ad on YT and it seems they put the brain of the psycho inside my nice boy. I was like I hope not. I’m avoiding Soompi and YT all this day. I didn’t like Navillera tried to stay watching, but couldn’t. On the other hand, SiSYPHUS got me so hooked. I’m sad is almost over…:cry:


Not really new storyline just some “comfort food” (even though there seems to be an unrevealed murder case in it), as you will know where the story is heading towards.


Just finished Sisyphus and had a better ending than i expected. Hope they bring it here. gonna request here.


Aww, that’s so sad! They just don’t give notice and it’s gone in a flash :disappointed_relieved: Hope it comes back soon!


I think what I predicted a long time ago is becoming a reality; even volunteers won’t have access to everything in here, unless they become paid subscribers. It’s not like we can blame them with so many volunteers having free access how they gonna pay the bills? I believe with time volunteers will only be able to watch whatever they sub only. There are so may restricted dramas is ridiculous, and comment from ppl/viewers are claiming they’re devastated bc they no longer have free access to further episodes (good tactic) they let you watch a few episodes and get you hooked to the drama, to make viewers fork the money to be able to continue watching.

There are a lot of Free Chinese content, but most are not my taste. I do recommend

YOU ARE MY HERO -cute couple/great story plot.




Yea. and I have a PLUS account. It was just yanked along with another older one. I guess they forgot it was there until I watched it, then they said OOPS! We don’t have a license for that anymore! and yanked it.


I just started

don’t know if I can manage the drama, we will see how far I get.


I am hooked and I hate the fact that I started watching and finished both episodes and yearning for next episodes. AMAZINGLY satisfying to watch.


SEO BOK is finally out! April 15TH

But where can I watch it? Viki? I’ve been waiting for this a LONG time! :grin:

Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum
Park Bo Gum is the first human clone and he’s being transported by intelligence agent Gong Yoo while others are trying to capture/kill Bogummy.


Signal - what should I say, for my standard I watched it super fast. I am lacking sleep these days for several reasons, so I was watching. I couldn’t go out at all, so I was watching. I was feeling weak, so I was watching. Hurt my finger couldn’t do much, cause it hurt, so I was watching.

I am glad I finally got Signal off my Try, try, try again list. It’s a list I keep dramas that lost or never had a license for my region. Signal had one, but I was scared to watch, so I postponed until the license was gone, gladly in this case it is back again - no specific spoilers here, so read on - It’s not that there are no scenes with violence, but more scenes with the result of violence and crimes. I am good with the villain not having too much screen time. I am to see Jo Jin Woong finally again, after watching him in Beyond the Clouds (just found out that the channel is gone - so my hope for a re-license is equal zero by now).
If I were to make a comparison with other dramas I would say it resembles Tunnel and Nine- Nine Times Time Travel the most.
Pretty good - on the logical side, some loops, but sometimes with Asian drama you will need to remember the mantra - just accept it and go with the flow, you will ignore those points if the rest is good and the acting is on point.


now you go to taxi driver and look who you see!


Mary, I am not watching on air shows as I never know, I might not make it to the end - as life happens you know. With complete dramas I at least have the illusion to end them.
Haha, no I didn’t watch it for the youngster

I was watching for the matured fellow

not a nice picutre by Viki though, he is not made for cat walks, but I like his acting and he kind of has a unique voice or maybe it’s his pronounces words - I don’t know what it is.


I was speaking about Lee Je Hoon, which signal he was and awesome. course hated the ending, think it could have been better,