What are you currently watching?


Thanks! It looks really good and my fave theme mystery. Gonna start watching now.

PS This [The Goddess of Revenge] is awesome! Why I never heard of it before?


If you click on ABOUT and pull up your favorite actor - then you see all his works on VIKI! I love following the actor too. Thanks for the recommends…I need to watch more Mystery.

Have you looked at “Good Manager” with Junho it was written by the Vincenzo Writer - I have heard good things. He has several other works also - many actually -


witches court is on my list of next to watch

oh and yeaaa, finished taxi driver, awesome, and a good ending too, I hope that isnt a spoiler!!

Kdrama, I am watching sell your haunted house too

love wok of love too almost finished with it try watching the best chicken.

haven’t watched goddess of revenge yet

as for following actors, I love doing that too, but some of their dramas arent attached to them, I have to go somewhere else to find them


Makes me hungry every time I watch Junho COOK! :fire::fire::fire:


Adding this one to the list. I loved Junho in Just Between Lovers/Rain or Shine, which in my opinion is one of the most under-hyped kdramas. I also love his instagram. Every other celebrity is like “buy this drink/clothing/etc. that I am promoting” and Junho’s is 95% of pictures of him with cats. melts


Goddess of Revenge I’m already on episode 4 it’s so addicting I can’t stop watching. I put Witch’s Court on hold bc I can stop GOR lol

I have to watch TAXI DRIVER tonight. I’m glad is a good ending.

On episode 5 after minute 42:00 i saw the cutes thing. Watch the cat! i wonder if it was pure coincidence or staged.


You have not seen Wok of LOVE! Oh my gosh, he is AMAZING! He works so hard on his dramas he learned to actually use that WOK. Right now he is learning to eat Right handed for his up coming drama. I am going to be watching Good Manager - He’s a bad boy - I will love him in that roll. He is just such a talented ARTIST. And he keeps us informed almost daily of what he is doing! I just always wanna make sure he is eating well!!! I did buy his favorite musk - that he had in the GQ interview photos and it SMELLS so good. I got the lotion but oh so nice and clean smelling. Oh NOOOOOO - you got me started - I try so hard not to reveal how crazy I am about him!!!



Also watched move to heaven. Hope they get a second season :slight_smile:
Still watching law school as well. I might watch the last episodes when the final episode is uploaded (or maybe I’ll fail to resist the temptation :rofl:).


Scripting Mr. Destiny - Very sweet - good filler drama with not a lot of angsty family issues.
It had kind of an ambiguous ending but enough where you can draw your own conclusions.

It’s nice to complete something.!


Sell Your Haunted House -

Now this is a different storyline! I love this actress from Fated to Love You!

OH I see a ML BadBoy my kinda GUY! And the actor is a talented singer/songwriter (I could tell cuz he definitely normally wears earrings - I don’t know why I notice this in dramas) he plays the drums, piano, clarinet, guitar etc. So Cool!


I just finished Vincenzo and start Love in Time but it’s really boring.
I want to start a new C-drama: She’s the one.

Also watched move to heaven

I want to watch this one too and Mad for each other.


So I end up watching several at one time. I just finished Hello Mr. Gu which has some laugh out loud moments and I fell in love with some of the actors and actresses. I am watching the following: Standing in Time, Doctor Stranger, Legend of Fuyao (which I am loving), Kangchi, the Beginning. The variety shows I mix in there are Master in the House, Happy Together, and Handsome Tigers. There are some that I end up watching the most, that is what happened with Hello Mr. Gu and In House Marriage Honey.
Do any of you watch multiple?


Right now i have 2 browsers opened THE GODDESS OF REVENGE and WITCH’S COURT. They are so good i can’t stop watching so i take turns but oddly enough i’m on episode 8 for both dramas. Anyway, going to bed now lol


Some of us have like 15 going at once! On hold - some! I have about 5 to 8 I am watching right now.
Squirrel Effect - jumping when you see a NEW one!


I just finished She is the One and Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard (this one got straight to my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:). :sweat_smile:


Yes, that one! Idk I usually close my eyes to savour the music and then suddenly realise its a romantic scene so I rewind it watch the scene, then rewind it again just to listen to the instrumental :joy:


Yes, I’m watching:

  • Taxi driver (just two episodes left)
  • Sell your haunted house (which is airing so I’m waiting for the next episodes)
  • Word of Honor (I’m waiting for the subtitles too)
  • My heroic husband (subs too)
  • Love in time (it’s a Korean show with just 6 episodes but it’s too bad hahaha)

Probably I can finish taxi driver and Love in time this week, so I’m going to start: She is the one (Chinese) and Move to Heaven (Korean).


finished imperial coroner, a good ending,I must say, now not sure if she will get married or just be the coroner, oh well on to other dramas! I did finish taxi driver oh wow!!! I finished word of honor, ending questionable,

hurricanekat, oh love the name! yes I do watch multiples don’t get bored as much, not gotta find others to take the place of what I have finished.



On hold or waiting more episodes…

This is my CRAZY!


I just have one show on hold: Go go squid 2.