What are you currently watching?



Sorry wrote one word wrong in the title. YOU was the one that told me about this drama a long time ago lol

My Only Love Song


I was pondering of whether to watch or to dismiss the idea.
River Where the Moon Rises
After the pull out of Ji Soo and reading that the first episodes will be re-shot, I was wondering if Viki would get those new ones without Ji Soo or not. So now I started to watch at least the first episodes to get some orientation and later on I will decide if and when to watch.


Tale of Nokdu - I LOVE LOVE it!


I’ve been binging on Sunshine of my Life! It’s really good! It is a love story - the leads are mostly mature and really only suffer communication and distance issues. He (Zhang Han), is a workaholic owner of a fashion company and she, (Xu Lu), is a dedicated, independent-minded student of traditional arts currently studying couture in Paris. Of course, the parents (mom) want to arrange his marriage to another corporation’s daughter but he’s not having it.

The other characters are typical characters in romance shows - however, they are well written.

What is really interesting to me is the background story of couture design, traditional embroidery, and other ancient crafts from China. The characters own/work at a fashion design company where they are trying to incorporate traditional arts like embroidery, batiks, and traditional fabrics like ramie with modern/western attire and make it marketable for a global clientele. It also shows the dichotomy of thought between traditional and modern lifestyles. It is fascinating and the couture designs toward the end of the show are drop-dead gorgeous!

I’ve seen comments where some people complain that it is too slow and they skip ahead but they are missing the richness of traditional arts when they skip.

The only thing I hate in this show is that he tends to pinch her cheeks and that just bugs me on a personal level whenever I see it in any show. :roll_eyes: :grin:


I’d rather see a pat on the head if noting else. yes I don’t like the pinched cheek either, supposed to be an endearment thing, but I only see abuse, awwww over thinking I guess


Just finished watching A Taxi Driver@choitrio had recommended this a long time ago and WOW I was not disappointed. It was a beautiful watch, well worth anyone’s time.

I cried, I cried so hard over all those lives sacrificed for democracy. I cried watching those smiling, laughing students not moving anymore because their own government was against them. I cried watching an unlikely band of taxi drivers bravely doing what they could for their country.

The movie was shot and done so well. It reminded me that no matter how bad the world gets, there will always be wonderful people who will group together for good. People who would still sacrifice their everything for people they had just met, all for a greater cause. It’s not just for Koreans, it serves to remind everyone how precious freedom is.
The movie is very human, showing the Gwangju Uprising through the eyes of a common citizen.
The whole cast was stunning in their own roles, I saw quite a few familiar faces.


@vivi_1485, you are an old soul.:blush: Independence, democracy, and freedom are very precious and they often come at unthinkably high cost. I feel ashamed to admit that what I know about Gwangju is mostly from watching these dramas even though they are not documentaries so I am grateful for dramas such as A Taxi Driver.


I watched it to get ready for Lee Do Hyun’s upcoming drama “Youth Of May”, which deals with the Gwangju Uprising, so I wanted to know more about it :blush:
Let’s hope the drama airs well without any controversy and we get it here on Viki!


@vivi_1485, Youth Of May should be fine. Snowdrop had a bit of controversy but it is early enough for the production team to iron out the issue before it airs. While you are waiting, check out Best Friend if you have time.


Heeey!! Currently watching - and loving - “Insted of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk” :heart: Supper funny (and yeah ML’s got my heart from the very first second hahaha)


Great, I’ll try watching…:blush:
To anyone who’s watched Just Between Lovers…is the drama really that good? I started the first episode and found it sooooooo boringgggg idk why it just drags on and on :woman_shrugging: The actors are all nice but it feels like everyone has issues and not one character feels different.


One of my favorites, but if you don’t give the story time to unfold or don’t like the melo touch then maybe it’s just not for you.


Ohh, maybe melos aren’t my type then :disappointed_relieved:
Started watching Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk and look, @worthyromance, you have a fan!!:sweat_smile:


Above is from another post - I just didn’t want to write it again.

I didn’t think I would binge-watch this but again sleep-deprived as I am one episode followed the next.

The male lead:
Ji Soo - was quite the puppy, but it fitted the character of the young guy that likes every creature and thinks of every life as precious.
Na In Woo - I give the production credit that they needed a tall guy with bright eyes, who was physically trained to start right away. He just had completed Mr. Queen, so action scenes were no problem for him. Actually the visual change didn’t get me as much as the difference in their voices. While binge-watching I needed 4 episodes to adjust to Na In Woos deep voice in comparison to Ji Soo lighter voice, not only that … Ji Soo is a soft speaker many times almost “singing” his lines, whereas Na In Woo lacks that softness in most parts at least at the start.

I guess for Na In Woo I need to watch a third leading role of his, so far I still can’t get rid of the feeling, that he uses his eyes a lot, but his face does not always convey the emotions. Maybe it is only me, so don’t quarrel with me about it.

Actually the drama reminded me a bit on Joseon Gunman with a cross setting of characters. I didn’t originally plan to watch it full, it just happened. Is it a drama I would have needed to watch? I guess not, but it didn’t hurt as much as I would have expected.


wow looks like I missed a bunch, well I am going to watch sell your haunted house, first 3 episodes were quite good, and the girl one of my favorite actresses!


Yeah give it a try! You’ll love it :heart_eyes:

I’ve still gotta finish Just Between Lovers, had completely forgotten about it :laughing:


I’m watching that one too, and love the actress, and the guy matured a lot so his acting improved a bit more, although I feel he lacks confidence and says his lines like his reading the script. Annoys me a lot, but I love those crazy story plots of ghost/evil beings whatever they are. lol


My roommate is a detective.

In the past I would get through a series like this very quickly, but now one series takes a long time to finish :blush:


yes I loved that one too, hmmm, maybe I ought to re watch, It was funny, cute and just good watch! my roommate is a detective,

and btw when is our my roommate is a gumiho coming on??

I have got to start watching where the moon rises


My friend recommended me “I remember you / Hello, monster !” and currently watching ep 5.
I love it <3
I think it’s really underrated :thinking:
Oh and I just finished the web drama “after school lucky or not”. An hilarous 12-episode gem !!!
I never laugh that hard :rofl: (and for welcome waikiki 1 and 2)
Guys, if you know any show besides this two which is meanly about comedy, could you please tell me about it ??