What are you listening to?


Kalaallisut rock! :greenland: :guitar:


Wow. Thanks for this one. It’s interesting to hear that song in tenor.

Wooo! Just got my ASC GO for the next batch of English subtitles. I’ll be busy doing English subs for Enhypen - Episode 452! I’ve been following these guys since I-Land. Later Peeps! :sunglasses: (Been waiting to do Enhypen! :sunglasses: )

Given Taken

10 months


Let Me In - 20 Cube (I’ll be your boyfriend)


Congrats!!! Hope you enjoy it!



my faaaavourite BTOB song!!!


I wished I could listen to something else, than the wind and rain hitting against my shutter, it stopped me from sleeping and gives me a headache.


I didn’t know about them!!! Now I DO! Need to check them out more!


haha yup! So many people love chicken, and if he wants to be popular and loved, why not be a chicken?


Rooftop version


Bii love him so much!



Great view of Seoul. It is sooo crowded there! I look at all those skyscrapers and think, “They must not have earthquakes there.” How would you rescue all those people when the buildings are that high.

Bii 撞 song is very nice.


Two very different songs, from different parts of the world :slight_smile:



DAY6 ( Even of day) - Where the sea sleeps.

You were beautiful and Congratulations.

I found these guys on ASC. :sunglasses:


I watched a video about them and their music is pretty catchy


Silly Fools (from Thailand)



I was watching their VLive last night about how busy they’ve been getting ready to come back, but I fell asleep half way through. I didn’t know it went into this Music drop! :sunglasses:
6 hours old! 'Marry You’
(I had to smile at this one since three of them are fresh out of the military. They’re looking for wives. ):smile:

Good Evening
Guys dancing in chairs in this one. :smile:

IDEA -Taemin
I’m Home Min Ho
Imagine Key
Sign’ Onew

I am currently playing Guess the Song for ASC! (Don’t know this song and am having ‘fun’ and getting distracted finding it. Meaning I am getting sidetracked jammin’ on tunes on YouTube. :rofl:)


Try counting the “cameos”:

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Cyndie Lauper
  3. Fats Domino
  4. Cher
  5. Billie Idol
  6. Willie Nelson
  7. Boy George
    and some other.


Ooo Pretty
I’m finding all these while looking for a specific song… Yea, getting very distracted while trying to do English subtitles for Even of Day. :rofl:

Day 6 (Even of Day)
Young K, Lee MinHyuk - Solar System (Sung Si Kyung cover)

Young K, daybreak - Run With Me (Sunwoojunga cover)

WONPIL - Lullaby (IU cover)