What are you currently watching?


Tell us what you like, your schedule will probably fill up and overflow to next year! :joy::sweat_smile:

His face or the way he acts?
I seriously loved Moonlight Drawn By Clouds because of the way he portrayed a really smart, badass Prince in politics and a carefree, playful guy with his friend and leading lady. He never became childish or stupid just because he was in love. I’ve watched two or three other sageuks with Crown Princes in them, but he just topped them all with his performance.


Its been awhile for me too! watching American tv


@vivi_1485, it looks like a channel for Youth of May has been created. Looking forward to this one.


I just finished WATCHING [MINARI] for free, and can say the award given to Youn Yuh-jung was very well deserved but it wasn’t fair the ML guy didn’t get an award, too.

But I’m thinking they wanted to give the award to an older age female actress, and it was obvious that compared to the others nominated, Youn Yuh-jung, played a good role although imo, she didn’t do what I consider a lot in her role bc she has shown she’s capable of doing so much more. They limited her by: READ AT YOUR OWN CHOICE giving her the stroke.

When you see the movie, you’ll see why I think she could have done so much more in her role. She’s a wonderful actress, and I feel bad that she thinks they gave her the award bc of the situation going on in here with the Asian community. She deserved the award too, but the guy deserved to get one too. They were both amazing.

I hope she takes out of her head the mentality that she didn’t EARNED that award.




I didn’t think to add this well done movie, give a try with Swing Kids, it’s a food for the thought movie with tap dancing :wink:


:heart_eyes:Yayyy!!! Can’t wait!


I am going to make a request for a 6 episode Turkish drama that in my opinion is the best thing I’ve seen in a long while. THE TITLE IS FATMA (NTFX).

https :// (Trailer)

PS It has violence/Killing by a woman so if you are squeamish in that department, I suggest you skip this one. To me, it was justice.


Thank you for the suggestion! I was searching for a good Turkish drama atm :hearts:


I actually finished this just now. Not a great drama but good enough to pass the time. You maybe shouldn’t watch if you don’t have patience, actually sometimes this drama likes to drag and drag certain plots. Another point I won’t hide as spoiler, but write it here - if the mentioning of a person infected by a virus and scenes of treating this person with protective clothing triggers bad experiences because of our global situation, then don’t watch it at all.
Because it is half-heartedly done and might make you angry or even frustrated. Anyway I watched till the end and for all these interested it is a happy ending.

P.S. … and don’t expect too great kissing scenes, there are many kisses all in all, but only a few you would call “nice shots”


Woah, it seems that Viki is all of a sudden flooded with new k-dramas and movies. I feel bad declining invitations to join the English team but there are just so many now. Channels have been created for Youth of May, Imitation, Bossam, Doom at Your Service, So I Married the Anti-Fan, and all of them seem interesting.


ok I missed Youns kitchen, I am going to check it out


miss crow & mr lizard, 12 legend, wow couple good ones here, at least at the start


Yes, there’s a whole deluge of k-movies!:scream: And quite a few Vietnamese ones, too!


As a viewer, it’s a great news, but as a subber it’s quite overwhelming.


Y’all take care and don’t overwork yourselves…we non-subbers will take care of the whiners in the Reviews and Comments​:sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Fighting! Let’s do this!


yeah, we do need you subbers! I know I am not able to do it. like Vivi said, we will take care of the whiners!


I was watching NCT DREAM’s ongoing show “7’llin in the DREAM” (7 = ‘chil’ in Korean and there are seven members) on Youtube…
It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the reason I loved it(other than the fact that I love NCT DREAM) is because it’s basically seven best friends on vacation. They’re out in the sun, together, laughing, yelling at each other, arguing, cooking, playing games, singing and just having fun being together. Each member has a different personality, and together they’re pure chaos and fun.

I felt like it was lovely to watch something like that in these times. They’re doing everything I wish I could do with my friends right now. :blush::heart_eyes: Aah, to go swimming in the sun again!



Let me know how you liked it, and I hope you make a request too. Thanks.


Only two episodes are out but I can see that it’s going to be a good one.


I went to check it out today but I’m gonna wait for a few more subbed episodes. I started [DARK HOLE] and is quite confusing bc it has a serial killer, zombies and a shaman story included. I don’t know how they gonna pull that out lol