What are you currently watching?


@frustratedwriter @brickout and anyone else who wants to know how the spoiler function works.
Here it is once again …

There is a spoiler function, while writing your comment on the top right there is “options” click on it, and you will see one of the 4 options is Blur Spoliers. You just need to mark your text you want to blur and click on Options/Blur Spoilers, that’s all - no more accidental reading of spoilers.


natyh, I also had the same thoughts, I will watch a few more 3episaodes anyway.

I also am watching Bossan, I am going to ask y’all about this. was there a drama something like this a year or so back? some of the scenes seem so familiar. still watching imperial coroner, taxidriver Dr quin you have a secret, Madam holmes, and a few more


Exactly, I have that feeling that I already watch a show like that one. And I’m in the same situation haha, I’m going to try to finish other shows before starting with this one.
Did you try the watch party?


Thank you for that! I wanna watch it now!!
Thank you, too, @brickout :blush:


huh? I didn’t think it was, again ooops sorry, but how is it a spoiler, please explain…

ok lutra, is that better???


I got it! but tell me “nicely” how did I do a spoiler?


mark the text, click on gearwheel symbol, than on blur spoiler

just like this


Finished: Move to heaven.
I am speechless.


As in Sweet Home, I think it is about humanity in a very touching way.
And the main actor, who is probably just playing the autistic person, is simply incredible.

I especially appreciate that where there is a (NF) licence, it came on screen at the same time


Wowsers! We get a love story super fast!!! I like these little short Eps!
This guy is super sexy in an older man - younger woman sorta way!
Ok he is just sexy period and bring in another hottie - what is that!!!


Is it good? I added to my list but I’m not sure yet.


I like all ready!


The details of her family, I thought, might spoil the mystery for someone before they have a chance to watch. I personally don’t have an issue with it but a heads up might be warranted for those who like to be surprised.

Personally I avoid discussion threads about dramas I don’t want spoiled. I reserve all my rage for people who put spoilers in the timed comments, especially on classic dramas when they’re like “and the leads kiss in episode 537!” I’m a weirdo who doesn’t mind knowing -what- will happen but don’t tell me -when- it happens!


I try really hard to get people to use the BLUR feature on my threads!


I hope you understand this way

In my laptop this is next to the letter P----------------[ ]the brackets

First bracket in part you have to put up when you started [ spoiler ] the family took the girl in…

and where it says so this prince comes along and he does fall in love with a girl, so bro. steps in, he tells her of his [/spoiler] now this part has to be together with…so he was protective of her,

If is too far apart it won’t work. I took what you wrote put it together and added [ spoiler] at beginning of sentence and this one [/spoiler]at the very end of what you wrote. Hope it helps

I can help with that. the family took the girl in, due to her birth which was called coffin baby, I really think you need to go back & watch a couple of episodes. anyway “mom” died, she was in a coffin, the baby was taken out, so she was given to the old coroner. and raised as his daughter. the son was her brother, and raised as such. the brother found out about the sister’s birth and all, so he I guess started loving her not as a brother, so he was protective of her, so this prince comes along and he does fall in love with a girl, so bro. steps in, he tells her of his


It’s on my watch list but I want it to get a few more episodes down the road before I begin. So many dramas, so little time! :grin:


I’m dying over here waiting on Doom and now Love is Phantom - both cliffhangers


Some gorgeous actors in this one! This is super cute!


I hear you!! I’m the SAAME, we’re all weirdos in our own way :sweat_smile: I absolutely HATE it when they tell you which episode something happens, but I really don’t mind knowing what happens.


Well I’ve been complaining a lot around here over how I can’t seem to find any good old heartfelt, charming kdramas with that unique kdrama flavor (if I don’t make sense, carry on, this weirdo is just writing out her jumbled thoughts :joy: )
I FOUND ONE!! Burrowing through @lutra’s collections was worth it! :sweat_smile:

It doesn’t have a full romance and I’m just on Episode 8, but WOW I didn’t think I would thoroughly enjoy one like this.
Its Viki summary is a little off, so let me give y’all one (without spoilers, I promise!)
So the plot basically is:
A sweet, hardworking woman with six-year-old twins has to try to make a living on her own after her husband suddenly died of a heart attack.
Her next-door neighbor is an ex-NIS agent accused of spying and murdering a North Korean informant, who was also his girlfriend. On the run and in hiding, he is determined to catch the assassin and group behind her death. He decides to enter FL’s house as a babysitter for her twins so he can keep an eye on her. He knows that her husband was actually murdered for being the only witness to the murder by the same assassin who killed ML’s girlfriend.

Here start the hilarious misadventures of a tough, antisocial NIS agent trying to take care of two hyperactive six-year olds while their mother goes to work at a little-known firm which is actually the cover for a dangerous criminal organization. The romance is just hinted at, I think it’s just right because both leads are still trying to cope with the loss of their partners. They’re just each other’s confidantes, and I really love that.

I haven’t laughed so much in quite a while. Not just giggles, I want to roll all over the floor laughing at the ML with kids. It’s really adorably funny to see him slowly change from standing around looking cool at the playground to being a total dad. So Ji Sub is so perfect for the role, his poker face has me in stitches. The drama has won a lot of awards, and I think the low 9.3 Viki rating is because it’s exclusively available in English subtitles only.