What are you currently watching?


You’re my HERO


hahaha I like to watch the dramas complete, I just can’t keep watching King’s avatar.
But I try to start and finish the dramas even if I’m not so into it.


Hey you need to put your review in the other “comfy” drama thread! I keep telling my Ji Sub friend she needs to watch it!


Oh! Yea! I was watching that one! Waiting for the next episode and forgot about it. I’ll have to finish that one. Are all the EPs out yet? (I can go look for myself and answer that question. :smirk: )

I just finished binge-watching Hello Mr. Gu! It was cute. The ML was typical tsundere CEO type guy who came around in the end… (Wanted to whack him upside the head a couple of times) but it was a fun show for the most part. The FL was joyful and energetic. They were a cute couple.

(Interesting… why was that link in Italian?) :laughing:

Ok. Found the English link.


Hey @porkypine90_261 always happy to see you!

Yes, I finished it yesterday! It is cute - not extremely troublesome drama - just cute. I think they were inspired a little by Goblin but that’s ok


I couldn’t finish King’s Avatar. I got through most of it, but the thing that did me in was Yang Yang’s voice being dubbed over. Apparently they wanted to use the anime voices, but it just sounds so WRONG. It just doesn’t sound like Yang Yang sounds. Everything about that man is gorgeous including his voice, and I feel petty af but dubbing over it just ruined it for me.

What I really wanted was more Love O2O, one of my all-time faves… and it seemed like a similar enough premise… but no. Sigh.


Exactly, that was the reason for me too. I was expecting something like O2O, but I found it kind of boring, so I dropped.


Just finished My Little Happiness

I recommend it for anyone who wants a high fluffy sweetness, minimal angst and lotsssss of skinship. Perfect, satisfying ending. It was way less toxic and annoying than all those CEO cdramas I’ve been watching recently. I’d say it works as a wonderful 28-episode (can I call it a filler?) drama to watch in between thrillers or other heavy dramas.

​No angsty love triangles and separations or misunderstandings for our main couple. I felt like whacking only one (supporting character)guy on the head but I fell head over heels in love with him later lol :joy: Also, he was put through so much agony that I felt so sorry for him while also laughing my head off. He honestly thought the girl he liked was about to marry Kang Dong Joo from Dr. Romantic!:joy: Poor guy, he looked so distraught and desperate while I sat there shaking with laughter over Kang Dong Joo’s “cameo” :clown_face::sob::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Waiting for new episodes of Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard, I got to watch MLH and I don’t regret it. I have it on my list of adorable series. This drama conquered me instantly. Considering the subject and the audience it addresses, it is a perfect drama. I would watch it 10 more times. The actress is exceptional and pairs well with any ML. One of my fav!


Yes, she’s really pretty…love her smile so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Her acting was also so good, she was cute and sweet without being annoying.
I’m ADDICTED to this OST, currently trying to play it on the piano :sweat_smile:


I loved the BOOK STORE guy! I have not finished it but Daddi Tang is ADORBS and that bookstore guy! Love him - It is very fluffy!



Daebak! @vivi_1485, @kdrama2020ali





I am glad Minari is now available at Viki.


Oh I didn’t know that! Awesome


My interpretation was that they convinced the emperor to let them do both, but maybe that’s wishful thinking!

I just finished this one as well. I thought it was excellent - I thoroughly enjoyed this one, which put the money and effort where it counts and had an unknown but fantastic cast. I love a drama with good platonic friendships where the story keeps moving along without relying solely on romantic tension to keep the viewer interested! It had everything I like about good Chinese dramas. (I rated it 9* only because I try to leave 10* for my very very very faves that I watch over and over again.)

I’d highly recommend it to anyone who liked Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, Maiden Holmes, or Under the Power.


He’s completely gorgeous in this look!!!



Oh MY MY MY MY MY - I Love him so much and he is so YOUNG!


OMG! I want to watch this!


He looked so stinking good in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. :heart_eyes: I don’t often have 2ML syndrome, but when I do it’s for the Joseon fighters hanging out in the rafters.