What are you guys currently watching?


Just finished the finale of Arthdal Chronicles.
Hoping that 1) they have another season and 2) they tie up the loose ends from season 1.
If this season was meant as a prelude, then well done, although I feel like they could’ve ended the story with 24 episodes.


Is it available for you?


I started Novoland: Eagle Flag over the weekend, and I am totally into it! I’m on episode 39. After I finished The Longest Day in Chang’an, I needed another fantasy historical drama, and since I liked Tribes and Empires a lot, I decided to try Novoland. I don’t regret it :smile:


I read this reason from so many people that I wonder how many watch dramas in another language than English.

(It’s the same for me, I only watch English subs here. Quite sad.)


I’m watching a show called Top Boy. Not sure if I like it or not. Depends where the story is going.


I watched Shanghai Fortress too. I think it was okay as entertaining movie, without deep storyline or character progress even though it looked like a Chinese remake of old US movies like Independence Day and others (that is the sad aspect because a more unique story or more details about the aliens might have been better).


and I wanted to watch that one. so maybe just for entertainment, I may watch that one today
and as for watching English subs, guess I am a guilty one on that. I dod notice on NF there are some foreign language films other than Asian, I may try & start watching them too, what a great way to learn another language!!


It drives me crazy that they killed more than half of the characters and the 3 of the main ones i liked so much, that really bothered me but I stick to it to the end.

I really liked the story plot but the aliens they used were more robot like, very high tech. The special effects was awesome would love to see it on 3D.


Yes almost all died… but it was realistic XD imagine all would have survived^^

I was thinking the whole time if the aliens are robot AI or if the robots are conrolled by biological living beings. I really loved to know more about the aliens. It is so frustrating just saying: ok here are some aliens, they just wanna destroy Earth - bye bye…


lol in many English version alien destruction movies the main characters survived (except Independence day movie… :frowning: I believe aliens are real but they exist in other planets and would never destroy earth to take over it bc something happened in their planet. If anything, I believe they help us humans in our time of need by watching and helping us when we need help. When the time comes, they will also rescue us when this planet dies bc evil mankind are really killing this earth: example: check what is destroying this earth, and humanity (all our disease and catastrophic events are caused by this so called GOD’S PARTICLE) the devil/evil ppl. are really using that to destroy all that GOD has created


The Large Hadron Collider | CERN


Hollywood usually does not kill its heroes in movies. In many Japanese anime I watched sacrificing many (or all) main characters was not so rare for rescuing the others. The Chinese version (Shanghai Fortress) with letting the one main character - who told us the story - survive was something in between :smiley:

Neither all dead nor survived, I think I find the Chinese style most realistic, the US style too fictional and the Japanese style too depressing.


remember (I hope I got this right) Battle of Los angeles an old drama, a lot of these alien dramas I think they need to revamp them somehow, well battle of the machines? what about those swachnager ones? (sorry didn’t spell his name right)Terminator

can’t we get something more I guess original , my love from the stars wasn’t too bad, I am sure there are more, I am an atlantis nut, ok? and the aliens landed then, heheheheheh so look at the stories about the mermaids & mermen, why not aliens.

all these conspiracie theories, questionable, we have time travel, have aliens, have and yet we can’t see a halfway good drama about it (OH! stary night stary sea??) and on your side of the planet, whats with Lemuria? barely anything said about that. sorry methinks I protest too much!!

Just one time a neat mind opener, spell binding ufo story that isn’t violent, my imagination of course, Instead of they coming to destroy us, they are here to check us out, how advanced are we to them and such.I must stop don’t want you to think I have absolutely lost it.


Schwarzenegger :wink:


You should hear the way I pronounce that name, my kids roll on the floor from laughing, and try as I may, the name never gets its proper pronunciation. He has aged so much and his last drama on NfX is so bad, I just dropped it out of my list.



They definitely must have a continuation to this drama but maybe the writers needed some time so they can continue the rest (although the future of both --’‘kings’’ don’t look too promising up to now. I usually get really angry with this open-ended dramas but with this one I’m not.
I told my daughter she must copy the beige gold dress for her wedding dress. What a gorgeous dress and that crown…wow speechless.

Hope they finally have it here at Rviki it’s a kind of confusing, and one of a kind drama. The kind of drama I also love to watch.


you are an angel@aaawwwwwwww thank you!!! an angel Lutra!!


you ought to hear my saying that name, really not nice but…and maybe a bit racist, um not sure bout that one though


LOL - for me it’s easy since German is my native language no problem to pronounce it. But well there are other names in the world that I have trouble with …


:blush: my German is not good at all


I remember that one, I’ve seen it when I was younger. Goodness, it scared the wits out of me with the aliens. To this day, I have an aversion to aliens and alien movies. Looking back, it doesn’t seem too scary, but I still wouldn’t watch it.


well I finished “wanna hear your song” awesome! anyway,

thinking of watching some of the older ones till that melting me softly comes on.

fated to love you, drunken to love you, protect the boss. so this is love. hmmm I picked the love type ones. suspicious partner, I may do that instead of one of these other ones