What are you currently watching?


… , did you watch him in Where Stars Land?

P.S. I might be on a role and start watching dramas I shyed away all this time.
Now watching

With my first leading male actor ever Go Soo.


Yes I did, that was an awesome one too


loved missing too, wish there could be more like this! and yeah think they could have tweeked the ending a bit. but still a good one!


I saw the trailer for “Law school” and it’s reminding me of How to get away with murder :sweat_smile: Might start watching it.


Have you checked out [Be My Cat] (chinese 16 episodes)
[Taxi Driver] K drama (awesome story plot).

If you have HBO Kong vs Godzilla is a good one. The new one over 2 hours.

When does [Law School] starts?


I was thinking about watching Tomorrow With You, he’s in it…have you watched it?


No, not yet. Can’t say anything about it.

P.S. Missing is great so far, mystery and all and that from a not genre lover per se, I am 6 eps in. It has more violence in it compared to Signal, or it feels more intense to me. Maybe you want to give it a try, if you have not watched it yet.


It’s already on Nfx (the first episode). Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll put it on my list. I simply don’t have time to watch a lot of dramas right now though :sweat_smile:


ok everyone Law school, first two episodes, some of ouir favorite actors too. I think some of you will like it. the young people classes for law and so on, the have fake court sessions, but a ywist in the second episode, It isn’t fast-paced, and some of you may think its a bit boring. cant wait for the next episodes!!

so my “agenda” is going to be filled. Saturday & Sunday Vincinzo, monday & tues theyi Law school is on NF, quite good, for some of you it may be boring, but theres a lot of twists in the story, they have fake court trials, then something happens close to home for them, I think its neat , and some of our older favorite actors too so my agenda is gonna be full for awhile Sat & sun Vincenzo , Monday & Tues Navillera, then Thurs & Law school. and of course the last episode they left me jhanging!!


Did you mean Missing: The Other Side? I don’t usually like ghosts and stuff, but I’ll try!


Watch it; I was shocked on how much I like this one. Found odd that @lutra picked this drama bc she’s so picky so I went to see what was it about, and loved it. It’s worth watching. The fact that is short is a plus. Every episode has a ‘‘cliffhanger’’ to follow next episode. haven’t finished yet.


Sadly, law school didn’t caught my attention. I hate dramas where they put down a character, and the other is always praised. It happened in the first episode, and it completely turned me off.

Missing: The Other Side is fantastic. It has a touch of Hotel De Luna. I know you’ll like it and it only has 12 episodes. The cast are all great in their respective role.


I need top re-watch missing was a good drama, and yes you are right about law school, I hope it gets better


Wow. SMH. My inner fan girl feels like slinking away to put my head in a paper bag. Doctor PRISONER. That’s what I get for staying up late bingewatching anything by Namgoong Min.

Oh, and can anyone who is not baffled by Korean-English transliteration explain that lovely actor’s name and how he has chosen to be known as an actor?

Not that, as an American ajummah/ajoomma/ajumeoni I expect to walk into my local excellent Korean restaurant (Seoul House, Rochester, NY) and walk up to him and say, “Hey, 남궁민, are you going to just sit there while someone old enough to be your mother is waiting for a grill table?”

But Rochester and the surrounding area has a HUGE Korean community. And despite recent stuff going on, NY the state offers a lot of incentives for people and organizations wanting to make movies, so ya never know, right?


I love watching Chief Kim , was funny and good


I am rewatching the crowned clown, its been so long since I have watched this, had to refresh myself to know what it was about. so far really good and thought I would re watch a bunch of others I havent watched in some time


It so happens I rewatched a few days ago [W] when I want to see a combination of romance and fantasy I always go to [W and The Only Love Song] Those two never get old on me.


thats another one I haven’t watched in awhile, think I will put it on my list (W) anyway, and don’t recall the only lovesong, guess I will check it out too. thanks for the tip


awww can’t get the only love song!! but think I will re watch “lord fox” well I always call it that, the love knot, his excentlys first love, and love from the stars. oh yeah angels last mission. and that one is a maybe.


taxi driver, the last two episodes were awesome! also watching w, very good!