What are you currently watching?


y’all I really apologize for my “spoiler” message. thank you angelight, for showing me again what to do and how to do. I sure didn’t realize iI was doing a spoiler there, just thought I was explaining the story!!


I’m exactly the same hahaha :rofl:


Honey, when you explain the story is considered a spoiler. Don’t worry. Some people here LOVE SPOILERS and others HATE SPOILERS. That is why is best to ‘‘blur’’ what you write so people that love it click on it, and people that hate spoilers just need to mind their business and not click on your spoiler. It doesn’t affect me one bit bc I have actually gone to see dramas just bc I read a spoiler from someone in here.

So for those who LIKE I DID stopped watching MOVE TO HEAVEN give the drama a chance and I suggest u don’t miss this one. I have to be honest, and add I didn’t like the guy from TAXI DRIVER for this role; but I’m tolerating it for the sake of watching a great drama. It’s on ntfx… Is a pity that Rviki is not offering great dramas like this one that I know many would’ve enjoyed.



angelight, thank you soooo much. I really felt bad about this. oh do give move to heaven a chance, even if the guy isn’t suited for that part, really won’t be disappointed watching it.

need I note, remember I didn’t like vencenzo for exactly that same reason, boy sure glad I did finish that drama!! both were awesome!!

so no more explaining a story, good grief!


We convinced you!!! Love Vincenzo!


I have a friend who LOVES Ji Sub! I wish this was on Viki here but it’s not! I did recommend it to her


yep you did Kdrama! and so glad you did, cause I did love that drama!!


It is on VIki, though…I think it came pretty recently since I was once of the only ones in the TCs :sweat_smile:
Here it is again:

Just finished it. I don’t know why they call it “My Secret Terrius” when “Terrius Behind Me” is both correct and a better option.

It was a wonderful watch. I stared at So Ji Sub to my heart’s content, we had enough runway model scenes. The Fl, Jung In Sun, is also sooooo pretty!! I love her twinkling eyes.
The story was fun and the writers had so much mercy on the audience. Love them!! My tears didn’t last forever and everything ended so nicely.

I could watch Ji Sub and the twins all day, they were ADORABLE. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I recommend it for anyone looking for a light-ish, not-much-romance, hilarious, adorable dramedy mixed with some mystery, action and plot twists on the side.


not in my area. my secret terris…

trying to finish taxi driver, but have to wait till it has finished subbing! oh well I can watch something else till it gets finished, hehehe I did try & watch without the subs, but no can do


Thanks for that. I’m really afraid that I may see spoilers so I stopped seeing your thread doom at your service
And I request all people to blur spoilers.


Thinking of watching this - Anyone watching???


Watching My Little Happiness but still completely unable to move on from Terrius Behind Me :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The funniest part of Ml Little Happiness— I’ve rewound the kiss scene at least ten times…with my eyes closed so I could savour the music- I LOVE THAT PIANO PIECE! :sweat_smile::heart_eyes:


yes,yes lessons well learned, flimsy excuse but there it is, I just didn’t realize what goes behind spoilers. I again apologize for my mistake


I am! hehe
I really enjoy this show.


The DREAM kiss is the BEST! That one?


I got closure From TERRIUS BEHIND ME bc they had it available here with subtitles in English so about 2 weeks ago I binged from the part I had missed to see with subs. I was so happy to see him in the drama smiling, laughing, happy and not with that cold look character that I wasn’t too fond bc he can and was able to show that he can change his stone face for a sweeter one.

BUT…I LOVE watching this one [Witch’s Court] although it has been here for a long time I just found it bc someone mentioned it here? I don’t remember how i found it lol. I wonder what happened to the male actor haven’t seen him in dramas in a while and I really like his acting, hope to see him soon in a drama here. I really didn’t like the story plot of his last drama bc it was ‘‘too fake’’ (I did watched all 16 episodes though). The FL is a natural to me; I guess bc she got married she stopped acting? She was amazing in Wok Of Love too.


He did My Holo Love in 2020 - I don’t think Viki has that one.
He is a retired baseball player

Yoon Hyun Min

Aw…JUNHO! I think the actress was sweet too


Yes, I saw [My Holo Love] twice on ntfx. Loved it too, but that was a year ago so I miss seeing him. Now we have actors doing two and more dramas in less than a year. I didn’t know he was a baseball player…wow.

PS> He was in 2020


Witch’s Court regrettably has no license for my region, maybe there is hope as one of her other dramas happen to get one a year or two later. Yes, I am patient … Or so it seems.

As for …


That is cool that he was an athlete! I love finding that kinda stuff out