What are you listening to?



Ok Folks… What am I listening to right now/ It ain’t music! :rofl:
It must be Stray Kids day at my house. :laughing:

우리 집에을 가자! Let’s go home! :smile: Will they wake up dad?

Back Door

Felix has such a deep voice for such a skinny guy. His position is called , “Deep assed voice position.” :laughing:



I don’t know who made that song. I keep thinking it’s something from a Disney cartoon.
Have you seen these two? I watch these when I need to smile. They are from the promotions for Love in the Moonlight.

I often wonder what the old rulers would think if they could have watched these shows.:joy: Yea, would have flown like a lead kite!


Yes, the above is the long version! I watch the shorter version with PBG most of the time. He is at the end of the one I posted. I just wish I knew where the song came from. I am starting to watch Love in the Moonlight right now!

Lee Jong Suk at his fan meeting! I think this is the sweetest and funniest. He is working so hard and he gets tired. When I need a smile I watch this… So cute! And I love the song! "New Face"


Aw How cute! He has some moves!


The New Face Dancer is **Lee Jong Suk**from “W” and “While you were sleeping”

But Yes, Bo Gummy does have moves in the Bombastic video for Love in the Moonlight.



:grin: I stumbled on the song while looking for new Chinese/Taiwanese music to add to my playlist. YouTube might have recommended it to me, or someone might have mentioned it in a comment, I’m not sure.


I love Bii so much!


I love BTOB! I can distinguish their voices and I know many of their songs. In certain songs, I know who sings the upcoming verse. My sister and I like to play “Guess the BTOB song” or “Guess the Singer” on car trips.

I’ve been listening to their song “When it Rains” all day today (cause it’s cloudy right now where I am).

I’ve been watching “Fated to Love You” and Jang Hyuk referenced a song by the kpop group g.o.d. He acted in the music video and the drama even has two clips from the actual mv! Younger Jang Hyuk looks like Hyun Bin, as someone said in the comment section.

And this is another g.o.d. song. It made me cry because the lyrics are so relatable for me.

A song from more recent times. Perfectly fits with the weather right now.



Oh hey! That was Sungjae! Wasn’t he? He was in Goblin, Master in the House and Mystic Pop up bar? I didn’t know he was a singer in BTOB.


Dear mother is so sad! The lyrics are relatable to me in many ways.


EEEEE mirjam… The visuals on that are disturbing…

Ok Peeps. Time to lighten the mood and Party! It’s my birthday! :cake:

Time to squander money and party! :rofl: Where’s my money at? :rofl:

Let’s see. I have 18 bucks. That’s enough for a diabetic coma cake! the Snicker’s cake is a very deadly and decadent dark chocolate cake with whipped cream icing with caramel dripped down the sides.

Yea, I really don’t need it. Nope. Not at all.

hellooooo… the cake is calling to me…

help. I’m in trouble…!.. I am falling into the black hole of cake!.. :scream:

I am passing the event horizon! :scream:

Phew! I managed to grab onto a passing asteroid and it drug me away from that event horizon, but somehow a cake attached itself to my wallet?!?! :laughing:


Happy Birthday and all the best!

I think something is wrong with me, the older I get, the simpler I want my cake, I will let every outstanding creation aside for cheese-, apple- or carrot cake, I swear. But enjoy every calorie, or it will stay on your hip. :wink:


This version better? :slight_smile:

Anyways …

Happy birthday!!! or as the Dutch say:

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! :kissing_heart: :gift: :bouquet: :cake: :tea:


Thank you!

Yea. My creaky knees won’t let me dance anymore so there really isn’t a way to burn off cake calories. :smile:

It’s a good think I generally don’t eat cookies, cake, candy and stuff like that. It’s only a once in a while thing for me. My problem is a lifelong habit, since childhood, of usually only eating dinner. They say you are supposed to eat breakfast but when I do I feel bloated and terrible all day. I am just not hungry in the morning.

Ok… Where’s our V fan? Here you go. @ kdrama2020ali! Another V close up for you. He is dressed as the joker in this one.

V overdose time :laughing: Time for stupid stuff. :rofl:

Here you go. Jimin and V jammin’ The '95’s were having fun.


Yes. but now I am afraid to know what they are singing about. :scream: :rofl:


I take it you don’t make a habit out of watching horror movies? :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually? Not usually. I will watch some things but I really do not like oppressive or gory stuff. And those claws were…eh… yea… NOPE! :scream: :rofl:

hehehehheeh My poor gramma! She used to scold me for biting my nails when I was a kid and tell me, “Don’t you want long beautiful nails like mine?”

I’d look sideways at those long, RED, perfectly manicured nails and think that Frankenstein’s monster had just disemboweled someone. :scream:

I wonder what she would have thought of my opinion? :rofl: