What are you currently watching?


I always feel personally attacked by this judgmental message. It’s like they can see me refreshing the episode list.


I agree. I struggle with the C-dramas because they seem to be about 439 episodes in length. (Okay, I’m kidding). But I do enjoy the 16 to 20 episode lengths found in K-dramas to be more endurable. I want to get to the plot without travelling down all the side roads. :sunglasses:
Also, it probably doesn’t help that I binge-watch which is a killer on a drama of 30+ episodes.


times on my watch list…


It has a 6.0 rating and the reviews say it’s full of human trafficking and abuse. “Enjoyable” is not a word anyone is using to describe the series…



When I posted this I had not finished the drama and I was in the beginning of the 3rd episode, but I went straight to the end, and I am removing it now, and I realized that we should NEVER write reviews or recommend dramas based on the first episodes… I was happy she was getting even with her cheating, mentally abusive boyfriend and based my opinion on that. The 6.0 rating didn’t affect me bc Japanese dramas here at Rviki always get very low rating (at least the ones I’ve seen so far). I have never seen a 9 or 10 ratings in Japanese dramas/movies and even on Documentaries which I love so much.

Sadly, this drama would have been very comical if the abusive part in the end episode was not included, and they would have done like a dating site instead of ‘‘selling the guys’’


I found the show absolutely hilarious and gave it a 10. It’s of my opinion that a bunch of moral crusaders got wind of the show and piled in with their virtue signalling, falling over themselves to be more morally outraged than the others.
This is the so called human trafficking that they were so enraged about!


TRY watching TIMES I know you gonna like it bc is very different and has a cliffhanger in each episode. Go to this link

Rakuten Viki

Times | Rakuten Viki

A passionate reporter with exceptional talent, Lee Jin Woo (Lee Seo Jin) has dedicated his entire career to pursuing nothing but the truth. Committed to telling the whole story, Jin Woo will do whatever it takes to find and report the hard facts. A…



I’m telling you there are parts there that I laughed hysterically when they make those faces and the reason for it was simply hilarious. If they do some adjustments and rewrite the story it would have been a perfect 10. I still gave it a 10 based on that bc the idea was in the right places, but they did exaggerated a bit some parts bc the end episode did bothered me (the corporal hitting to the young guy from FL). The fact that she stays with her cheating abusive boyfriend was not to my liking either bc she did it just bc he had money not bc she loved him so much she would forgive his mental abuse and cheating.


I have just started watching times



Yes I’m still on episode 5, but is such a crazy drama you have to pay attention to details so that’s the reason I’m still on episode 5. This is a drama you can’t skip parts bc you’ll get lost. I did jump to end episode and I loved it!


We were in denial that our good boy would play such a horrible character. I applaud the fact that LSG did an excellent job in that ‘‘despicable’’ role, but my heart can’t accept to see him in such roles so I’m so glad I didn’t watch the dramas. I hope to see him soon in a new drama and wish him the best always.

Thank you for always giving us such excellent feedbacks, and doing such an excellent job in the translation together with your team members.

PS SO HAPPY you are working on DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE> I am hooked and anxiously waiting for today’s episode.


Yes, LSG and the rest of the cast did an excellent job in Mouse but I knew you didn’t want him to be the bad guy so I didn’t keep you updated. It was a very convoluted plot but I still think it was a very well acted drama and I even cried at the end. I am quite sure you will enjoy DAYS more.:wink:


At the moment I am very hooked on The Imperial Coroner. It’s a lot like Maiden Holmes, but I think there’s more chemistry between the leads. So far there’s good communication and the male lead isn’t making us all suffer through any tsundere BS or toxic masculinity/jealous chest-thumping. Loving it! In some ways the chemistry between ML and FL reminds me of “Dr. Qin Medical Examiner.” We all have our things, and I never thought mine was romantic tension over autopsy table in Chinese dramas, but the heart wants what it wants!

Frustratedwriter I searched this thread and saw you’re watching this one too–I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

One thing I like about Chinese dramas is that more often than other countries’ shows, it seems like the romantic tension comes from the leads being intellectual equals who share a passion about some profession or skill.


I’m right now watching HAMILTON on DISNEY plus. Wow…an honor to watch a theater play from the comfort of my livingroom.


Imperial coroner, taxi driver, Brickout, yes I am enjoying it very much, now we talking about twins should we guess?? that weird eunich touchjed upon it
I also am rewatching Dr Quinn, and you have a secret, madame Holmes


could you please expand on whatever love triangle there is in the drama? I was checking reviews and everyone keeps saying that her brother was being “disgusting”


I can help with that. the family took the girl in, due to her birth which was called coffin baby, I really think you need to go back & watch a couple of episodes. anyway “mom” died, she was in a coffin, the baby was taken out, so she was given to the old coroner. and raised as his daughter. the son was her brother, and raised as such. the brother found out about the sister’s birth and all, so he I guess started loving her not as a brother, so he was protective of her,

This text will be blurred

so this prince comes along and he does fall in love with a girl, so bro. steps in, he tells her of his [spoiler]


feelings, he fo course is upset she doesn’t feel the same way, He, to me, isn’t disgusting, thats the “brother” coming out, yeah he does love her, but he also wants to protect her Just like a brother would. so maybe he came on a bit strong, “If you hurt her, I will kill you” or something like that. oh yeah let me say this, she loves her brother, and just says you are my brother, so there is a bond there.


I hope that helped

choitrio you are so right about that! and this is a hate love drama for me, I am taking it a bit at a time. yes I am not crazy about this drama, but I am going to finish it!!

why do these people take some of our favorite actors and put them as the bad guy?? oh I know they want to do something different, but still what a shock!! and yes they were and are good at what they did.


Spoiler girl, spoiler …


Is anyone watching Miss the dragon? I’m curious but I’m not really sure about it.


The love triangle is as frustratedwriter describes (beware of spoilers)… The minor character who tries to come between the leads is unlikeable but, well, minor. The triangle is quickly dropped/forgotten, at least for most of the drama so far. The lack of love polygons among the leads is actually VERY refreshing, I think! The writers did a great job of giving everyone different talents and abilities and having the various leads attracted to individual people, not everyone fawning over the same ML/FL.