What are you listening to?


@simi11 I can see sunlight yipeeeeeeeee

Hope it will last longer than 2 hours.


Clouds again getting darker …


I remember the first two because they were on the radio all the time. I don’t know the rest though.


This might as well go on repeat all day …


lejos de los k dramas, y k pop, escucho música argentina, mas bien Folklore. Me gusta mucho canciones románticas, baladas que se cantan en español y si es de los años 90 mejor. Soy muy nostálgica y a veces recurro a canciones que escuchaba de pequeña. Ahora volviendo al K dramas, si me gusta alguna canción que forman parte de un drama, seguro que la traduzco al español y la agrego a mi lista de canciones favoritas.


How bout us? Love it.

He turned 70 the last weekend. Our radio station played Phil Collins all night, but he never touched me with his music that much.

Some I like

Haha, he is talking German …


Marcus Chang


Quando aprendi a tocar la guitarra, mi profesor enseno la cancion “Besame mucho”, es una balada muy romantica. Y cuando estudie espanol a Malaga, Espana, nuestra clase aprendio canciones en español como “Cielito Lindo” y otras… que me he gustado mucho :slight_smile:


Bessame! :fire::fire::fire: CALIENTE~! :fire::fire::fire_extinguisher::firecracker::fire::fire::fire_extinguisher: :rofl:

I always thought Cielito Lindo was a Mexican song. :grin:


Y’ALL LOOK AT THIS!! Oh I cracked up so hard it’s the Korean Beatles!!!


well it says it’s been coined by a Mexican and the other side says it is inspired from a Spanish old song also because it mentions the Spanish Mountains with robbers…Sierra Moreno. There are also a few different versions of text :wink: but I truly learnt it in Spain, our teacher drove us to a piano bar, lol, we were like “10 or more people” in his car and we had to walk back home which was far… that was decades ago :joy:


and some Spanish rock


WOW! I glanced at that phot before I clicked on it and said, :thinking:? That guy on the left looks so familiar…??? But I couldn’t remember his name and then DUH! DO! :woman_facepalming:
It’s just that DO doesn’t usually wear that ‘bangs’ hairstyle. :rofl:

That’s because I have no idea where the Sierra Moreno mountains are. I only know the Sierra Nevada mountains. (California)

Funny that you guys played, ‘clown car’ (How many people can you stuff in a car) :joy:

Those guys remind me of my little brother back in his hair band days. :laughing: Yea. My 6 foot 4 inch baby brother was a head banger. :smile: He is really a very good guitarist. He could play beautiful Spanish guitar (a la Segovia) but then he’d ruin it by rocking out.

My #7 little brother the headbanger.

I don’t have a digital image of baby brother with dyed yellow hair. yea. like YUK! that did NOT go with his complexion! He clashed!. :nauseated_face::rofl:


LOL He is only 2 inches taller than me. Being a head banger nothing wrong with that and e-guitars I beg you.

Of course acoustic guitars have a reason of existing.

Since the Beatles were mentioned.

P.S. Now YT for me is totally messed up - in a positive way.


It’s just me. I don’t care for hard rock, hate heavy metal, and not a lot of soft rock. I like R & B, Latin and Kpop because you can dance to it. :dancer:

My neighborhood, growing up was like the eternal battle of the bands. The stoners would put their speakers out the door or window to ‘treat’ the neighbors to Led Zepplin fullblast, and we’d respond by blasting Aretha’s “Respect yourself” out the windows. Of course that would instantly end when our parents yelled at us, “Damn kids! Trying to deafen the world!” and yanked the plugs out! :rofl:


There is almost no music genre I do not like well, okay, as long as there is some kind of melody to recognize. :wink:
In my early teens I would listen to Hall&Oates, Boney M, Rainbow, AC/DC, Kim Wilde, a few German artists whatever came my way …

Edit: we had Werner in our neighborhood, back in the days mid 70’s he would sit on the the roof one speaker on the left one to the right, the dormer right behind him and he would play The Eagles, CCR, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Queen, and what not. He was unique so no one “played back”.


I just got Henry’s Journey CD!


its the longest hair he’s had in his entire life :rofl:


Feeling like some Classical!?


I love this song!