What are you currently watching?


I think that I fell in love with Lee Je Hoon hahaha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He’s a cutie - He is in Taxi Driver?


He’s the man lead! He’s just amazing…:heart:


So the premise of taxi driver is like REVENGE?


Kind of, but it’s really well done. About Lee Je Hoon, I just think that he’s really handsome hahaha
Something that is a plus in this show is the OST.




Doom at your service :slight_smile:


This show is not available in your regionWant to see it in your area? Tell us about it! and that is what I am going to do today!


Just got over with Love Me If You Dare…it was great till Ep 20 but went insane after they set foot on American soil.
I feel ughh unsatisfied and craving comfort. I want to watch a warm, rom-com in KOREAN, don’t ask me why, even I don’t know why I feel like k-dramas are home. But I’ve re-watched almost everything I love multiple times and I feel like there’s just no more rom-com that can satisfy me because writer quality has just…gone?
At the same time, I want to swear off dramas forever.

oh btw, Song Seung Hoon is going to lead Voice 4!! @leerla73 are you excited??!


I know what you mean, if you check my list of shows, you’ll notice I watch more C-Drama’s of late. But, maybe you can still find some good K-Drama’s from mine’s, and other’s list of shows watched. Check our collections too, and see, I think you were one who didn’t like going back later than 2017 or there abouts? I recently watched Coffee Prince because of these thread’s discussions. I thoroughly enjoyed it! So take the plunge into shows produced earlier. You’ll get your
:sparkles:spark sparkling! :sparkles:

I know, I’ve been following his post ups on IG. Scroll through this topic I have up here in discussions


Have you tried these?


After watching Joo Sang Wook in Glamorous Temptations, I tried watching Fantastic because of him, and the cast, but for whatever reason, I just couldn’t finish it, although with K-Dramas they do take a while to warm up.

@vivi_1485 also try his previous works, especially Glamorous Temptations, he got married to the actress playing his character enemy after the show ended, I think they went to Hawaii pre-pandemic.


I am so hooked with [Doom At Your Service] now. When I read an article it said it was tragic and sad, but they didn’t mention this was a fantasy/supernatural theme drama; which makes a bigggggggg difference.

Fantasy/Supernatural dramas, we can expect a good ending bc is allowed to happen. So based on that, I started watching and can say the chemistry between SIG/PBY ML/FL it’s AMAZING. This girl is a joy to watch bc she combines clueless with funny and sweet. I was able to analyze all her clueless/funny roles I’ve seen so far, and she’s a natural. She added a different touch to some of her roles, although is basically a clueless, funny, sweet girl.

If you don’t believe me watch her in ABYSS/OH MY GHOSTESS/SCANDAL MAKERS/STRONG GIRL BONG SOON. You won’t feel she’s the same person bc she adds something to her character that’s very unique. She has serious roles and she’s outstanding in those too. She can play really serious roles too with ease.

The ML is unique and also adds so much charm into the relationship. They make such a great acting couple, my number one couplewise so far.


I finished watching a Chinese live action remake of the Japanese manga/anime Hikaru no Go, and I absolutely loved it! The actors were phenomenal (in my opinion, especially the child actors). It’s about a young boy who gets possessed? haunted? by a powerful Go (baduk in Korean, Weiqi in Mandarin) player from the past. This boy meets a Go prodigy and beats him. This starts a rivalry that in turn sparks the boy’s interest in becoming a professional Go player. Overall, the drama is about a boy developing his passion in life and overcoming many, many obstacles while pursuing his dream. There’s very little romance, so the friendships are what shine in this show. Sadly, YT has only the first seven episodes.


In the last ~week I ditched all the stuff I’ve been watching except for Married an Anti-Fan and binged on “Shopping King Louis.” This one was just so upbeat and great! Plot is basically a modern day 100 Days My Prince. For those of you making lists of dramas with good communication/healthy relationships, I think this is a definite example. Every time you think there’s going to be a stupid misunderstanding, it’s quickly cleared up. The leads trust each other and communicate well, and there are really good platonic friendships shown as well. Although the obligatory petty jealousy between male leads exists (sigh), it’s mostly pretty straightforward, eg: “please don’t have a crush on 2ML, it would make me sad.” I don’t know if it’s going to be on my “rewatch” list, but I am definitely glad I saw it and found the relationship so refreshing.


I definitely get “I want to watch a good kdrama but I have kdrama burnout” from time to time. A good drama is magical. I also find myself sometimes taking a break with C/T/J/Thai dramas and then coming back. There’s something about that 16-20 episode length that feels just right to tell a story without getting too meandering. Often I want something good but light, because dramas are my distraction from the real world, when I’m exhausted after putting the kids to bed and just want to vegetate for a couple hours.

Sometimes I find that switching to historical dramas (or modern, if I’ve been watching mainly historical) helps a little. Good luck!


FOUND this gem.


watch a cooking drama, a difference is all I can say.

now a question for you. was there a drama, a cooking one, that gave us a recipe at the beginning of each episode? for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it!
the cooking shows are awesome the dramas , not the varieties
yeah I am also burned out, I also am trying to find some of the older ones like;
vampire prosecuter 1&2
guerss Vincenti and the others did it

oh I found something here as well, soul driver and another one like it kinda, very short dramas, that might interest you

just trying to get out of the slump


I can’t stand cooking dramas especially if they give the whole recipe’s ingredients bc you rarely find them here, and if I substitute an ingredient, it ends up tasting bad, and I know is a fact bc I’ve tried several different recipes.

The other reason I hate cooking dramas bc I’m not a fan of Asian food since I had surgery and spices make me very sick, and Asian food tends to be very spicy and high in sodium (which affects my high blood pressure too).

I’m watching a lot of Disney Plus movies/cartoons bc they are really good and the documentaries are also great too. For now I’m enjoying TIMES and TAXI DRIVER.

FORGOT TO ADD: DOOM at your service. lol I wrote Doom of Love.


I just mentioned the cooking shows just for boredom sake, yeah theres better ones out there, vampire prosecuter, taxi driver sell your haunted house, and so many others I could name more but I am not gonna do that.

later y’all