What are you listening to?


I think Lee Jinki -Onew from SHINee - has a beautiful voice. I just love his Nessum Dorma. Yea. I am a sucker for Italian opera. Especially when he sings it. :heart_eyes:

I just found this one of Onew tap dancing. :sunglasses:

Oops! I gotta quit playing and do my homework! My segmenting lessons just came through. Laterz peeps!


:joy::joy: My Mexican neighbors own a ranch and they play similar music on their ranch radio.

I don’t know if someone posted this song already, but I just thought of it after reading your post.



When your homework is done …
He is a French singer, I know this song has several version, but have a soft spot for his version.

He even participated on a Luciano Pavarotti’s concert and sang a duet with him


When you just gotta DANCE!


You may like this one then. They are …well… dancing on and around chairs? :rofl:

I love these guys. BTS BOMB. They are so cute. And Jin, dancing with Super Mario, then he just tosses his buddy to the curb. :scream: :rofl:


How ever did you find that song? It is very uh… ‘different’. :grin:


Who doesn’t want good looking guys dancing to Baby Shark!:sunglasses:


The Blonde on the Rt Cracking Up makes me Crack up! Thanks! I just love guys dancing with chairs!

Oh another great DANCE practice!!! ZE:A



I especially love Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons. The allegro in Summer is Beautiful music

But I think Winter is my favorite part


Oh Vivaldi is one of my favorites!


우리 칩에를 가자! uh. Watch out for that 늑대 :sunglasses:

Oh… Forgot to translate,… Let’s go to my house… Watch out for that wolf. :joy:



Those guys make me smile every time I watch one of their bombs.
Lol. That Blonde guy is V - (Tae-Hyung)
Jimin- backwards-blue-baseball hat
V- blonde-no-hat

Here’s an early one of BTS - 쩔어 or Dope
V is wearing shorts - He reminds me of my cousin when we were kids. My auntie V, yes Auntie ‘V’ short for Vivian. Would dress up her kid in shorts just like this when they visited us. :joy: He was always so danged NEAT and here us hellions wanted to go play tackle. :rofl:


Oh V he is the only one I know out of the group! I do know all the members of 2PM and Astro though!:green_heart::green_heart:V is friends with PSJ and in the Wooga squad with Park Hyung Sik! That’s how I’m familiar with V. I guess I need to get to know BTS better.


By by watching Hwarang is how I found BTS by looking up V. Park Seo Jun got me interested in his other shows and Park Hyung Sik - all those guys were in it. :grin:


I knew there was someone in BTS with that name, but no idea who. :rofl:
For some K-pop groups I know part of the members, but Sechskies might be the only one of which I exactly know who is who and can even recognize their voices.


If I like a group, I do try to remember who is who. :smile:

ok. I don’t know sechskies. I’ll listen to your posts when I have a bit of time. :grin:

Before I head out the door, This morning’s selection is Stray Kids.



[Stray Kids : SKZ-PLAYER] Hyunjin “when the party’s over” (원곡 : Billie Eilish)

[Stray Kids : SKZ-PLAYER] Lee Know X Hyunjin X Felix


I know Jimin, RM and Jungkook best because EVERYONE is crazy over them…the others I can recognize if they stand still :joy:
however, I can recognize EXO and NCT DREAM from shakes/ only tiny parts of their bodies/ drawings/ ANYTHING :sweat_smile:
I’m getting into Stray Kids because of Bang Chan and @porkypine90_261 here :sweat_smile: and I enjoy BTOB’s music a lot, their strength is power ballads and R&B

I think every k-pop fan would feel with this video:

It’s such a sweet montage of NCT…from when they were only 12-year-olds to the present…makes me cry all the time at the hard work they’ve put into their careers


I have to say ALL of these GROUPS work SO HARD! **Fighting!**:green_heart:


This CRACKS me up every time. and I love this song! Do you know who sings this song??