What are you currently watching?


I do!! I’ve been watching it and it’s just what I love: a hilarious concept that makes absolutely no sense but the acting and comedy is well done so I don’t mind at all :joy:
I just have one question: did they really cut out all those kiss scenes in the actual drama or is it something wrong on Viki? It always shows them leaning/about to lean in and then cuts off very abruptly like someone deliberately cut off the scene after the whole thing was filmed. It’s unusual because the editing for the rest of the drama is quite good, and this feels deliberately done…:thinking::thinking: I’ve seen music scenes being cut but kiss scenes? What’s wrong?


I can’t say enough of how wonderful this 12 episode drama is; NEVER ending joy to watch. I hope we get a part 2 bc it was hinted. No matter the tears the happiness comes next.


angelight! have you seen the ending. the guy at the very ending, goosebumps for sure! just staring at me/us inviting us in!! loved it!! and I am watching it again btw!


It’s going to have a part 2 related to the children (including the old man’s daughter) I’m hoping they don’t take ‘‘years’’ to make it like theyve done with other dramas. i’m re-watching too.




No, that’s not it for me. I just don’t have that much time anymore :blush: spending it on other things :wink:



Great! I think we need to start enjoying more out there too. Hopefully you can go on vacation soon, as I’m looking forward to enjoying mine with my family :pray::pray::pray::pray:,; although it will take a while bc we are waiting for all of us and where we going, to have the two doses of the vaccine. As much as I enjoy Asian dramas, and I appreciate that it has help us through this rough times, I think I need a break from them bc the saddest part is, they are making too many dark dramas lately and is not my cup of tea (Missing; The Other side was very sad bc of that) I like action packed, and I’m really missing the romance on the side…sigh It has very sad/dark stories but it’s a very HOTEL DE LUNA feel w/o the romance. I highly recommend this one. Prepare the tissues.


OMG! Someone recommended [THE GOOD DETECTIVE] what a horrible dark drama! Episode 2 as soon as it starts I had to scream! that scene was so cruel and unbearable to watch. WHY are they doing this for? Makes no sense.

What are u guys watching?

I watched SEOBOK with Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum; it’s good in the action packed scenes, totally awesome, but it missed some stuff in the end that could have made it a perfect 10.


I’m looking forward to this one! I love GY and PBG!

I am currently watching “Love is Science” and “Tale of Nokdu”


Loved [Tale of Nokdu] but not interested in [LIS]. I wanted something more from SEOBOK bc it had so much potential, but I know you’ll like it bc I did watched twice already.


That’s what I heard. I hear the reviews were not very good. But I tend to like things that others don’t.
Yes, Tale of Nokdu is very Sweet! I love that he is doing the gender bender instead of her. He does it so well - manly when he needs to be manly and soft when he needs to be soft.


Highly recommend you guys make a request for the movie {SEOBOK} is a drama with great special effects and although the comments for SEOBOK were mostly about disappointed viewers, and criticism for lack of essence in the story. It was in a way, pointless story plot. But the acting by both ML was awesome, and it is full of wonderful special effects; so it makes up for whatever it lacked storywise. When you get to watch it, you’ll see what was missing bc is obvious from the get-go (the purpose of SEOBOK’s creation). I SAW IT TWICE.
LINK to submit a request I did.


Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum are AWESOME! I love them


Currently watching She is The One and working on Octogenarians and the 90s.
She Is the One: It’s so extremely different and hilarious, all I ask is for them to abolish the domineering, controlling CEO stereotype. It’s not even necessary and so inconsistent! The actor plays his part really well, and I can just feel that the character isn’t supposed to be so weirdly controlling. In all the little things, he’s a thoughtful, sweet man. The actor actually has more than one expression on his face and you can really see his emotions(I feel like sometimes the ‘tsundere trope’ is an excuse for a bad actor). Even the FL is wondeful, chaotic, strong and funny.
Idk, the writers suddenly get high and write a horrible cliche scene with him stopping her from doing anything and being forceful, then we’re right back to the awkward, well-meaning guy I know he is supposed to be.

Octogenarians and the 90s I just know it’s going to be wonderful and heartwarming, all the old people act so wel!! And it’s led by Janice Wu and Bai Jing Ting!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I also stopped watching it good detective


Atm I am watching those dramas:

This drama is really good like @simi11 said and I love the fact that a woman is constantly a man and tries to hide her identity. I also like the costumes and the action so far but I am at EP 12 so I can’t say much atm.

Almost finished The Wolf Princess and the story is quite funny, doesnt take itself serious and many romantic scenes as well so it’s a really funny drama which everyone can watch in the meantime.

This drama is really serious in the contrast and the production is just WOW! The story flows really good if you think about the whole drama (68) and I am watching Ep 50 now.


I’m trying to keep up. :)))


That’s what I love about him, I guess. In Encounter! I thought he was AWESOME & he showed a lot of range of emotion - although I do not like the FL in that one.


I’m watching Seo Yeong, My Daughter. I’ve watched so many K-dramas I need recommendations for more. Haven’t watched American TV in 3 months lol.