What are you listening to?


Then DON’T watch this video! :scream:


uh… that is just nasty looking. Sorry. :scream: :laughing:

Yea. long nails are not for me.


I hope your grandma’s were not THAT long! :joy:

I don’t even know how that woman can live like that! :thinking::roll_eyes:


I know right. You know what I’m thinking. …yea… I’ll not say it…:scream:

My gramma’s nails were only a 1/2 inch or so. That was WAY before the claws were in fashion.


I listen to this even in the middle of the night and I start dancing!


Ok. I’ll take your dance and raise you one chicken dance. :rofl:

Our old neighborhood was up against the freeway on one side and between a bunch of factories on and railroad tracks on the other sides. Looks very similar to this place. :rofl: (Except that is LA. We were Bay Area.)

We had muscle cars when I was a teenager and low riders were just getting started… and those huge wheelies were kid toys. :rofl: AND!! We had the FUNKY chicken! :rofl:


Yup! That’s Sungjae! He’s a great singer, he has such a beautiful voice:grin:

He sang a song about chicken:

Happy Birthday! :birthday::birthday::cake::cake::cupcake::cupcake:


That song is hilarious! He wants to be a yummy, delicious chicken? :rofl:



Oh, WOW, NEW FIND! Jackson Wang Ok He is in GOT7 I love them.


Oh yes. Freddy can SING! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: that man had an incredible range.


I like that song. How do you like the conjure move choreography? Did he take her back down at the end! !?! YIKES!!! :scream::grin:

I didn’t realize Jackson Wang is in Got7.



I love GOT7 SAME! I just accidentally found this and he has more solo work! I love him now! SO COOL! More stuff to listen to!:blue_heart:Fun fact! He was an Olympic level fencer and had a scholarship to STANFORD. He decided to be a singer instead!!!


I have a friend crazy about Taka from One Ok Rock!


In my opinion Queen Freddie Mercury (greatest singer) and Prince (best guitarist musician) ever. My two favorite bands of ALL time!



Did you see Pretty Please? That tv announcer’s voice sounds so familiar to me but I can’t place WHO the voice belongs to. :grin: I like the way Jackson starts to follow the ‘girl’ from all 4’s wolf mode then upright into a guy run. Then he drops behind the garbage can and comes out checking to see if he smells like garbage. :rofl: It’s funny to watch,

I thought Jackson was American because his accent is so US. :laughing: But he’s from Hong Kong.

Then he’s in a straight jacket over his devil in a black dress. :grin:
Bullet to the heart


My favorite artist with one of the best vocalists ever

I still couldn’t listen to his last album, I watched 2 videos from it and don’t think I can handle it, as it is about death and I lost too many people the past years.


This reminded me of the EXO version, the second time i was completely shaken by their amazing vocals: